Thursday, December 07, 2017

Part 2 - Newsweek - Pop Goes the Weasels - The Goddess and Sex Magick

Continuing from the previous posting, the exaltation of the goddess and the mind control influences of coprophilia and sodomy are featured in no small degree. So is the production of Horus through the union of Osiris and Isis. Before launching into all that, I want to share some further insights that pertain to the subjects of Part 1, some of which were offered by astute readers.

The "Pin Prick" provides another signal instance of PP or pee-pee, which is both urine and a child's reference to the penis. On a similar line, the testicles are BALLoonS. As to the male package belonging to the Devil, it's a BAAL-oon.

Pricking the Prick. The pleasure and pain combination is a dynamic combo that the illumined mind control programmers like to exploit in the ways of the infamous Marquis de Sade and the Nazis who were transferred from their concentration camp research facilities to those of the OSS, later, the CIA. This potent combo is perhaps at its pinnacle during the trauma-inducing and ritual sodomy leveraging programming of slaves.

Adding another layer of meaning on the theme of male authority, Pop means father or daddy. This introduces the suggestion of an incestual relationship, which is characteristic of the Illuminati elite.

POP is like Pope, a name derived from a child's word for, father. Here's another relevant identification of just whose package is featured. POP+E, with the implied letter E hidden behind the balloon phallus. Many priests of the Papal system have been accused of molestation in recent years, and some court settlements have been made by the Mother Church. This identification of the Pope with the offending male package most certainly applies in the context.

You'll notice that we're really going into a lot of detail with this decoding. This is warranted and this is the Lord's direction.

On this Newsweek cover there is plenty of the feminine to balance the masculine.

The woman's hand sign is the familiar okay sign in popular culture. It communicates the message that it's okay for women to prick the prick, to deflate the erection, to emasculate men, which plays to the meaning being promoted in the #metoo trend. This is a primary agenda of the day, in media and educational (propaganda - mass mind-control programming) material of all kinds. Clearly, the woman's pin pricking represents more that a human victim trying to settle a score.

What is being sold to us wrapped in the language of the empowering of women is the inciting of a rebellion against the authority of the Most High God, who has appointed the man as head of the woman. (See 1 Corinthians 11, Ephesians 5) One role of the goddess is to inspire and feed the flames of this rebellion. This is preparing the way for the showdown of Revelation 19:19.

Now, the woman's fingernails have been painted with a deep red polish, the goddess signaling color.

I note that the color name, red, has a Code 54 numbering, when Z is 1. r+e+d = 9+22+23 = 54. The Love Code, for the Goddess of Love - who is in one description of The Great Harlot clothed in purple and crimson, and in another, “drunk with the blood of the saints, and with the blood of the witnesses of Jesus.” (Revelation 17:6) Blood is red.

The peculiar way she holds the pin is an Occult gesture signaling the womb of the goddess. This is also the common hand-signing of three overlapping numerals - a 666.

Here is wisdom. Let him who has understanding calculate the number of the beast, for the number is that of a man; and his number is six hundred and sixty-six. ~ Revelation 13:18

There's another 666 signaling that supplements the hand sign. You can find 3 little circles around the outside of the cloud. They transform through the letter O as the 15th being reduced to a 6 as 1+5. OOO ~ 666.

For another hidden sign of the goddess, count the rays of the starbursts associated with the cloud. Each has 8 rays, so these starbursts evoke the ancient Star of Inanna.

One of the ways the celestial goddess is identified is as Stella Maris, the Star of the Sea. This title appears in a subliminal embedding. The STAR is suggested in the cloud underneath POP in the STARburst. THE SEA can be identified under that, with the ASE or EAS in WEASELS as SEA. Star of the Sea - Venus - goddess of love!

The design of the cloud behind the word POP features a ring of intersecting arcs. Each intersection is the crossing of circles, generating multiplied unions of the X and O all around the ring. The union of the X and O is understood by Occult practitioners to be establishing the celestial throne of the goddess. Exactly 8 of these intersections are visible, making the cloud resonant with the STARbursts of Inanna.

Another union is local to that ring, appearing at the bottom of the cloud. See how the letter T in THE touches one of the arcs. The letter T is a Tau cross. See what they did there?

Adding even more redundancy and potency to the supernaturalism, in the same locality, a little separation exists between that letter T and the neighboring letter O in Go, but as a neighbor of the T, in this signaling context, this union of the X and O adds to the sum.

When you consider the way the balloons are joined, the round circle O balls intersecting at the base of the cylinder or tube adds more instances of circle crossing or O Xing. The arc of the top of the balloon crosses the circle implied by the arc of the letter S, adding another, and two pairs of crossing stems of the letter w crossing the circle of the balloon arc adds two more!

Here's another! In the word, POP, the outer ring of the O crosses the circle of the first letter P.

Notice how the three sets of openings into the target's outer ring present more crossings of that circle.

Each of the 3 starbursts that are associated with the cloud add further to the sum.

Given the abundance in the context, it's no stretch to factor in the, TO, in #METOO and the, to, of Boston and the, ot, of Vote (in the headlines above the title). The XO is well represented in multiplied instances in layer upon layer!

The XO involves the mark of the beast, so that layer of Occult meaning produced by the 666 transformations is being amplified. Yet another meaning of the XO involves space -X and time -O, and this too finds much more support in the context! We intend to get around to that, but not just yet.

