Tuesday, December 26, 2017

WHAT? Bob the Train and the Chocolate Lane

Here's another video that is being offered as entertainment for preschoolers: Bob the Train and the Chocolate Lane by Kids TV. If you can interpret the symbols, it's not so innocent as that. You might think it might be just for pedophile sodomites but really the stuff of mind control programming, as in ritual sodomy and the SRA network. Impressive popularity, with 5.2 million YT subscribers.

Just a few days ago, we published a video explaining a Kinder Surprise video, which presents itself as being for teaching preschoolers their colors. That was pretty extreme, but this Chocolate Lane production takes the sodomy and kicks it up another notch or two.

Children programmed with Chocolate Lane sodomy mind control

It's not just lately that children have been targeted with sodomite mind control programming. The reason why you may not be recognizing what you're seeing is because you have been programmed with it your whole life. This is all covered up with mass hypnosis, which is actually demonic and the result of actual sorcery.

If you have a blog or channel and you are so inspired, make your own versions to get the word out. Most folks don't really care, but some do and they will appreciate it!


  1. Hi Bob and Aron, just 11 more days of Xmas shopping before orthdox Xmas. Then we can get this New Year going. Jan 7th is the other Xmas for those who thought the silly season was over, sorry,, not really.
    Yes Bob not no subtle these days. This poped up in NYC.
    Hermes is a phallus deity, right? Its red on a white canvas. The cananites,pheonetians,egyptians,romans,maypoles,east indians,etc..

  2. https://nypost.com/2017/12/31/why-poop-toys-for-kids-are-flying-off-the-shelves/