Sunday, November 29, 2015

Our Reality as Trance State, CERN, The Man in the High Castle, SHIELD-HYDRA Code 88

There haven't been many posts lately but we haven't been idle. Aside from the impact of having struggled with a persistent cold, the intensity of the work in progress hasn't diminished. The Lord continues to sustain us in this season and grant us such amazing favor. He is so good to us!

I've been mostly focused on the video series production and the research behind it. The next one planned, the 6th installment, is a work that exposes a striking undercurrent of neo-Nazi sentiment and offers insight and perspective on the Nazi theme introduced in part 5. Aaron has continued making progress with his coursework in biblical Greek. We continue to be advanced down the parallel tracks of character development and education in His curriculum in the how, what, why and when of things.

We do watch what's being reported as news and what other things are trending. Here's a sampling of some of the interesting bits that have crossed our desks recently.

LHC collides ions at new record energy - The lead ion collisions represent a huge increase in energy. 26+ TeV?
Strange Science: Physicists Find Classic Formula for Pi Hiding in Quantum Mechanics
Quantum Computer Coding in Silicon Now Possible
Plane Said to Vanish, Reappear 10 Minutes Later: Time Slip?
Israeli Teen Returns from 15 Minutes of Clinical Death with Spiritual Messages Concerning the Coming Redemption
Iran Guard simulates capture of Al Aqsa Mosque - Nov 21, 4:47 AM (ET) - By ALI AKBAR DAREINI

The Adele phenomenon - a spell that is, oddly enough, dramatized by SNL. While the skit is comedic, the reality of what's being expressed is not at all funny.
A Thanksgiving Miracle - SNL (Adele)

The Huntsman: Winter's War - Official Trailer (HD)

David Bowie - Black Star [This more than a little disturbing song and music video are NOT recommended for viewing - repeat NOT]
Interesting anagrams from lyrics:
"villa of Ormen" = formalin love {formalin is formaldehyde, used for embalming. Think, Anubis.]
"the villa of Ormen" = evil manhole fort, homo tavern fille, hellfire tav moon

A couple of themes that have been trending with us have made some media productions worth noting.

The Man in the High Castle - a special dramatic series on Amazon, based on the novel by Phillip K. Dick. The themes of the man in the high castle and the grasshopper lies heavy evoke Ecclesiastes 12:5 - a very relevant chapter. Occasional instances signaling Code 88 are embedded in several episodes. The 88 in common neo-Nazi code leverages the H as the 8th letter to signal, Heil Hitler.

The controversial "news reels" suggest those McGuffins are artifacts documenting another timeline, one that seems to have been hijacked by the Axis powers of WWII. The man in the High Castle suggests someone with a space-time ark who transcends the skewed timeline.

These subjects are so pertinent and resonate so strongly with us in this season of the expanding “Mandela Effect,” as we await the time when the Lord will reset time and restore the prophetic biblical reality. With some flip and spin, the value assigned to the threat posed by the reels speaks very loudly of the great hoax that is the subject of 2 Thessalonians 2. The Lying Report - A Supernatural Multimedia Hoax (The Sign for the Bride)

Marvel's Agents of SHIELD series on ABC is once more a compelling watch as they are starting to move the Occult plot forward, spilling the beans on the trending theme of Nazi and ancient sciences of dimensional breaching. HYDRA derives from NAZI connections, and we have just been told the roots of the organization go way further back in history.

The images sequenced by the brilliant SHIELD scientist, Fritz, shows one that compares very closely to the HYDRA logo, and we note that it features an embedding of 88. Code 88. The expanded meaning of that number is expected to be explored in upcoming installments in our ongoing video series.

The connections of interest involve the ancient HYDRA quest to be able to control the black stone monolith, which is a space-time portal. SHIELD has already demonstrated that ability. While the organizations of SHIELD and HYDRA are always in conflict, that dynamic is dramatizing what's found in real life, a working toward the same goal using two opposing forces. It's like how control over the flow and path of a river is exercised, which requires control of both banks. The evil Devil employs this means, (and all the SHIELD characters are false god and goddess characterizations i.e. Agent Coulson as AntiChrist), and so does the Sovereign God, Creator of all and the one who is truly good.

The Librarians and Heroes Reborn episodes remain pertinent, as we remain alert and watchful and see the world carrying on as if nearly everyone is increasingly in a trance or dissociative state.

This item just came in. Thanks Erin. Code 47 - and yes, it's legit.


  1. Wallis pi formula, looks like a vortex. , conventional theory says we can't square the circle . Will this change? They think they found Nefertiti's tomb. One of the vicars of the sun King. Significant?

    1. Squaring the circle is a concept that covers a range of domains. I think the process and effort is the point, ever toward the goal of overturning the authority of the sovereign God. In that, they will surely fail.

      Nefertiti. Another opportunity to harvest royal DNA. I believe that is significant. Relative to the Beast DNA bridging of heaven and earth, god and man.

    2. Notice how the armies of the world(beast) honor the sun king with their bugles (trumpets) flag raising and lowering. Oblamma rides beast to bataclan to deliver one white rose, holland laid one red one. Time for climate control un style. It's "not " nice to fool with Mother Nature !

  2. The 10,000 Year Clock

  3. Check this candidate out. Trams human party.

    1. Freeman brought that up a while back. Strange indeed.

  4. amazon drone vid,

  5. magik beans to make us live to 120. all meds made with chemicals cause damage to our system,

    1. Immortality is one aspect of what some are after, but they want to assure that they are the minority elite with protected status quo. A generally available pill is not something that has any interest for those sponsoring the general effort. The beast is going to be at the core of that plan, as the dragon inspires and drives it even now. 120=12(time) x10 (amplified)

  6. possibilities are endless. , nuclear power plants waste goes to the weapons plant for production. vulcanos and fault lines?

  7. At Andrews day, they named a golf course after him. 18 holes a round. He's the st of cursing in public. Just kidding. The X in the Union Jack. X on the Scottish flag. Tartan the Assyrian cloth(x cloth on kilts). Pipes(bag) date back to Babylon. Episcopal party. Episcopal / the scope through which the world is veiwed. Enlightened.

  8. Heres just one people at Andrew is said to have preached to. , Crimia , khazars are from that area. The Black Sea . Turky has the straights , gateway, womb.

  9. Thanks for the bump Bob. Every time I see a reference to the "Tesseract" from the Avengers/Thor series it reminds me of the Dune term "Kwisatz Haderach". Phonetic similarity, I imagine. except for its meaning "shortening of the way". Obviously we shouldn't take it upon ourselves to "shorten he way", when the way is our Messiah, Y'shua. How can you shorten the way, when the way is "The straight and Narrow"? A shortcut I imagine, similar to what the Tesseract offers its wielder.

    Do you have any materials on the subject of Dune or its deeper reflections?

    Praise his Holy Name

    1. I don't have much on Dune at all. There's a lot going on in there. It seems the KH has to do with the shortening of the way that is across space-time dimensions, acquiring the power of transits and control - with maybe some kind of merger or special relationship with the goddess being central to it.