Monday, November 16, 2015

The Sound of Music - A Classic OF ILLUMINATI MIND CONTROL

The Sound of Music -This popular film from 1965 is widely regarded as a standard of fine G rated family entertainment. Truth be told, there's a very dark side to it. Here's a scene that seems pretty comical - until you begin to interpret the Occult symbolism and recognize what's really going on, and then it's not funny at all.

The Dark Side of The Sound of Music - Pinecone-Pineal Illumination

When joining the family for their first meal together, Maria sits on a pinecone the children had placed on her chair. That act pictures the activation of the pineal gland, and the dialog and action of the scene affirms that this is an illumination ritual, according to the way of Illuminati mind control programming.

Update: Note - This is not on YouTube because "content owner" FOX took it down. "Fair Use" is not high on their agenda.


  1. Your video will not play past :44 seconds, the video voice is scrambled. Is this posted on You Tube?

  2. Bob, when trying to open the video it states the file is corrrupt. I tried to switching browsers, no luck...any suggestions? You may want to upload to YouTube instead.

  3. Keep trying, maybe with a different browser. The file still plays through for us and I've had no other complaints of corrupt file reports.

  4. YouTube blocked the video for using Fox content. Tried to watch it from Bob's channel.