Friday, December 01, 2017

Engage! Respond to the Assault, Countering the Curses and Loosing the Blessings

Earlier this week, it became very apparent to Aaron and I that the Lord was directing us to pray very specifically about the curses that have been cast against us, which are having a growing impact on us and what we do. Curses are being cast against our business endeavor, the Chiasmatron 2000, and the ministry - every thing that effects our ability to minister. We have prayed independently as the Lord directed, and have prayed together, and we have discussed the matter all through the week. Aaron and I invite you to join us in praying for the Lord's blessing in dealing with the curses, and with those who curse us, and their networks of support.

The curses, hexes and spells directed toward us are intended to bring all our work to naught, to choke off our provision and all avenues of promotion, web traffic, etc. The curses that are being cast extend to those of you who are being ministered to and to those among you who minister to us through prayer and financial donations, and to those of you who would otherwise be accounted with them. We hear your testimonies and know that your lives are being touched and that the trials of the season are weighing heavily. We are not the only ones ministering and supporting legitimate anointed ministries who are being targeted, who have witnessed assaults that can hardly be ignored.

We are accustomed to maintaining vigilance in spiritual warfare. Taking flak for flying over the target in offensive missions is routine for us. We rejoice in the honor of serving as warriors but our efforts are not sufficient. More is called for. This is a season where our family is being called to step up the fight, together, for each other, who love God and are drawn together by His love. Secure the camp because the battle is fierce and the casualties are many. Please, pray as led, and continue praying and engaging with obedience in availing yourself of every benefit (anointing oil, head covering, praying in a group...) with the same level of discipline and diligence that our enemies maintain.

Among the regulars who pay close attention to The Open Scroll are those who are doing the cursing, with their covens. They are the astral projectors/remote viewers and those armed with various weapons forged in the dark that exploit both technology and magick.

We haven't written much about dealing with curses, but you can find many videos on YouTube by Derek Prince on the subject.

Seek the Lord for a loosing of His blessings of deliverance and the fit provision for every good work. We know some of you have already heard the call of the Holy Spirit and are exercising your authority in the spiritual realm to great effect. Thank you! Thank you so much!

Psalm 118

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