Saturday, May 21, 2022

Janus Ritual - Real, Effectual - and Common!

You know that a Janus ritual is being performed when featured elements in a scene are in the domain of the time god Janus. In this video, we show how the HBO series "Rome" presents a Janus ceremony in a scene that is, itself, the performance of an Occult Janus ritual. Many kinds of Occult magic are being practiced in media productions. The better informed you are about them, the less impact it has on you when you witness it - and you will be better able to help others see what they're looking at. It matters!

Janus Ritual - Real, Effectual - and Common! (full HD version for streaming or download)
Janus Ritual - Real, Effectual - and Common!
Janus Ritual - Real, Effectual - and Common!

Find the "playlist" for our Janus-Ritual-featuring piano stargates code series here.

Here's two articles (wikiwand and romanpagan.wordpress websites) that will help you learn about Janus and Janus worship, so you can be better able to recognize when Janus rituals are being performed in media productions.

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