Sunday, December 31, 2017

Alexa, are you spying on me? Alexa?

The title? It's a rhetorical question. Of course. Alexa is the name of the popular voice recognition and control system.

"If Lamps Could Talk...They'd Be The C by GE Sol Fixture with Amazon Alexa"

Sol, the sun god, aka Ra, Helio, Apollo, Osiris, Horus, etc. The C, the SEE as in the all-seeing eye. It's an all-hearing ear system.

The new Alexa icon is, like its parent company's logo, an anatomical image. It looks like the Ouroboros, the snake-dragon eating its tail, and a reptilian eye, the Serpent or Dragon eye. All-seeing, suggesting the all-hearing function of Alexa.

Old news? Yeah. But here's something. Did you know about Alex (Amalgamated Logarithmic Encrypted Transmission)? Read this excerpt below from the dated but still relevant Springmeier/Wheeler “Illuminati Formula” book. Give some thought to whether the popular Alexa voice system name is merely coincidental.

“... Since Chavkin wrote this in 1978, the Network has come a long ways on miniaturization and sophistication of their implants. One of the most important end times communications systems of the Illuminati and their intelligence agencies is their ALEX system. This will operate on several levels. The electronic end of the ALEX system which stands for Amalgamated Logarithmic Encrypted Transmission (ALEX) is a method for encrypting electronic transmissions so that a computer which could decode 5 Trillion codes a second would take 2,000 years to decipher one of these transmissions. In other words, when the ALEX system is operating--it cannot be decoded. The ALEX system has 700 Billion Trillion codes! Yes, the intelligence agencies/Illuminati have really outdone themselves with overkill on this one! By the way, this is very ULTRA secret. The ALEX system intersects with the Monarch Mind Control Programming. The ALEX (also called ALEXUS) is part of the tracking and AntiChrist-Call-Back Programming. Outside computers are able to interconnect with the Monarch Mind Control slave and call them back for AntiChrist activities. In other words, the Council of 9 of the Illuminati has placed an alter by the name of Alex or a similar name in high level slaves and they have either via implants or some other type of programming made these slaves available for programming via electronic communications that tie in with their ALEX computers. (Fritz Springmeier touched on this AntiChrist programming in his "Chapter 3 Mind Control" monograph in 1992, when he mentioned Imperial conditioning.) Actually Imperial and Emperor programming are programs that work in conjunction with the ALEX system.”

We think you have to be pretty naive to think voice command systems (like your cable remote, Amazon Echo, Google Home, Samsung Smart TV, Sony SmartWatch, etc.) are really all about your convenience. And, the same with your cell phone and computers and tablets with cameras, etc. Even your cars, and everything with GPS capability, even those ones you know about already. These surveilance devices used to be called, bugs, and planted for special spy ops, but now consumers pay extra to enhance the surveilance network. Your data is being harvested. Have you bought something at the store and returned home to find ads for that item when you check your email or use your web browser? If not, the reason may be that you're just not paying close enough attention.

Worried about the MOB, the mark of the beast? Well, before that actually comes, there's a lot that has to happen. Number one being a reset of time, back into the not very distant past.


    DWave, based in Burnaby British Columbia/ 223/322( Gen3:22 knowledge of good and evil). Lay the English capital D flat side down,= time loop. Time =4th dimension d is 4th letter. Time/money/water. Machine opperates with Qbit/cubit processors. Cubits interesting. What are they building? Tower of babble?
    Hacking encrypted data is what this artcle is about. By way of custom algorithms that may or may not already exist. This alexa robot whore is scary stuff. Old Charles Broson movie plot was a scheme to call up spies with a reprogrammed message to cause chaos. I think this future hack will destroy the financial sys. Crashing it. Change of currency/current (water) . This ability to use quantum effect in the processor gives the machine insight into the future. Chess the game of war/good&evil, this machine destroys everyone by seeing thier moves in advance. Who could do war with this beast, and his robot hooker alexa?

    1. Good info. Thanks Craig.

      With all the Devil has going for him, he's deceived about its value, like with all those who serve him. With all his bragging, he loses. Our God knows the end from the beginning. You just can't beat that.

  2. Tower of babbel they were using math/cubits to build a system to reach heaven. Cube on its corner, inside a sphere. Saturn worship has brought about some amazing advances in mathmatics.