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Part 3 - Newsweek - Pop (POoP) Goes the Weasels

The cover of Newsweek magazine (11/17/2017) is quite a piece of work. The folks responsible are scoring big points with the false gods they serve. And, they are reaping harvests of whatever it is the sovereign God allows them in this season. We pray that the sum of it is not a whit more than the minimum.

Some of the sex magick involved was already brought to light but there's much more that involves coprophilia and sodomy. There is also a rich layer of space-time signaling and the leveraging of Codes 33 and 66. There is in this attention-grabbing magazine cover the exhibit of an initiation ritual, what is said to be the magician's greatest work; the crossing of the abyss. We won't be getting through all of it in this post because there's just far too much material.

The orange color of the phallic package is perhaps our first clue that sodomy is involved. Or, perhaps it's the observation that there are actually 2 letters O in POP, one inside the other for the sake of obfuscation. POoP. The cloud is a poop explosion! With the presence of 2 letters O we find #1 and #2, juvenile potty code. Sodomites are generally characterized by an obsession with excrement and defecation and the butt.

See the starbursts associated with the cloud as the puckered anal orifice. See the pairs of adjacent arcs that ring around the cloud as butt cheeks. With these identifications, give the starburst located just above the double O your attention. Consider its positioning near to the intersecting arcs as a cartoon of the anus between the butt cheeks. That starBURST is apparently the source of the POoP explosion, because the designers have given respect to the laws of gravity in the arrangement of their picturesque scene.

Yeah. That's what it is, right there in plain sight! Now that you've seen it, you won't likely be unseeing it anytime soon.

The butt also looks like it might be emitting a gas bubble up in the air unless you flip it over. As reflected in a mirror, there it is.

And, the mirrored word, poop, becomes, boob, sexing it up with more feminine symbolism. One can easily see how the top of the balloon in the goddess zone plays as her boob, with the nipple. Boobs come in pairs, of course.

You have to consider how that, even though this defecation scene with the exposed backside appears in a fitting context, right next to the most blatant phallic package we may ever see on a major media cover, it remains unseen, completely hidden from the conscious mind. Why don't we just see this and recognize it right away? Of the million or millions of folks who have seen this, has anyone reported what's really in view? How can this be possible? And, how do those responsible for it actually get away with doing this kind of thing?

Some would say that we don't see these things because it's not what we're expecting. We're led to see something else, so that's what we see. And, sure, that's a satisfying explanation, to a degree. Other questions arise that demand a more satisfying answer. Like, for example, why would anyone want to produce and publish this kind of thing, taking the risk of being found out? We'll offer a more satisfying response shortly, but let's note how there is some slight of hand involved, the intentional and well-crafted misdirection ploy, the craft of a master illusionist. With the force of impact of the male package in our faces, what else can be seen and, with the volatile political and social dynamic, what else can be talked about?

"The smart way to keep people passive and obedient is to strictly limit the spectrum of acceptable opinion, but allow very lively debate within that spectrum...." - Noam Chomsky

Josef Mengele (alias Dr. Green) rightly observed that, “The more we do to you, the less you seem to believe we are doing it.” He was on to something big and, given the extent of what we see, they can't seem to do enough to us!

To really get your mind wrapped around this matter of the hiding in plain sight you have to understand about theurgy and the relationship between the false gods and their worshipers. You really have to get hold of how magic is real. Cover spells are real. Accept it. Accept that there is a supernatural cloaking device, a magickal working, and you have been looking at the evidence that it works.

That is, it works until it doesn't! We need help breaking the spells, and the Lord is helping! That's why Aaron and I keep doing what we do here.

That kind of cover spell is how the Freemasons and the Jesuits and the Romish church gets away with what you see in this pairing of iconic images, year after year. I know, holy t+ihs, right smack in the G Eye (tract)!

If you tell others what you see in this magazine cover, a common response will be that we're some seriously depraved individuals who just see what we want to see, projecting what's not really there. "It can't be that, so it isn't." That's the mindset. The reason why our blog and video channel isn't trending with more appeal is because that's where most people are at - blinded by the pharmakeia and content to be under such a delusion. Mass mind-control is effective. It's the working of supernatural delusion. Most folks really are in a trance state, kind of sleepwalking in deep hypnosis. The real problem, in a word, is this: sin. The answer isn't in the learning of how to recognize cartoon butts, it's in repenting of sin. Really. Depending on who you are and what the Lord has called you to do, recognizing cartoon butts may be a thing, okay, yet we have many gifts among us that all need to be exercised. Ecclesiastes 3:1. Ephesians 4:7-8. 1 Corinthians 12. Maybe the manufacture of eye salve isn't your line of work, yet you might be in the eye salve distribution line. Whatever your gifts happen to be, we pray the Lord will inspire you to busy yourself with that, seeking and finding every fit provision for the works.

