Sunday, December 10, 2017

Jim Carrey. Legit Whistleblower, or?

It still looks to us like Jim Carrey is a master of the limited hangout. Blowing cover - as cover.

Jim Carrey: 'The Illuminati is Brainwashing Children into Worshipping Satan' Hollywood star says entertainment industry is pushing Satanism

Over three years ago now, as a guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live (LIVE, backwards is, EVIL), the award winning and controversial actor and comedian made a show of a silly looking triangle mouth sign. He used this as a spin off the triangle eye sign famously flashed by celebrities to launch a conspiracy theorist/insider kind of routine.

Jim Carrey's Secret Hand Signal - on Jimmy Kimmel Live, 11/14

Quiz time. What's the meaning of the sign? Hint. The astronaut shirt he's wearing.

The mouth is the opening of his GI tract that he can get away with actually showing on TV. The triangle sign he's obviously referencing is the one always being flashed by models and actors and singers. It means the same thing. The eye is the mouth, like the mouth of a river; the outlet. The eye is one framed by the anal triangle, the Horus Eye. The astronaut shirt is a way of validating the meaning. ASStronaut.

The foul version, which is what Jim Carrey is really modeling, is the sex act called analingus where the tongue is stuck into someone's anus.

But hey, it's a joke, right? It's all in good fun. Actually, only the sodomites think this is funny because the joke is on us, the mass audience who are mind controlled, naive, and ignorant, who can't see past the cover spells of the illusionists, hypnotists and illuminated magicians.

When Jim Carrey starts to explain things like we just did openly, admitting to his complicity, we'll start to think he might be recovering and a legitimate whistleblower who has gained real freedom from his sodomite handlers and their programming. As we wait for that, we're not holding our breath.

The astronaut shirt he's wearing exposes a double E signaling of Code 33, which features ritual sodomy illumination as a primary layer of meaning. The slogan declares. “I need more space.” SPACE, in simple Occult gematria, is 44. A Code 47 goddess number. He's modeling the Black Madonna, who is usually seen with Harpocrates (as the boy Horus is known). It's a familiar pairing, the goddess and foul sodomite programming.

Here's a collection of interesting articles on the site. (Robert Downey Jr. starred in the Sherlock Holmes film franchise, which was overflowing with very specific Thelemite Illuminist witchcraft.)

Most of you won't want to explore this further, but if you're so led down this dirty road, here's a couple more productions involving Hollywood's icons. It's not really mainstream and, while there is no nudity, you are being warned right up front that the content is NSFW - not safe for work - because of the subject matter, and it is only appropriate under special circumstances.

Meet the Feebles - with lyrics (An overt celebration of sodomy - written and directed by Peter Jackson [LOR])

"low hangin fruit" by Tenacious D (Jack Black and Kyle Gass)

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