Saturday, December 05, 2015

Back to the Future - Neo-Nazi Racism and Dark Secrets Encoded in the Time and Speed

The latest video in a series has just been published, and this represents a milestone in the work.

This 6th installment builds off the previous one where secretive expressions of Nazi sciences were introduced. The plain evidence of Neo-Nazi racist sentiment is expressed in Back to the Future. The revelation of the bold and redundantly embedded Neo-Nazi White Supremacy code is striking! It's embedded in the pair of elements that are the combined key to sending Marty back to the future, the time of 10:04 pm and the speed of 88 miles per hour. We begin this installment with another Nazi characterization that demonstrates neo-Nazi symphathies. We offer several examples that expose the very disturbing reality at the core of this film trilogy, and close with some commentary, offering a mature perspective on what should raise some serious questions.

Here's a full 1080i HD version: Part 6 - What is Back to the Future Really About? Neo-Nazi Racism and Dark Secrets Encoded in the Time and Speed

(If that one won't play well, wait a few minutes and try again, or try this low-res (640 x 480) version.)

Due to content blocking, the video is not available on our YouTube channel.

Here's where you can find the rest of the series: Playlist for What is Back to the Future Really About?


  1. Onk/10/Q/androgenous "one". Found a picture on the net, he who holds the Onk controls time space. Kings and popes whip this out when it suits them." Bold claims, like clouds with no rain".

  2. This picture from rt caught my eye. In the article it describes a tryptich /3 fold talisman for sigil magik, issued by French security(enforcers). Eiffel Tower red white and blue straddling the cosmik Union (lighted X in a circle transending dimensions/space time .

  3. Here's link, tryptichs are used in religious art( heed 2nd Commandment!) religious art are spells/talismans. Ref those 10 Commandment granite spells the masons/Edomites carve. Erected in front of municiple bld.s to stir up trouble/ chaos.

  4. 10:04 = 04 October - 277th day of the year - 88 days remaining.

    1. Thanks. That's a very pertinent observation.