An Occult interpretation of the XO is the celestial union of the male -X with the female -O. This reproductive sex magick is another dominant theme, so let's begin to explore that now.

The hand sign of the womb of the goddess has already been noted. This signing hand is interacting with the phallus of deity, which is variously identified with El, the Devil, and Osiris. There's sex magic in that engagement, and that's where most of the attention and emotional energy of this cover is going.

POP! To pop means to have sex with, in popular culture. Sex magick!

POP is Code 47, in simple English gematria. p+o+p = 16+15+16 = 47. The esoteric 47th Problem of Euclid is a substitution code formula for the union of Osiris and Isis that produces Horus. We see this kind of thing a lot because it's really important. It's evoking the antichrist, actually preparing the world for his arrival. Magically, Horus is being produced and he pops out of the cloud into our dimension. Clouds are often transdimensional vehicles in the Bible. (See this study we did on Heaven's Vehicles - UFOs - Fake and Genuine for some examples.) The red and white ringed portal is a wormhole through which Horus enters our realm.

There's more goddess signaling up above and more Code 47. Two of the woman's fingers engage the magazine title. The letters called out are, E and K. E is the 5th letter and K is the 11th. Individually, these are familiar to us as goddess numbers, and the sum of them is another goddess number. 5+11=16. 16 is 4x4, which is associated with Isis in the esoteric substitution of Code 47. Take the values of E and K and multiply them together and you produce the Horus number, 55, a permutation of Code 47's Horus signaling 5 by 5 area.

We're not reaching here or stretching anything. These levels are legitimate and the subtlety and the redundant layering is necessary to the theurgical working. Think about how it is with sound and harmonics in music. The harmonic frequencies may not be easily identified but their effect is significant.

Let's keep going with the esoteric numbering, factoring in the digits that are the fingers, and their numbering. The two pointing fingers are numbered 3 and 4. Number 3 is Osiris and 4 is Isis. Together, they unite in sex magic to produce Horus. There's the 5 fingered hand. This resonates with what's right above it, Fists, in the headline. The woman's 4th finger is pointing out the letter K, with the value of 11, and together, 4 times 11 is 44, a permutation of Code 47's Isis area of 4 by 4.

The towering balloon phallus extends way up into the title region of the magazine. Its head is pictured entering the red zone as penetrating the red-signaled goddess herself. One letter is engaged very directly, the W. That's the very familiar symbol of the bent elbow goddess, Inanna, AWA. The extension into the red and the W redundantly pictures sexual intercourse with the goddess, which resonates with the many instances of the union of the X -male and O -female, and every instance of Code 47.

Above, the name, Putin, appears as something of a caption. Putin = put+in, put in, which is to say, insert into. Yes, this is all about the sex magic!

The way the balloon is tied off on top suggests an ejaculation. There's a potent dynamic! Supporting this, the letter W is the 23rd, the number of sex chromosomes, adding further to the reproductive theme! The graphic magazine graphic is highly sexualized!

More insights await the next installment, Lord willing.


  1. Very good. Baal worship. Canninite god. Sacraficing 1st born. The obelisk/washington monument, and the eternal flame/jfk memorial, are the amerikan contributions to this infernal demon. That obelisk rules over this land. And is the focal point of the dark/black energy generated by the sons of cain/ones who focus the light. Or think they do. The hieroglyphs above elevator and interior testify to this. They line up with the xmas tree at white house too, for another spell. Theres 2 peeni. One inside the other. With inscriptions carved in the stones facing inside cavity, so they cant be read,, by us. My guess is more stupid spells.
    Trump makes Jerusalem flashpoint. He has a secret plan. Is the poop going to Jerusalem? ?
    City of peace??
    Kalifornia/kali, lord shivas dance partner, wild fires. Someone is lighting up the back door.
    Bitcoin/baitcoin, over15,000. Who will take the cripto bait. Digital slavery. Cern gave us the world wide web/internet, they control bitcoin.

  2. Here is another Mark of the Beast story. Eye of Horus, Orange sodomy code 33..they are really pushing this. a bald head could be a sodomy term. They like to use burning and fire as the 911 Isis birthing Horus through the gate. X is 33 if z is 1..IXXI XX BEING HELLS GATE.

    1. Thanks for sharing that. I could not find the article - no longer at that link.

    2. I did find it here.

    Why did the king of mecca buy a socalled Jeasus painting? World religion?? Meuseum is a dome with natural sunlight(with all the other elements as well). Dome is a womb, also the barrier between time/4d and 3d. Like a doorway. Japanese put symbolic doorways infront of thier shinto temples/shines. Lots of new skyscrapers built with a doorway or huge opening making up the basic structure. Okc bombing memorial has them east to west. Ground zero memorial has them going down and up with water running through. More magik

  4. #MeToo = "Pound Meat OO" or "Masturbate OO" = "MOO"

  5. BELLFIRE 444 shared a link and commented:

    Here is another Mark of the Beast story. Eye of Horus, Orange sodomy code 33..they are really pushing this.
    a bald head could be a sodomy term.

    They like to use burning and fire as the 911 Isis birthing Horus through the gate. X is 33 if z is 1..IXXI XX BEING HELLS GATE.