So, the balloon phallic package - is it just a phallic package? That's a leading question. No. No, it's not! And, speaking of knots, a blown up balloon has a knot where it is tied off to keep the pressurized air from escaping. This is being leveraged as a symbol of the anus, which is called in slang the balloon knot, with reference to the function of the sphincter. Here's a close-up of a red balloon. If it doesn't look familiar, maybe you should watch your cat next time it walks away with its tail up in the air.

If you ever blew up a balloon and let it go without tying a knot, you've heard the sound it makes. Flatulence. The pressurized gas escapes through the un-knotted orifice.

The balloon is a pretty fair model of the bowels. With this identification, there's several levels of meaning pictured on this cover. Some are more disgusting than others.

Recall how we identified the goddess up top, with the goddess red zone and the bent-elbow W. With the interpretation of the orange balloon as the bowels, the scene is one where she's being pooped on. Pooping on the goddess is something Occultists must fantasize about and occasionally practice in sex magick ritual. I don't doubt that she (the foul demon masquerading as the goddess) likes it and encourages it.

When you see the balloon as the bowels, consider the pin pricking and how the resulting POP would result in just what's being pictured next to it, in a POoP explosion. That's the kind of consistency that reveals to us how this insight is legitimate, that it was intended in the design. It's redundant. Note, disemboweling is not uncommon during ritual sacrifice, for the building of trauma.

A subtle change in symbolism shifts the scene to one where the balloon knot belongs to the goddess and she's pooping a big orange stool. Extending this imagery further is the suggestion of pee-pee in the PP of Pin Pricking and Phallic Package and the PP framing the POoP and the P and S (PisS) touching the orange stool.

Lending more support to this level, we find the tiny little symbol on the far right end of the title called the registered trademark. This should be recognized as a modern version of the ancient Eye of Horus, like the Rx symbol. With regard to its use in branding, this often ignored little symbol is almost always serving as the dim or darkened Moon eye of Horus (on our right as we look it in the face). This is paired with a bright Sun eye in the formation of the symbol called, Harmerty, which is expressed as, “Horus, who rules with two eyes.” Here, the bright Sun eye is the balloon knot that is the Horus Eye of the goddess!

The scene of the poop emerging from the butt of the goddess is matched just to the left where the POoP is emitting from the starburst. See it? Redundancy.

Defecation is a natural bodily function but, to the Occultist, this is their obsession because of what it does for them. It's not just some deviant sexual perversion. It's supernatural and inherent in the nature of the illumined sodomites as they commune with their gods.

The level of interpretation and supernatural meaning where the balloon is goddess excrement finds still more support in the context of the Jack in the Box. Pop Goes the Weasels, right? Remember from Part 1 how this lyric originated in the UK with the devil emerging out of a boot. Well, in the UK, a boot is also part of a car. In America, we call it a trunk, and this compartment in the rear end is understood to have an anatomical counterpart. Jack in the Box- box as butt, like the mail or male box. With this perspective, the devil is seen emerging from the boot, now coming from above, emerging from the balloon knot of the goddess, which is to say, from her boot. It's her bountiful booty from her booty.

If you've ever wondered what the fruit-filled horn-of-plenty in a Freemason's tracing board meant, that's it. It's ever so nicely tapered on one end, of course. The goddess gets you whatever you want.

Pope Francis is dedicated to the goddess. His official Coat of Arms compares to the tracing-board of Freemasonic craft, and you see a side-by-side comparison here. The cluster of grapes represents a pile of poop, which compares to the horn of plenty. In their upside-down world, the goddess gets you whatever you want!

Upside-down. (“As Above, So Below” - Hermetic Maxim) If we flip the balloon package over it's easily recognized as another model of defecation where what was previously recognized as the scrotum becomes a butt, pooping out the same stool that appeared to emerge in the other direction from the balloon knot of the title graphic's goddess. This butt identification is strengthened by the appearance of the shadow behind the butt-scrotum. This suggests the form of the stylized heart, a really common butt symbol.

With yet another little spin, the graphic scene is no longer one of defecation but rather of sodomy, as the (former scrotum) butt is being penetrated by a huge phallus.

Now, let's shift our perspective of the scene one more time. The balloon is the phallic package and sexual intercourse with the goddess of the title graphic is back in play. Let's identify the balloon knot as her anus, as in a previous scene. Now, instead of engaging with the Mouth of Isis, as Aleister Crowley referenced the act of vaginal intercourse, it is with the Eye of Horus, which refers to anal sex.

Oh, how superior is the Eye of Horus to the Mouth of Isis!” – Aleister Crowley

Beyond any mindless demonic lust that drives the Occultist, the rationale behind butt popping the goddess is that this is how you acquire her power.

