Tuesday, April 05, 2016

A Time Warp Tour of Greensburg PA

I made a video based on a recent walk around my neighborhood. A Time Warp Tour of Greensburg PA

Late March, 2016, my exploration while listening to Freeman interviewing Dr. David Anderson. (https://youtu.be/o5RkgwqVodM)


A local example of Obelisk and "Dome" pairing. Ancient sex magick architectural combo - the union of Osiris and Isis producing Horus in the Earth.

Appearing on a door under the arch: "Seeing Greensburg through a different lens..."

The Seton Hill Griffins and "Griffin Gate stargate" installation, well placed at the roadway access point near to the tunnel under the raised railway.

Warp Zone - “Where Past Meets Present” - Taken literally - a time portal/stargate

By the way, I'm located maybe 20 minutes from Kecksburg, PA, site of the UFO crash in 1965.

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