Thursday, April 07, 2016

Notes on the Trending Time Signs

Since before we even caught on to the fact that time will be reset, Aaron and I were both seeing signs of it. The signs continue to manifest. Although we still have no substantial revelation insight to report about when time will be reset, I will share a dream I had recently, and a few miscellaneous observations that seem relevant.

In the morning of Saturday, March 26 I had a very brief snippet of a dream, completely isolated because it was not an active night or morning for dreaming. It wasn't vivid or even very distinct, but because of the subject - and because I was reminded of it when I was napping later in the day - that I had neglected to log it, here it is. In my dream, I was directed to review a video clip of some guy predicting that time would be reset in 37 days. No other context at all, or any other detail. Was that from the Lord as a prophecy? I have no idea. There has been nothing since that I perceive as validatating it. When I told Aaron, he calculated it out to May 2. According to the Karaite-Korner estimate, that will be the 24th day of the 1st month on the Lord's calendar. Does that fit with anything? I don't know. That's during World Heritage Week and the day after May Day-Beltane-Walpurgis.

Aaron and I have used the spans of time given in the book of Daniel for various kinds of speculative calculations, just fumbling around in the dark, really, because the Lord hasn't opened the matter to us yet. We know the details are going to be hidden until the Lord reveals them. If I learn more and the Lord directs me to share it, I certainly will not hesitate to do so.

Our knowing the time of the Lord's coming has been instrumental for us - and will be again. Here's what's so weird, though. We don't know how long we've got left because time has to be reset first and we don't know when that will happen. It seems likely that the spans of 1260, 1290 and 1335 days factor in somehow, or 1150/2300/4600 days, but without the Lord opening it to us, and we know He hasn't, we're still in the dark. Educated guesses are useful because the exercise of thinking things through is part of how we seek the Lord for everything He's got for us. We know we're not going to crack the code with our intellectual prowess. We still have no guarantee that He will tell us in advance of the reset when it's coming, but if that's His good pleasure to do so, we want to be ready, to be found faithfully serving in His leading and provision.

We note that April 19 is the date planned for the installation of two scale models of the arched gate to Palmyra's Temple of Baal in NY and London. That date of April 19 was involved in the plot of the latest episide of the Magicians, which we just watched - and there's a notable connection, more than one, actually. The Magicians (S1 E12 “Thirty-Nine Graves”) featured the date as the time when a pair of space-time portals could be exploited to get the magicians Quentin and Julia into their target dimensional realm, and so it was. If you read our previous post, that should mean something because the scale models in NYC and London are suspected to be intended for exploitation as a pair of space-time portals. In the Magicians, the magickal portal takes Quentin and Julia from NY to London. Did you catch that? NY to London. On April 19. A space-time portal. If you want to see a major underlying thread, watch The Magicians and see what a key role is played by Our Lady of Guadalupe, the Black Madonna, Isis, the milk and honey goddess of magick aka Asherah, linked to Baal... The coming Episode 13 is titled, “Have You Brought Me Little Cakes,” an expression that makes reference to a practice long associated with her worship. (Jeremiah 7:18) She's the one Julia and her sect of magicians have been petitioning for help gaining the necessary power for their spells resetting time into the past.

Here's another note of trending interest. Nazi influence has been on our radar for a while as the Lord continues to highlight this persistent undercurrent. As noted in The Magicians episode 12, April 19th was Hitler's birthday. Here's a video of archived film celebrating the day Quentin and Julia made the time jump to London through the portal. Hitler's 53th Birthday Celebration - April, 19, 1942. We don't know why sites like Wikipedia present the 20th as his birthday, in our minds, it's been April 19th. For Quentin and Julia to get through the next portal in sequence and get access to the magical realm of Fillory they had to wait until the 21st, which means they were there in London during Hitler's 53rd birthday. The plot could have featured any other dates and places, but it is what it is - and there are reasons! The Nazis opened up many dimensional portals. In The Magicians, Quentin told us that Hitler was a powerful magician, and that certainly seems to have been the reality. Hitler - an antichrist. I wrote about one involving Olympic bells in 2012, and the suggestion of a time portal connecting London and Berlin, 1936. A similar connection was a key part of the wormhole-transit-through-space-time plot of, Contact (1997).

