Monday, December 18, 2017

What? Shop Now for an American Girl

Pedophilia is epidemic, and it has been for a very long time. There are signs of it everywhere, if you know how to spot them.

Here's a pair of ads that appeared together in my email interface a couple weeks ago. Ad placements seem random at times but, with algorithms having such a role these days, this pairing may have been intended. Young girls play with American Girl dolls. Virgins. This has to be very appealing to pedophiles who are girl lovers.

In this ad copy you can cross-line read, G+LOVE, and in pedo lingo this is “girl love,” the attraction felt by an adult toward a young girl that typically involves sexual lust.

Alternately, for those child lovers who may also love little boys, there's a letter P above LOVE. A PLover is a Penis lover.

This other American Girl Doll ad also has plenty of stink on it, spiritually.

The highly stylized letters R are Eye of Horus symbols, akin to the Rx. The extensions engage the letter E in both instances. Re, the sun god. The eye of Re. This has to do with the treasure, as a noun and something to acquire.

Together = To Get Her

Time to get her. Time to get her treasure. It's time to get her treasure while she's young and pure and innocent. Her Treasure is her innocence and what it represents to the predators, her power and life. Physically, she has the attributes that girl lovers lust after. There is alliteration featuring the letter T and the expression can be seen as an equation.

Time To-gether
Time to-Treasure

Pairings of TT present a coded Illuminati reference to the vagina. That's one of the treasures coveted by GLover pedophiles.

The other orifice lusted after is coded as the Eye of Horus instances that were already mentioned, and this too is redundant. Building off the first one in Treasure, an anagram for arse is embedded.


That is supplemented by a cross-line cluster anagram of, anus. With the letter m of, time, concealing a letter n, read that together with the letters in treasure, ASU.

And, this is further supplemented by a double pairing of the letters GI, for the GI tract. Up from the G in, “toGether”, to the I in, “tIme”. Down from the same G in, “toGether” to the i in , “is.”

There's a cross-line subliminal in the relative positioning of the words, tiME togETher. ME+ET

Coincidence? No. No way. How can you treasure time together if you don't meet?

Shop now? The implication of child trafficking can hardly be ignored. Shop now for an American Girl. Doll not included.

We find the victimizing of the innocent to be very offensive. If you have children, its up to you to watch over and protect them.

You can report abuses or suspected abuses to the authorities, but you should understand something right up front, that the fox is in charge of the henhouse. We can ouster Fox A, and there may be a benefit and it may be a deterrent. But don't be naive about how Fox B will slot in as a replacement. This is the way of the system of this age. This problem is spiritual and the only solution is spiritual.

The sovereign God is not blind or deaf, and He keeps perfect accounts. Justice and righteousness are going to be realized, but the time has not yet come.

Meanwhile, stay vigilant. Watch closely over those you may be responsible for. Pray for others as you may be led.



    Maybe these romans are starting to figure out what these trees are for?
    I believe the new phones will be implanted. Or else!


    Ambassador Haley, now theres an amerikan girl.
    Says shes gonna take names after this un vote on Jerusalem. All brought about by trumps decision on Isreals capital. Funny when folks vote in the Bible, things get a little out of control. Why? Seems they vote for curses verses Blessings. They voted for a God at Mt Sinai, a king in the Land and a Messiah in New Test. Really not funny. This trump has stirred up the rest of the world. Most of the population of these nations reside in the east. Stand by this trumpeter has a "secret" plan for "peace". I say beware of those who profess peace. Esspecially over this hot topic.
    All in the chanuka season. Shamash would be proud.

    Hey Bob, look what's for auction next year in Arizona. They wouldn't say who the present owner is. Now who would want hitlers heavenly chariot/Mercedes? Custom built to his evil standards.

  6. NPR radio reports prime minister Abbas rejects The Trumps "secret" peace proposal, before The Trump can utter it. Wonder what it is? Shirley not what i think it is.

  7. Hello Brother Bob -
    submitting this for your viewing if you haven't seen this already. Happened tonight, 12/22/17 just a couple of hours ago , maybe 6:20pm Pacific Time. Wonder what this might be. Blessings! TH.