Brother Marion Knox offered some key insight about this, echoing what others have reported on the subject. “We have more sodomy now out in the open than we’ve ever had. Lot was in Sodom -- that’s where the word sodomy comes from. It meant anal sex, or as they’re calling it now anal intercourse. What other kind of sex do you think they could produce on those angels that they tried to break the door down to get to? They wanted to get their supernatural power. The belief in the occult world is if you could sodomize God, you’d get God’s power.” (Marion Knox - Interviewing Deprogrammers: In the House of the Strong Man Sodomy is the Key)

Is this modeling also redundant? It sure is! Let's give this symbolic imagery another spin.

To POP is to have sex with. The POP in the cloud is POoP. POoP POPping is what's also known as dung pushing. Sodomy.

The three sets of lines around the outer ring are signaling the anal triangle that frames the anus. That's the TARGET, the bull's eye, the Horus Eye, the sodomite gateway.

Let's give this symbolic imagery yet another little spin. We already noted how, with the balloon as the bowels, a POP resulting from the pin pricking would cause a POoP explosion. With a focus on the pin as a phallic object, as a prick, in slang, PRICKing someone in the bowels, or in the poop, is easily identified as another symbolic act of sodomy. With the dominant color being orange, that can hardly be ignored.

Each of these scenes we're describing is unique. Many of them have elements in common yet there is always a subtle difference that makes a scene or symbolic layer distinct. Each adds to the amount of energy raised and captured, harnessed for the ritual. The redundancy multiplies the supernaturalism of the symbol magic. At the same time, the redundancy signals those who can recognize and interpret the symbols that this is intended and that there is indeed a ritual behind it. You may generally perceive that there's some serious stink on it, and that may be enough for you to know if you're sensitive to such impressions that may be brought by the holy spirit.

Given the context of playing with a child's toy, consider the traditional party game called, Pin the Tail on the Donkey. Take a step back and get a good look at the Newsweek cover. Do you see where we're going with this? Pin the tail, which is to say, pop the pooper. Sodomy. A donkey is an ass by another name. Again, with the homograph kind of relation. It's no stretch to see the richly layered Occult cover as making allusion to the game and subliminally importing those meanings.

Here are some of the results that appeared in an image search. The target color and design are familiar, yes?

Pin it? Whatever do they mean? The target and donkey-ass winking with one eye make it completely obvious. See all the colored balloons? How festive. Purple and orange and - Uh-oh! Balloons? Strings tied around balloon knots are pointing to the balloon knot of the ass? Just what kind of party is that?

Returning to the Newsweek cover, beyond the ideograms that picture defecation and sodomy scenarios there are more suggestions being made in the texts.

In every naming of Trump is RUMP!

In the title, Putin, was noted as NLP, because “put in” supports the sexual activity pictured in the context. The phrase, “With Fists,” adds more NLP, with fisting being a widely practiced sodomite act.

The three letter word for donkey is embedded in WEASELS.



Embedded in “Go The Weasels” is EA+T, T+EASE, and a centrally located, SEAT (A+T+SE).

The use of colored text links together weasels and powerful men, which creates or strengthens the connection as a mind control technique. The equation: powerful men = weasels

When Newsweek was promoting subscriptions last month they used this image below that features the POoP magazine cover in a setting with the covers of other editions. The letters presented on the right can be easily combined to produce, ANES, in 2 different ways. It's a phonetic spelling of, ANUS. Together with the phallic package, the pairing is a plain expression of sodomy! Alternately, they connect ANES with POoP!

Even with all that's been brought into the light in these three posts in the series, there's still more to decode: Space-Time layering, Code 33 and Code 66 and an Illuminati ritual regarded as the most important work of the magician's career, the crossing of the Abyss.

Lord willing.

When I write that, I know that many view it as just some kind of mindless religious saying. It is far from that! What is being brought to mind is the closing passage of James 4.

13 Come now, you who say, “Today or tomorrow we will go to such and such a city, and spend a year there and engage in business and make a profit.” 14 Yet you do not know what your life will be like tomorrow. You are just a vapor that appears for a little while and then vanishes away. 15 Instead, you ought to say, “If the Lord wills, we will live and also do this or that.” 16 But as it is, you boast in your arrogance; all such boasting is evil. 17 Therefore, to one who knows the right thing to do and does not do it, to him it is sin. ~ James 4:13-17

Far be it from us to presume that we'll be doing things beyond what the Lord Himself has expressly promised. While we can, with the Lord's help, we intend to do what we know to be the right thing to do. We hope you are inspired to walk this same way.

Thanks for your support as we continue this effort. Your continued engagement in spiritual warfare is encouraged and your reports are comforting. We depend on each other as a family, one member for another, and we, each of us, needs the Lord's help at every step along the narrow way to do what we are called to do in His pouring out of His life through us.

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