Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Decoding CATASTROPHE (Amazon Original Series) Branding

The imagery advertising the Amazon's Original Series, Catastrophe, presents a message that is aligned with the subject of our ongoing video series. The Occult symbolism weaves the theme of time and of stargate opening together with that of sodomite mind control programming.

It looks like it might be just innocent family fun but the esoteric level identifies it as a particular kind of ritual abuse.

One large version of the ad frames the regular IMDb page content. It gives us a little more insight into what's going on.

Below you'll find the two panels presented side by side so we can see them here in their original size. We see an interesting effect in this one. The family is fading as if they are in the mist, a mist linked to the Thames. It's the river of time, with Greenwich nearby - the world standard for accounting time. Being half in the mist they are both in and out of time, or transiting through time. We see the London Tower Bridge behind the man with the gate opened to allow the passage of a large vessel. It's a time portal, opened, with the two pillars of the structure being a stargate metaphor.

The foggy mists of the Thames have been identified with Arthurian legend and the mists of Avalon. (Glastonbury. Camelot.) Avalon is a mystical realm shrouded in time. It's identified with the goddess and her worship. The blouse worn by the woman has a floral design, with roses as the symbol of Venus, the Virgin Mary, the goddess of many names. The River Thames has been known as the Isis and still is, above Oxford. The goddess of magic and love facilitates the transiting of dimensional realms.

The other dominant theme is about the bum, incest, child abuse, paedophelia, ritual sodomy illumination, trauma-based mind control programming, SRA DID, multiples / chosen ones. Tavistock. The baby is held in an unusual and awkward position, bum towards us. It's covered with a nappy but that baby bum is a focal point. The roses appearing on her blouse are picturing the rosebud, i.e. anus. Another focal point presents the matching image to the baby's bum: The London Eye. The ancient Sun wheel - Sun god - Horus Eye. Bum. The London Eye is what people ride, like the baby bum is for the sodomite handlers and programmers. An anagram of, anus, is, “a sun.” Sun anus - the Eye of Horus. In this ad, the Horus Eye sun anus is pictured as the woman's third eye, opened. From when she was a baby, which is not unusual.

The man holds the boy upside down by one ankle. He's in a position that, given the context, is suggestive of their relationship, man's front to boy's backside. The boy's legs are like the gate of the Tower Bridge seen behind them, open for passage. Emphasizing the sodomite gateway. The boy is aligned so his front is toward us, and the baby bottom. SRA practice involves engaging children with each other sexually.

The name of the show breaks down in a way that supports the SRA theme. Cat-AS*-trophe or trophy. There's an expression about the cat's butt that used to be very popular. The cat is linked to sodomite mind control programming because the Beta alters are known as sex kitten alters. Feline print clothing and furniture and cat-eye glasses are common symbols for the Beta sex kitten alter identity and mission. Cat bum trophy. Think, Arizona Wilder, as famously interviewed by David Icke. Her testimony matches that of many others, as one of those who were programmed and used on missions to satisfy the perverted sexual appetites of the elite. She was a Cat-as*-trophe.

One can hardly ignore what Amazon's own branding brings to the scene. In Amazon's early days, their animated logo had to be modified because it was received by the public as being, “too phallic-y.” So, they dialed it back a notch. Apparently it's Goldilocks now, “just right” phallic-y. The arrow is a penis. It extends from a to z, as from Apollo to his father, Zeus. That sodomy aspect is magnified in their video version, with the O being a green (Osiris - aka Zeus) circle with a triangle inside. It's the eye of Horus. "Stream with Prime" Streaming from the phallus, obviously, to the butt. Adding more emphasis through redundancy, this ad's design has this right over the London Eye that is the woman's opened third eye chakra halo.

What's pictured in the ad imagery really is a catastrophe, one that cries out for some disaster relief. The Lord Jesus Christ sees injustice. He is a righteous judge.

Never take your own revenge, beloved, but leave room for the wrath of God, for it is written, "VENGEANCE IS MINE, I WILL REPAY," says the Lord. ~ Romans 12:19

The time travel and sodomite mind-control programming combo continues to be trending in media. It's been going on for a long time, but it seems to be more prominent than ever. The Adversary's work is not yet done. It seems like he's just running up the score in this strange season. But the Lord has appointed a limit!




    Thanks Beverly.

    Child molesters are drawn to work at places where children are. Nothing surprising.

  4. Hi Bob
    I have been following your blog for a long time but something has been bothering me since the start of this year.
    Why are so many celebrity comedians and people in show business dying a lot this year