Saturday, November 26, 2011

Baphomet with the Eucharist - Is This Your Lord?

Masip's Christ declares nonverbally that he is the earthly manifestation of the heavenly. The testimony is not ambiguous about which is represented. Is this your Lord? It's not my Lord.

The host is the antichrist Beast, of course, exalted. It's held with the raised right hand, signaling "heavenly sons of god." The distinctive three finger grasp represents the transformed Beast DNA of a triple helix construction. The chalice for the sacramental blood of the Eucharist resembles the wand of Hermes with its serpents flanking the rod. The cup is the womb, which, together with the phallus wand, is positioned in the scene to subtly illustrate the very effeminate man as a hermaphrodite, a male-female androgyne. Beyond the blending of the genders what's signified is the merging of the heavenly male with the earthly female, the Beast! The checkerboard pattern on the table (like the floor of a Masonic temple) represents the sons of god mixed with the daughters of men, the iron and clay seed mixing of Daniel 2. The arch compares to the Masonic Royal Arch, the gateway between heaven and earth. The backdrop is Osiris Green, with a crown-like five element tabernacle fringe King-of-the-world being implied.

What's up with the gang sign?

[video] West Side Gang (Project 12, 6/12) by Diran Lyons

Signs in this class signal Baphomet as the horned god. The hand sign forms both the M=13 and the W=23, combining to signal the 13-23 Rebel Lord Beast DNA. It signals three things and four, when the Beast plan will be fulfilled. Or, rather, so far as it is appointed to be fulfilled. This gang has an exclusive membership. They know things. Like times and seasons. Like Beast transformations.

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