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Part 1 - Newsweek - Pop Goes the Weasels

The 11/17/2017 cover of NewsWeek was incendiary. Pundits have reacted with their takes on this spin off the traditional political cartoon. Our take is a little different. We have no political "dog in the hunt." We note that the image addresses a single narrow view of the matter of sexual exploitation and intimidation tactics. There is some shock value in the promotion of this anatomical imagery. “Any publicity is good publicity,” it has been said, and that seems to have been NewsWeek's assessment as they signed off on this design.

We don't scour the dark corners of gay porn to find our material. We don't need to or care to. Our interest is in exposing what's influencing the innocent as families carry on with their daily lives. This Newsweek cover wasn't wrapped in brown paper or hidden behind the news stand counter.

As we explore what the pundits ignore, and offer some commentary on the more superficial, we'll focus primarily on more powerful influences and deeper agendas.

In the stylized word, POP, the letters P P in the context of the male package signals pee pee, for urine, and peepee is also how toddlers refer to the penis.

I'm going to present a word, and I want you to reflect on what comes to mind as you consider the cover. Prick.

What was the first thing that came to mind, and then the second? See, there's more going on here than what appears at first glance. Was it the action with the pin and the balloon that lingers in your mind, or the male member itself? Do you think this cover might have been designed with the word in mind? It's called a homograph when words are spelled the same, but they have different meanings. To present two meanings of the word, prick, in this way is to employ a mind-control technique. It works whether you identify the word at the fulcrum or not. The power level of the magical working is enhanced by the tension or stress created by the suspenseful visual. Just how much more of a prick can the prick take before it goes pop?

There are several layers of identification in play, as to just whose is the male package. “Pop go the weasels.” Most immediately, it's the weasel weiners Weinstein and Weiner and the likes of Bill Cosby and Kevin Spacey and Bill Clinton and so on, whose names have been appearing in recent news. The main identity of the male package is the POTUS, as the question is asked in the copy, “Is Donald Trump next?” With the balloon about to be popped, the language used and what appears to be the premise of the article makes that plain. This leveraging of the homograph, prick, has to be seen as a subliminal labeling of Trump as a prick, as a cowardly and vulgar swipe at his character.

Another identity is implied in the way of Occult subliminals. It's that of the Most High God, who is continually derided by the Luciferian illumined as the Author of patriarchy itself. Embedded in the expression, GO THE WEASELS is a cross-line reading of HE and EL, which speaks to me as a reference to the Most High God.

As a single word, HEEL, another derogatory term appears in connection with the male package. Two meanings of the word are Oppression; tyranny, and: A dishonorable or unscrupulous person. Does that fit the context? Perfectly! This is a form of NLP: Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

The expression Pop Goes the Weasel is anchored in my mind to the child's toy called the Jack in the Box. Turn the crank and the tune plays. When you get to the “pop” lyric, the lid opens and out pops the joker-clown called Jack. The woman on the NewsWeek cover who is pricking with the pin is thus linked to the turning of the crank. Crank is slang for penis. See it?

It's another subtle denigration of Trump and every virile male. By deflating the balloon she's going to be able to stuff the manhood, or manhood itself, back in the box. Emasculation. Ready for another refrain. "Around and round the mulberry bush the monkey chased the weasel..." More than a mere deflation, popping a balloon means destruction. A popped balloon can never inflate again.

If the NewsWeek cover design and article agreed and the subject was covered with journalistic integrity and motivated by real compassion for the victims, no one innocent would be victimized. The victims of sexual abuse in Hollywood and Washington DC and everywhere else are both male and female in gender, and so are the abusers. Yet, what is behind all their superficiality is far more evil and deeply hidden.

From Wikipedia: “A theory as to the origin of the jack-in-the-box is that it comes from the 14th century English prelate Sir John Schorne, who is often pictured holding a boot with a devil in it. According to folklore, he once cast the devil into a boot to protect the village of North Marston in Buckinghamshire. In French, a jack-in-the-box is called a "diable en boĆ®te" (literally "boxed devil").”

Given the history of the expression used, what we're looking at is the Jack, or shall we say the one-eyed Jack, which is slang for the penis. This one-eyed jack penis is the devil popping out of the boot. We are dealing with Trump, on one level, and in some card games, the one-eyed jack is trump, a card that is assigned special authority. Think about it. It's no stretch; the connection identifying the penis of the Devil is present, and so is the deviling or demonization of Trump - and it is potent.

This identification is strengthened in the context by the way the final P, in POP, and the last S in, WEASELS, touch the balloon. It suggests that words that begin with those letters are concealed behind the phallus, occulted. Words like Satan's Penis, or, Serpent's Penis.

With the inflated phallic package as the Serpent Penis, the one-eyed devil sprung out of his boot, I believe this is the physical evidence of a spiritual assault or curse. This political cartoon cover is symbol magick, a form of sympathetic magic. It is cast against the POTUS and, even far more significantly, against all men with attributes of male virility and masculinity, who dare to buck the trend and assert their grant of authority as a male.

You may wonder how a symbol can represent opposites like the Most High God and His avowed enemy at the very same time. Look at the Catholic Church. This is how it works in the mystery religion. The true is hijacked as a carrier for the lie. The counterfeit bears the image or form of the genuine.

Let's give the target design that is similar in appearance to a major corporate logo some consideration. The presence of such a symbol plays on the obvious level where women have been targeted as victims by men with the phallic dart or arrow. The #METOO movement is presented as a response to that, where the victims seek justice. Now, those accusers are firing their darts and arrows at the accused as targets.

Strong emotions are provoked by this magazine's cover art. This is more than common journalistic sensationalism. We believe this should be recognized as something that is intended less for sales and profit than it is for the value gained by the worshipers of the phallus, of fertility itself and the false gods being served by it all. This emotion is engaged in the ritual raising of energy, demonic energy by sorcerers. The energy is raised and harnessed and redirected as it is sent into the universe, being cast as spells. If there were not a real threat, the Bible would not deal with witches and the practices of witchcraft. The Bible does deal with it. It is real, and it is a threat.

There's more trickery involved, and if you suspect that the exaltation of the goddess and mind control influences of coprophilia and sodomy might be involved, your suspicions are correct! Which is all awaiting another post, Lord willing.

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  1. Thanks BELLFIRE 444. She notes:
    When air leaves a baloon it makes a fart sound.
    It is also a BAAL loon.
    It is also orange for 33 sodomy.
    There is 2 Os for poop.
    Pin prick is pee pee.