Saturday, December 23, 2017

MKUltra/Monarch sodomy/trauma programming - "Color Training" (and the Kingsman)

“The more we do to you, the less you seem to believe we are doing it.” Josef Mengele

Was he lying? No. That was quite a perceptive observation.

A couple weeks ago, someone sent us a link to this video on YT with a description of what she saw in it. She recognized an enactment of the ritual abuse and sodomy of mind control programming. Here's a video expanding on that.

MKUltra/Monarch sodomy/trauma programming - "Color Training"

The great benefit in becoming familiar with programming and the practice of witchcraft and the beliefs of Occultists is that it helps us recognize when these things are being modeled, wherever we may find it. It helps us understand that this is real, and being mindful of this is no small matter in this day of increasing deception. Slaves don't all just go around flashing one eye signs. The vast majority are secret agents, plants in your communities and even in your own families.

If you think this matters, and the Lord inspires you, share this with others who might want to see illustrations of just what is really going on around them.

If you watch the video, you'll see a definite connection with Humpty Dumpty. While this production was under way, Aaron and I watched the two Kingsman films. The lead character is named, Eggsy. As a Kingsman, the connection with the classic nursery rhyme, Humpty Dumpty should become apparent. All the King's men (Kingsman) and all the King's horses couldn't put Humpty Dumpty back together again. The answer has to do with what broke Humpty Dumpty. Sodomy. Humpty (sexual intercourse) Dumpty (defecation), which factors into the Kingsman films in ways that are both overt and covert. It's about ritual sodomy and the fracturing of the mind. It has to do with the kinds of sodomy/trauma-based mind control used to create operatives for clandestine services like MI-6, Mossad, Stassi, KGB, and the CIA. The Golden Circle? The Circle = the Illuminati. The Golden Circle? The "Gold Pooper" of Puss in Boots. The anus of the divine - the Occultist's key to acquiring the power of the divine.


  1. Yes i agree. When we expose this secret language of symbols, we focus constiously on what kind of garbage theyre trying to sneak into our brains.
    War on the magik petro dollar/usa $.
    Looked at "i pet goat II" again. Black gold is running out to the sea. Stock market is crashing, and the demons are in control of tv land/the populations brains. The end the ben ben stone is blown off the great pyramid. Then the nukes start dropping as horas/Antichrist comes out of a underground river flowing from a crumbling church. They laid out the capital mall in 3d fashion with the Washington monument/obolisk depicted as a stone penis. Complete with harlot.
    Top marine mind slave general says, theres a war coming! ! It already started. They/BRICS and the rest of the world are switching from US dollars to gold backed yaun. Only question is who shoots 1st. That dude in lybia tried to introduce a gold back african $ and got bombed to the stone age. So did sadam in iraq. Nuked with depleted uranium.
    Some dude bled to death playing a virtual reality game of starwars tbe other day. Looks as if the comuter/ghost in the machine, killed him. Poltergeist movie too. When we let the d3mons in, they tend to do what they do. Evil.
    As for our $. It was designed to fail. The spies are here, as well as the sappers and special forces.
    The military we hav scattered out all over middle east will probably be nuked with neutron bombs, so thier gear can be used. Gengis khan used similar tactics. Our old navy is obsolete and vulnerable to supersonic and hypersonic missile swarms. Our subs got to find theres while dodging supercavitating torpedos. One of russias new icbms can take out the east coast by itself. Hard to imagine people so evil that they would push the button on all of the people.
    God have mercy please

    Big data. Our data. The article asks the question. What are the multi national corp.s going to do with all our data. Sell it? Well yes. But even worse, it will be used against us in weaponized form. Just like Pythagoras and his teachers invisioned so long ago. Funny the names they give to these computers they store this data on.
    Oh i forgot the dance of destruction that kali and lord shiva perform at the end of i pet goat II. So how do they get the earthquake in kalifornia to happen on schedule? They cause it. Like in "view to a kill" james bond/007/2ball cane!

  3. Bells44 commented.
    Lego my eggo...destroy the ego..the girl 11 in Stranger Things loved eggo waffles...eggs also mean birthing a new race with the fallen angels.

  4. Good observation connecting the Eggo waffles in Stranger Things, that was a really key symbol! Tribute for the goddess, with XO design. Fertility goddess of the egg+0. Tribute to the false gods still works today like it did in ancient times. She was 11 or el-EVE-n. Goddess number,and Eve, as in the first woman and bride of Adam.

  5. Hi Bob. 1st the Trump made his inflammatory decree to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of the Modern Jewish State, and move our embassy there. Now Iran makes a proposal that Jerusalem is the capital of the Palestinian State. Point, countet point. Now we got the "secret peace" plan from the trump coming up.
    Here's a link to a description of the Hegelian dialectic. This is but one tool for mind sodomy! Sorry but that's what it is. If wr are not conscious of the tactics our subconscious goes along for the ride obeying all the subtle suggestions "Propositioned" in our brains/subconscious. Some are more vulnerable than others. Depends on how many demons we invite in. Tv, r movies etc. Heavy metal music, opera, etc.


    The Papal obsessions

    Saudi's are backing this "nascent"/budding,embryonic, secret peace plan. Lady in the picture in the article is in classic W pose with arms standing under the dome of the rock. King of mecca knows something.


  9. AlphaZero taught itself chess in just four hours and thrashed a grandmaster using moves never seen before in the game's 1,500 year history

    This is on display at st patricks cathedral/big one in ny city. 5th ave between 50th and 51st. Lucky for ole st nik the Ninivites didnt get him.