Friday, November 08, 2019

Status Update

Hi Everybody! Here's a brief video to give a status update. I've had more eye surgery and am recovering, so there has been no video or writing.

Status Update

Curious about the pending reset of time? See The Pending Reset of Time - The Essential Guide

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  1. Hello openscroll. The devil does not own our future. He may own the people and all power institutions around us and he may even cast some lovely dreams in front of our face like the three temptations our Lord Y'eshua withstood. Perhaps a keystone pattern, after the three temptations, the enemy fled and Y'eshua was left in peace. But I always pondered the seductive power of the enemy in those three instances which I think represent the three branches of old Babylonian religion : Political, economical and spiritual demonic powers. And I realized today that the enemy owns everything... but the future, or time for that matter. I feel like everything seductive and temporal is in the enemy's control... and perhaps he can leverage all of it to gain some momentary control of space/time, like grabbing the wheel of a moving car … but our Father, the driver, knows how to drive like nascar. He built the road, the car and every other thing needed to hold this space/time reality together. What the devil has been planning for millennium will amount to a foolish child's prank. All we have to do is trust that our Father really is the best 'driver' ever. "Nobody is better than my Dad!" Even if psycho satan grabs the wheel and tries to run us off the road, our Dad has got this under control. Even if we all see the world spinning and spinning around, I find comfort that we are not alone, we have the Holy Spirit. Thank you Y'eshua for giving us the Holy Spirit.