Friday, May 27, 2016

Decoding: redbox "Days Of Deals"

I received this promotional email from redbox on 3/19/2016. Do you see what's going on in this animation?

redbox "Days Of Deals" Ad - looping animation

The business of redbox is the distribution of DVD's of movies and games. They promote the symbol magic of Hollywood and special effects that create and exploit illusion. It's the pharmakeia or sorcery of Mystery Babylon. I don't mean to single redbox out as one that is unique in the role they play because that's not how it is.

A display of words and stars and the redbox logo and images for movies shoot out of the box. The stars appear to have several meanings.They suggest that this is magical, like stardust and the familiar trail left by waving magic wands in cartoons. It matches to the stars that are the celebrities acting in the movies. Stars are a metaphor for angels. The latest film in the James Bond 007 franchise is the first one out of the box. It's titled, Spectre, so a spectre emerges with the star-angels. It was a haunted box.

The “Days of Deals” title flies out of the box. Days refers to time, so Tempus Fugit, time flies. Deals are about saving money. “Time is money,” so it is said. There's another time element in a symbol.

Did you notice the hidden arrow? “Time flies like an arrow.” So we see “Days of Deals” flying out of the box like an arrow is shot from a bow. Arrow-as-time + Days of time + Deals with money-as-time

Days of Deals: 11 characters plus 2 spaces makes 13 total. Declaring the mastery of time.

Days of Deals is a double D. With D as the 4th letter, DD=44, Isis, which matches the meaning of the red of the redbox branding. In this context, The double S at the other end of the words speaks to me of the 88 (S is 8 when Z is 1) days (of deals) it takes for Mercury to orbit the sun. Mercury aka Hermes (Hermetic Maxim), Hermaphrodite, Anubis. The psychopomp escorts people in to the underworld. He controls transits through space-time portals.

Text: Wonder - 727272 is three times 72.

“The number 72 is very important to those who have been made privy to that kind of knowledge of the fallen angels that particularly concerns the binding and loosing of demons and control over dimensional portals. The goetic demons number 72, which represent the dimensional gateways. The 36 cell magic square of the sun has to do with that. The magickal name of God (Shemhamphorasch) is claimed by some to have 72 syllables, and there are those who use this for invocation when performing binding rituals. ”
(Star Trek: Kahn=Ankh)

Mercury/Hermes is known as a phallic god, and the arrow plays as a phallus. This arrow is magically seeding the sky with star seed. Redundancy for the phallus is provided by the redbox logo, with the db combo being a classic. Search the blog for more insight into what the redbox logo means, about the sex magic. The starry emission from the arrow phallus includes the sex magic logo - and the Spectre.

This Days of Deals promotion is about is the union of Osiris and Isis, producing Horus. The dynamic is that which is common to pairings of obelisks and domes. Beyond that, see how the designer set the x of redbox near to the y in Days? XY signals the male gender, with reference to the genes. That supports the maleness of the action. The big red box is a male box. The red arrow-phallus is one with the box - as a picture of sodomy, bloody ritual sodomy sex magic. This resonates with the imagery of the redbox logo, a bloody scene where the arc connecting the r and x identifies what the phallic db ideogram is penetrating, the Rx Eye of Horus.

If this kind of sodomite sex magic combined with the signaling of time and mastery of time isn't familiar to you by now, you just haven't been paying attention. When you learn just what it is that's so important to those who have authority in this age you can perceive their instruments of control as they do their appointed work, deluding, controlling, stealing, killing and destroying.


  1. amazing they packed all that in a lil red box

  2. reroberso observed that the date of 3/27 corresponds to the string of 3 72s in the text code. That link to the calendar certainly adds to the Occultism.