The Magicians show noted here is episode 12 - and 12 is a primary time number. Next week's will be # 13 of 13, the season's finale. 12: Time. Thirteen signifies the mastery of time. The reason why the magicians want to go to the other dimensional realm is to engage the beast before he comes for them. I've frequently written about a composite meaning of the number 13 as the rebel lord beast. The video series I just started featured episode 9 of The Magicians. Those producers know stuff.

Are they getting their direction from the CIA, like those who broadcast and publish the news? Probably, which is what several industry whistleblowers have confessed is being done. Beyond that, however, on another level their direction comes from those who direct such agencies from another realm. You could point to the one they commonly worship as Lucifer and you'd be right, but, to be more correct you'll have to see the hand of The One who is truly sovereign behind it all. He is with mercy working out His plan that will ultimately result in the greatest salvation, to His glory!

32 For God has shut up all in disobedience so that He may show mercy to all. 33 Oh, the depth of the riches both of the wisdom and knowledge of God! How unsearchable are His judgments and unfathomable His ways! 34 For who has known the mind of the Lord, or who became His counselor? 35 Or who has first given to Him that it might be paid back to him again? 36 For from Him and through Him and to Him are all things. To Him be the glory forever. Amen. ~ Romans 11:32-36

Episode 12 of The Magicians is titled, “Thirty-Nine Graves” because it makes reference to how many times the lead character Quentin Coldwater has died. Another character, Jane Chatwin, had been given the gift of the ability to reset time, changing something each time in order to get the desired outcome. Since Jane had been killed and there would no longer be a reset, desperate measures are called for with more being at stake in the result than would otherwise be imagined. In episode 10, the practice of time magic was introduced in the plot, toward the goal of changing the past.

Does all this seem familiar, somehow?

The most recent episode of Marvel's Agents of SHIELD (on ABC) was titled, Spacetime. It featured much dialog and activity that is extremely relevant to all this. Like about changing the past to change the present and future. Thirty Seven Days to the reset, Thirty-Nine Graves-deaths-time reset loops... Pairs of stargates established on April 19 linking through the past...... these are interesting times!

Aaron and I continue to reflect on many of the time signs we've had. The kitchen apple clock miracle ranks high on the list. So does when his Dad put the masked model on display - with instances exactly one year apart. There have been many, with most of them not even being mentioned on the blog. Some have been of a pretty simple nature and others have been pretty involved. One has to do with an ad for a self-publishing company, Lulu. I had just visited with my Dad last summer, helping him with two projects that had primarily to do with springs. A lawnmower guard and a small vintage outboard motor pull-start mechanism. The kind of springs pictured in the graphics of the Lulu ad.

See: The Time Code LU as 12:21
Chaos and Unity - Decoding "Lulu" - $666 million "Antichrist" Lottery - New Ancient Tech

There's another kind of spring suggested in the Lulu ad that has to do with time, the Spring of the year. This is your year. Between the Springs, as, from the Spring of one year to the next. Is my year ending this Spring? What does that mean for me - for us? With the number values of the letters L (12) and U (21), Lu is 12:21, a pairing of time numbers that has been hugely significant for us. LuLu. This is your year - between the Springs. Our various calculations suggest this may be the season if our destination is circa 2011-2012, which makes a lot of sense to us.

Lulu ~ Time squared - the arch from the Temple will be in Times Square in NYC. Trending....

Earlier today, Aaron saw an ad for the return of another season of the show, Outlanders. The ad copy titles read: “This Spring. Forget the past. Rewrite History.” Another coincidental set of connections? Improbable. Actually, that would be a ludicrous suggestion. I've written about the Outlanders. The Outlander is Horus, aka Apollo. Just as WW2 ends, a woman goes with her husband to in the countryside to visit a circle of standing stones where witches had just done a ritual. She's magically transported back in time. She becomes involved with a family who, in the real world, is responsible for the Boleskin House on Loch Ness. That's where Aleister Crowley did the magical working and never closed the spirit gateway that was opened. That same house was later purchased by Black Magician and Occult grimoire publisher Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin.

