Saturday, September 02, 2017

Seen While Out and About in Our Neighborhoods

While we're out and about, we see what we see. And, frankly, sometimes it just can't be unseen. Here's a scene from Aaron's neighborhood, in nearby Monaca, Pa. This is the decor for Panera Bread. Who would want this creepy eye watching them eat? No normal person, yet, there it is. And it's more then just creepy.

What's really going on here? The stylized heart is the butt. Bread and BUTTer, yeah? Eye in a radial "pucker" as the Horus Eye i.e. anus. Ringed around with a sphincter design. "Pinching a loaf," or two (defecation - #2 in potty code), which is the apparent comedy gag. X marks the spot. The Sodomite Gateway! The loaves look a bit like legs, don't they?

Panera Bread locations are always decorated with sneaky esoteric art. I've been inside several and the XO motif is usually evident. The Monaca version features the XO with redundancy. The crossing loaves make the XO, because the loaves are roughly cylindrical, with round cross sections. The X is formed inside (well, mostly) what looks like it could be a barrel, which is rounded on the sides and which has a circular cross section. Above and below the barrel are flame-like tongues. Lines traced through the edges of those triangles intersect at the barrel rims, implying the X on the O. The stylized heart is formed by arcs that picture crossing rounded forms. Major XO redundancy!

The union of the X and O is male + female god + goddess sex magick. Obviously, it's anal sex magick yet its also vaginal. The female anatomy is in view because the stylized heart pictures the vagina with spread labia. Also, Illuminati slang for the vagina is, TT, and there's the TT of buTTer appearing as a suggestive caption. If the artist had centered the loaves inside like the word, BUTTER, the alignment and association with the TT would be much more apparent.

The union of the XO establishes the throne of the goddess, in Occult belief, and Panera Bread openly exalts the goddess. We've featured Panera Bread's Occult imagery before on this blog. Their branding imagery honors Ceres, the Roman goddess of grains and bread. You know where we get the word, cereal, right? Her Greek identity is Demeter. Panera Bread is also honoring Vesta (Roman) or Hestia (Greek), goddess of the hearth.

We see what seems like the goddess in the setting right below the Bread and Butter scene.

Back in Greensburg, PA, in my local neighborhood, I often see this sign as I walk around. Hate has no Home Here. Really? HEART - Anagram: HATER. The jokes on you, folks. The HEART sign is stuck in the grASS, in the dirt (dirt-as-excrement).

As we're out and about, on the way to Panera Bread (and the local theater) and back we pass right by the Beaver Valley Mall. Here's their sign! So, here's a question. Why is there a yellow river running through the V? The nearby Beaver River doesn't really have yellow water. Unless by, beaver, you mean, vagina. Because urine is yellow. The V is a Vagina, as an idogram.

If you've caught on to how the exaltation of the sun god is such a big deal, you probably noticed how R and A flanks the V. He, Ra, owns her. His name is mirrored, sharing that letter R. ER = Re = Ra. Redundancy. Potency.

We sometimes wonder, as a reality check - do people really NOT SEE this for what it is? Wow! We know they don't. Those behind all this mind control magic have their cover spells, and they are very effective. It's a witness to the pharmakeia of Mystery Babylon the Great.

A story is told by the featured merchants. There's Dicks. Slang for penises, obviously. They actually sell sporting goods. Not sex toys. The Mall folks put Dicks all the way at the bottom of the list because, well, it might be just a little too obvious, otherwise. Sex Magic. At the top of the list is Macy's. That fits with the Beaver V because this merchant's branding is all about the goddess! A goddess red colored star-angel Venus pentagram is their brand. Macy's - Anagram: My Asc, or, C(see) my as'. Hey, there's SEARS, right? Anagram: ARSES! What about JCPenney? Well, in this Mandela Effect-ed reality, sure. It always was, J. C. Penny, though. Before time went off the rails.

The Beaver Valley. Sodomite Sex Magick! At the Beaver Mall. Homophone. Maul. The Beaver Maul. Sexual abuse and trauma.

