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The Game of Chess - Beyond Entertainment to the Manipulation of Reality

In this video: "A Celtic legend narrates of a magical chess game played by King Arthur and his knight Owen. As soon as the parties began to move the pieces made of gold, a hot battle broke out between their armies, with the side of the winning player overcoming the other army. Finally, Arthur grabbed the pieces and squeezed them so hard that they turned into dust and the battle ceased.

Did King Arthur's legendary advisor and magician Merlin put a spell on those golden pieces or perhaps on the chess board? Was this legend just a tall tale with no basis in reality whatsoever? I note that, the various legends of King Arthur and the knights of the round table, even those regarding the holy grail, do seem to resonate with the historical record of the game of chess. According to some students of history, the playing of chess has been used from ancient times to manipulate people and circumstances through dark magick!

To Watch: "The Game of Chess - Beyond Entertainment to the Manipulation of Reality"

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Resources referenced in the video:

Origin of Chess - by Pooja Bhatia
Chessmen and Chess - by Charles K. Wilkinson
Using Chess for Divination
The Secret Teachings of All Ages - by Manly P. Hall
Esotericism of the Game of Chess Related to Freemasonry - By William Steve Burkle
The Meaning of Mosaic Pavement (Checkered Tile) In Freemasonry
Enochian Chess of the Golden Dawn - Book (PDF) - by Chris Zalewski
Enochian Chess - by Rummah
Enochian Chess (Wiki)
Rosicrucian Chess: Being a manual of Enochian Chess - by Dr. Steve Nichols
Quaternity Chess: A Game that is more than a Game - by Nina Sorokina
Clock Shavings - by Tracy Twyman

Collateral study: Janus Ritual - Real, Effectual - and Common!

Here's two articles (wikiwand and romanpagan.wordpress websites) that will help you learn about Janus and Janus worship, so you can be better able to recognize when Janus rituals are being performed in media productions.

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