One more thing. I could go on and on, but there's other things that require attention. Interstellar - 2014. The award winning movie starring Matthew McConaughey and Anne Hathaway was red-lighted to us until just this last week. We're very attentive to find the Lord's approval before we venture into something, and there was no ambiguity about this film being denied. The Lord always has His reasons, and we trust that He is good. Suddenly, it was green lighted. The timing was perfect. The Lord had a point to make, more than one, actually. We watched it on Amazon, then the Lord approved ordering a blu-ray disk, perhaps because we might be featuring clips in upcoming video productions. When the order arrived, it came with a special bonus, a film cell from the IMAX Film, from the actual 70 mm film print. What appeared in the image he received was personal and very special. It's from the scene where Matthew's character was whiteboarding. It was the mission to save life on the earth from total destruction. The diagram was his plan to do that, accounting for the wormhole and time shift and displacement.

Here's one image of that scene.

When Aaron and I talk about the core interest in this season we reference it as whiteboarding. After our trip last April to the woodshed, so to speak, while still smarting, the Lord led us to whiteboard. I drew this time loop on my little whiteboard. It's a simple diagram of the pending time reset.

Not long after that we bought a nice whiteboard and it's had only a very little use, so far. To us, whiteboarding means the Lord is engaging very particularly with us, directing us in outlining and detailing the things that are most deeply hidden about the time reset.

For years, I had the schedule of the target Shemitah drawn out. For several months now, I've had what you see here, a diagram and some volume calculations for the Ark of the Covenant, contained within the smallest sphere and containing a largest sphere. Aaron's dream about being swept out with a flood past palm trees and hearing someone say, “God will make a place for us,” and “Displaced by Water and Time” - it still resonates with us.

What a season this is! Take hope, dear saints. All this stuff we go on about, whether it makes any sense to you or not, know that the Lord has "got this." He's got us and will lose none of all that are His.


  1. A lot of things are being shown right now, and coming together to this time! Today, the Lord pointed out that in the last (final) Alice trailer, the scene where she is escaping (climbing down the rope) - she is juxtaposed against a church steeple in the background. Today the Lord brought a news story to my attention, and I happened to notice that there was the exact same church in the background! It is St. Martin-in-the-Fields - which sits exactly on Trafalgar Square! The Alice trailer was linking the two together. Also, the opening scene in the trailer (with the dome) appears to reference the National Gallery, which has similar domes, and is directly across the street from St. Martin. A lot coming together! April 19th-ish looks very important!

    1. Good observations. Thanks!

      We have also noted many, many films that feature Times Square in dimensional transiting scenarios, Lucy, The Smurfs...






    Google's "temples" to Rhea, Medusa, Magnolia, Zeus, Athena, Corvinus...

  8. I think it's notable that April 19 is also celebrated annually as "Bicycle Day", commemorating the first ever recreational use of LSD by Albert Hoffman, who I guess took a bike ride right after ingesting it. That happened on April 19, 1943. I remember some of your work on bicycles representing dimensional transits, and given everything else on this post, it seems to fit pretty well, and I don't see too many coincidences with this kind of stuff anymore. Good post, God bless.

  9. Thanks Bret. We see bicycles used as symbols frequently, in scenes together with related symbols. It's good to be able to decode the Enemy's communications.

  10. Sorry if this seems tangential; please see this pic of the temple of Gozor appearing in the film ghostbusters. In the film the temple manifests at the physical focal point of energies generated by the layout of the city streets, buildings and people, along with the directed flowing of their spiritual energies. In this shot, gozor stands having presumably just entered this world through a crystal gate/portal which appears to be constructed around the monuments on the bulding - specifically, the arches appear to be constructed directly around the obelisks left and right of gozor. Are we to infer that the arch as depicted here is etheric, not of the substance of this world, but anchored to a point within our world by the pre-existing structures we have built to facilitate it's manifestation? The idea of cities being etheric harvesters/generators is explored more thoroughly in the second ghostbusters film with the ooze representing flow along energy channels, but I thought this point worth making in light of the upcoming Trafalgar square exhibition. It is a new structure constructed out of authentic materials at a specific time in a very, very specific place. Thanks for your years of work Bob, I find it most interesting. Richy.

    1. You're welcome, Richy. What the Ghostbusters franchise has put out there is rooted in a lot of deep truth. The more we learn, the more it makes sense. The franchise gives it all a spin, but a lot was only very thinly veiled. The connections you note speak to me as well. The Lord brought up the ancient and still present energetic global grid to Aaron and I in the midst of a very, very significant season, and the monuments functioning at key nodes.