Wednesday, November 28, 2018

An Occult Assault - Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Giving Tuesday, and Cyber Week PLUS the Make-A-Wish Snow Job

Yesterday was what some have been calling, Giving Tuesday. We have been fielding an array of Occult emails received in this season's marketing/fundraising campaign. Some of it is rife with mind control magick, and we might be putting some of this on exhibit soon, perhaps in video, Lord willing. Have you seen this one, from 2017?

Occult Symbolism - "Giving Tuesday" in Cyber Week's Subliminal Sales (full HD version for streaming or download)
Occult Symbolism - "Giving Tuesday" in Cyber Week's Subliminal Sales
Occult Symbolism - "Giving Tuesday" in Cyber Week's Subliminal Sales

Since Make-A-Wish Foundation promotions should be fresh in mind from our latest productions, this image presented to me on Tuesday is a timely example.

When get familiar with last year's video you'll realize that this "Hands Up" (seen that recent video series yet?) gesturing little girl is all about more sodomite pedophile exploitation and mind control.

She is wearing a BUTTon because the GI (tract) and giving # Tue (#2 potty code) is secretly about the movement that is the bowel movement. With respect to the layout and the positioning of the girl, some of these expressions are strategically located!

Little Emma has a heart condition. The heart is typically pictured as the stylized Valentine version and this is a primary butt symbol. Emma's BUTTon is over her heart and aligned in symbol with her heart-as-butt.

The scene looks cold. Why isn't this fragile little girl's jacket zipped up? When you consider that her BUTTon is next to her "pink" opening, well, there it is. Oh, say it taint so! This imagery is very crude and offensive when you see what you're actually looking at!

This is a subtle pedophile exploitation for their perverse holiday jollies and an energy harvesting ritual that harnesses supernatural influence to make folks to fund their activities!

Find in the red and blue lettering over the snow a lining up of a 3 letter word. Start with the "a," in "Emma." Read up a line to the "s," in "snow," then up another line to the "s," in "wish." This cross line clustering is becoming a familiar routine, right? See that line intersecting with a related word. Take the "ish" in "wish," plus the next letter "t," from "to." It's the "ihs-cross" sun symbol of the Romish church - with the same meaning! Poop. You do see what they did there with the intersection, right?

Now, follow the line drawn through the a s s downward where it points us to find "con" in "condition." Get it? It's a con. It's a "snow job" - to use the familiar idiom. Think about it. Yes, it's certainly that!

This same "word spelling line following down" routine was pulled in the #ShareYourArse promotional image that we decoded in our latest video, seen on the right. In the statement of the wish, the child's name, age, and condition, there's a couple instances of the same word for excrement in a straight diagonal spanning 3 lines, and when you follow that line down to the child's health condition you find "kidney," and "kid." The poop is above "kid." Meaning, poop on the child. And, child poop. Yes, even with the extensive collection of signal elements we already pointed out, we left plenty on the table.

Like "tummy." See the m as adjoined letters, n. So, inversely, the two letters, n, add together to produce a letter m.


-- tumnny, or, tummy - and yes, that's the little girl's GI tract being referenced. The illumined aren't limited to just buggering little boys, of course.

Here's another observation about the #GivingTuesday promo imagery. There's more NLP clustering involving the little 3 letter word that the sodomites continually obsess over. Using 2 of the same letters from the diagonal instance, start with the "a," in "Emma," and then take the adjacent "s" in "snow," and then finally the adjacent "s," from her age. Where is that? The numeral 5 resembles the letter, s. It's flat topped, but that's the Occult transformation and substitution through similitude, likeness. The redundant layering with the concise little clusters overlapped adds potency to their magical (demonic) energy scheme.

See the promo image's close symbol in the upper right corner? That factors in as another Occult layer! Well, a few layers, to be more accurate. Emma is thumbing up - showing her approval - of the XO symbol.

On the dominant layer of the magic of Disney and the Blue Fairy of Pinocchio, from which the Make-A-Wish brand derives, this is the squared or quartered circle more widely known as the magic circle. This innocuous feature is also extending the imagery of the mark of the beast that appears elsewhere in the Disney affiliate's promo.

The XO Emma thumbs up is also exalting the goddess, establishing her throne of stone in the celestial heavens, according to the expressed belief of Occultist Kenneth Grant of the O.T.O. On this layer, a more full exhibit of the Make-A-Wish branding is warranted. I'll clip an excerpt from a study exposing the AWA identity.

There's magic in the branding of the Make-A-Wish Foundation. That goddess star performs a magical transformation, right before our very eyes! The trail of magical stardust forms a goddess spiral. That's obvious. What's not so obvious is how the same trail of stardust transforms the I of Wish into an A. That matches to the other A and these flank the W. The AWA magically appears as the goddess of magick!

Here's the Make-A-Wish America brand imagery, doubling up on the AWA - exalting the goddess! Like we illustrated above, AAA is just a variation of AWA. This image also presents a pyramid, a truncated pyramid with the detached capstone. America's Great Seal features the same image, with an illuminated eye in the triangle. The Make-A-Wish America duplicates this motif. Not seeing it? You have to know that the triangle eye is the anus in the anal triangle, anatomically, which is the sodomite gateway to Illumination. You also have to recognize that the stylized letter A has a rounded magical hole. A magic A hole. Are you seeing what you're looking at?

When you see the extent of what we keep pointing out about this signaling of the foul obsessions with excrement, defecation and sodomy, you should know that these results are not being produced by some exceptional natural intellect or the natural artful skills of talented people. It's not stemming from a belief in theurgy but rather from the practice of theurgy. This is not conceived in the minds of clever men and women but in the gods they serve, and thereby inspired and brought forth into manifestation. Aaron and I haven't come to this awareness by reason of our own cleverness or dependence on our own natural pattern recognition skills. These are spiritual matters.

You see, there is a devil, and conversely, there is a God who is Most High. What you're involved in here is a spiritual war. The devil has legal claims on you, as the god of this age. But One sets His people free when they come to Him on His terms. Seek Him! Y'shua!

If you read the Bible as carefully as you're learning to read the Adversary's steganographic messaging, not in the same way with the text NLP, of course, but as carefully with the seeing eye that the Lord grants the obedient and humble, what you learn will change your life!

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