As we're out and about, if we travel across the river to the quaint little village of Beaver, we find more of the same esoteric exploitation. Here's a couple of merchants marketing to the ladies, just down from piZZA/AZZ Joes. The Wildwood Boutique. Their slogan? With a kiss of country. We're in Beaver, so its,"with a kiss of c-unt-ry." They are cunning linguists, are they not? ;)

The Wildwood Boutique is the W B, the bent elbow W bee dancing bee queen of heaven. See how the letter, t, in, boutique, is doing the cross circle with the O? X union O, sex magic establishing the celestial throne of the goddess. This region of the stylized wordmark is a little, "square and compass"-ish, don't you think?

See how they have the phallic package ideogram, the letter b, in, boutique, sticking it to the d hole? Wild WOOD (phallus) indeed. WildWood ~ WW ~ rotated 33 Code 33. More esoteric imagery and more sex magick and exploitation of the Beaver location and slang!

Are we done yet? Nope. Next door, we're being MOONED! The Luna Nail Studio. The sun and moon, together. IO, spelling in Greek of, Helio, sun. Studio is the esoteric identification of the sun god as a stud, virile and fertile. STUD IO.

LUNA Anagram: ANUL. No, it's not ANAL, but it's close enough for Occult symbolism. Misspelled, like a homophone. This is the moon, in Beaver. The moon is a Bride symbol, biblically, and it's hijacked for the anti-bride and the goddess identities in Occult symbolism. The Moon goddess is highly exalted in Beaver/Vagina, PA. To nail something, in crude slang, is to have sexual intercourse with it. Stud Helio nails the anul.

Need more evidence? LUNA NAIL Anagram ANUL LAIN ~ anal lane ~ dirt road - rectum.

In proximity, there's ANU+S. And, the homophone-ish, ANIS. There's no need to stretch anything; it's all there.

The L is isolated in bright part of the crescent moon. The L is the 12th letter. It's a time number. Time+space ( the moon is a celestial body that is one of the time keepers, biblically, ruling the night). Time + sodomy is a really common Occult symbol combo.

This is what's going on in our neighborhoods. Of course, nothing like this is going on anywhere else. It couldn't be. This is just a rare exception. Surely. Unless, it isn't.



    Exorcist warns ‘Illuminati satanists’ are giving Filipinos ‘cursed rosaries’

    “Sometimes, there are no symbols,” Father Legaspi said. “But a ritual was done on it so they could inflict harm on others.” He then urged priests to bless and exorcise religious items, particularly if the owners had experienced paranormal occurrences. “Not just a blessing,” he said. “These items should be exorcised. Not just an ordinary blessing where water is just sprinkled — as most priests commonly do. Use the Catholic ritual. “That would frighten the demon away.”

    NONSENSE! It should be understood that all such objects as rosaries and crucifixes are inherently cursed.

    To label the Illuminati Satanist versions as "cursed rosaries" is like labeling water as, "wet water." All water is wet, in its liquid state, and all rosaries are cursed.

    There is no way to cleanse an idol, except to utterly destroy it, and the curses must be removed according to the specific direction of the one who has authority to bless, my Lord. A priesthood of idolaters can not truly bless, unless they first repent before the Lord Jesus Christ, in truth, and there will follow a separation from false religion and its structure.


  4. Anonymous4:03 AM

    Hi Bob, this is a great site that you and Aaron run, including your 17stormy17 channel. I have sure learned a lot off of it. Thanks for widening my eyes even more to this sick world we unfortunately inhabit.
    I am now making a video, and have managed to see all that you speak about on this one DC Comics animated movie that was just released. Batman and Harley Quinn 2017.
    You can see it from the get go.

    Here is the cover:

    1. Thanks. DC and MARVEL/Disney - Bringing Hell on Earth as fast as they can.

    2. Anonymous5:58 AM

      Hi Bob and Aaron, gave you a mention, hope you do not mind.

  5. Regarding JCPenney... Penney is pronounced the same way as the word Penis in Spanish...
    Just thought you would like to know