Friday, December 15, 2017

What do you say when someone wishes you a Merry Christmas?

When you're out and about in this season, folks are likely to wish you a Merry Christmas. How do you respond?

Hey, Merry Christmas!


That's an option, but being rude doesn't really help anyone.

Hey, Merry Christmas!

Thank you. I'm a Christian but I don't celebrate that.

Huh? Why Not?

When I became a Christian I learned that my God doesn't like idolatry. When I began to really care about that, I studied the history of Christmas and the traditions and I learned that it's really all about idolatry. So I quit celebrating that - and I'm really glad I did!


  1. Great answer. Thanks!

  2. This got my attention. Tax break tuesday. Republicans are revealing their final tax plan.
    Here is tuesday etymology.
    Taxs run constant, like sales tax. But also, quarterly and annually. Like time.
    Or im getting paranoid.
    Tuesday/gods of war. Hmm

    Funny its been under water for 1400 years. Like a time capsual. Are there not some warnings in 1st and second Corinthians? Worshipping false gods like appollo etc. Just in time for Xmas.

  4. The symbols of bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin, electroneum are all very occult, why wouldn't they be? I am purposely not investing in cryptocurrencies with it's deadly affiliations. Watching everyone else get rich is always unsettling. Didn't Jesus say something about the wealth of the wicked being laid up in store for the just?