Sunday, November 26, 2017

Dell's Cyber Monday/Moon-day of the Sodomite Gateway + Goddess + Time Warp

As with the days leading up to Black Friday, Dell has been spamming me with promotions. I am subscribed, having a Dell laptop, and I have been deleting them without opening - except for this one, this morning.

Any day affords the worshipers of the goddess opportunities to exalt her in the ways of Occult theurgy. Cyber Monday is certainly no exception.

The goddess color red is obvious, and the white of divinity. The purple of royalty attends the promotion of the Queen of Heaven. AAA and EVE - like Eva or Ava (Maria) or Eywa or ABA or ABBA... is AWA, alias Inanna flanked by her owl escorts. This goddess exaltation has got to be good for sales and marketing because the Occultists accept that it's the goddess who gets you what you want, and that's what they continually project into the mass hive-mind consciousness of the mind-controlled masses. Massive Savings.

The image in the Dell email was animated, with the big snowflake-like decorations seeming to rotate in an ambiguous manner that could be interpreted as being either clockwise or counter-clockwise in direction. A snowflake has sixfold symmetry yet most of these have eightfold symmetry. Why? It's the celestial heavens, with the twinkling traditionally 8-rayed Star of Inanna, multiplied.

If you recognize purple as the primary sodomite color you will immediately recognize each spoked or rayed sun wheel snowflake as an anus. We are clued in to the major vibe with the leading announcement that the p+ASS+word is you. NLP!

Here's a collection of fades to call out the references.

The ER and AR of the banner spell out REAR, and at the same time provide 4 instances of the naming of the sun god. These add to the two instances of the AR in eARly and the RE crossing up from the R in eaRly to the E in massivE.

The combination of goddess and copharagy and sodomite themes is so common, and so is that of time warping, travel or mastery. Here, A DAY EARLY, speaks to that. It's Sunday, but yet, Cyber Monday starts now. Time Warp. Because it is said that time is money, money is time, in the inversion, as a metaphor, so massive savings means saving money, or spending less money, which translates to, spending less time. In effect this is advancing us from Sunday to Cyber Monday, in their magickal way.

Are you seeing what you're looking at?


Immediately after publishing this post I checked my email and yet another Dell promo arrived. I did open it and this is what I found.

Can you see the promotion of ET?

The above was another animation, with the triple banded box rocking back and forth like a teeter totter. Giving the dynamic emphasis to the BUM. UP - BUM! Sodomy! This one is still signaling the ARSE, too. DOORBUSTERS - OUCH!

The purple goddess spiral sixfold symmetry (upper right) conceals six numeral sixes, plus a circle-O that transforms to another 6. 666 MOB. There's a 666 in the triple zero-O in 50%, and a crossing of circles generated each time it rocks down into the O of mOnday.

The red block rocking back and forth and calls out RE in the, ER, of CYBER, on one side and, ON, on the other, which identifies the city in Egypt also known as Heliopolis. That's where the worship of Re was formerly centralized. Clever. Very clever. And, evil.

Moon-day is for the moon goddess. Eleven signals the fertile womb of the goddess. Count the letters in the main lines. CYBER MONDAY has 11, and DOORBUSTERS has 11. These are also goddess pillar and column and maypole stargate numbers.



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