Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Part 37 - The Sodomite Gateway - AOL (America Online) - Filling in the Blanks

In its heyday over a decade ago the branding for AOL seemed to be everywhere. The iconic entity previously known as America Online had some version of their blue and white pyramid eye nearly everywhere you looked. Back in the day I was pretty ignorant about symbols. My take on it was probably, “Oh, it's a pyramid eye like on the dollar bill, probably some kind of Illuminati deal.” And, while it is that, I understand a little more about that Illuminati deal and what that particular imagery means. AOL was and still may be considered what is known as an Internet portal. The classic logo is itself a portal, the Illuminist portal. The triangle eye symbol witnesses to the gateway to illumination that is the opening of the eye of Horus through ritual sodomy.

Not every triangle you see is signaling sodomy, but if the triangle has a glow, rays or an eye, it signals the sodomite gateway.” That's a quote from Part 23 - The Sodomite Gateway - Crowley's Cosmic Clue, from back in June. When you get hold of that reality you have to see the AnatOmicaL expanded version of AOL I propose here. Fill in the blanks. If you find this personally offensive, as though a statement was made as a corporate inside joke about those who use the portal as a Internet service or home page, well, you probably should.

Even more offensive to me is the evil hijacking of a person represented by the symbol. The opening of the third eye through ritual sodomy creates a mind controlled slave who is enhanced with demonic powers. The victimized children who suffer unimaginable horrors are exploited to do the Illuminists bidding. The seizure of the life of a child by sodomizing them at 3 years of age is standard operating procedure for SRA handlers around the world. The Devil is bad!

Here's an interesting comparison. AOL ~ Boy Lover

The eye in a triangle imagery is the opening of the third eye via the anal triangle, aka the Key of David or Rothschild sodomy. The triangle has three sides and three angles to identify the eye inside as the third eye. The anal triangle is an actual anatomical structure. If you need a little refresher on this imagery you may want to review some of the posts, like the Part 23 I mentioned, or Part 25 - The Sodomite Gateway - Rosetta Stones Yielding the Secret of the Masonic 33.

The forming of the eye with a pair of swirls of white light is what I call a swirl eye of Horus. Similar examples in the ubiquitous class can be found here: Series Links: See, it's the "i" of Horus!

When celebrities hand signal a triangle around the eye, you get that, right? This is not some meaningless gesture just being done to be appear hip and fashionable. If you think they are what they are because of talent and luck you are not reading between the lines. They are mind controlled slaves, and they show you and the programmers and handlers how they got that way. The AOL portal. I don't doubt that there's plenty of “monkey see monkey do” mimicry but still, it means what it means, and The Industry is really about entertainment only in a superficial sense.

The link that is so easily made between the AOL pyramid eye and the pyramid eye on the back of the dollar bill should speak to you about ritual sodomy as the Illuminist portal. This captures many in the scheme to enslave the worldly. The elite bankers are Illuminists, sodomites who exploit the love of money and ritual sodomy to create slaves. The dollar bill with a symbol of the sodomite portal is like AOL with a symbol of the sodomite portal. Monas. Monas Hieroglyphica. Getting America Online has made Internet addicts of many who access their portal, like using the dollar bill has made slaves of those who use the Federal Reserve portal.

The rebranded AOL uses a simple wordmark they graphically associate with a variety of images by stamping them with a white negative space "Aol." Here's one. A'ol' Old habits are hard to break, I suppose.

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