Thursday, March 15, 2012

Who is Cain's Father? The Kindle version is now available

Is Adam really Cain's Father? You may understand the Bible to say Adam and Eve had sex and Cain was born of that union. That's an assumption this book will challenge. The days of the coming of the Son of man are compared to the days of Noah in Matthew 24. Without the foundation of knowing what really happened in the Garden, what happened in Noah's day with the Watchers has no precedent. When you see the continuity of what began in the Garden with the Cain gambit repeating in the Nephilim (and GM plant and animal) scourge, then repeating again through the line of Ham, what we see today makes all kinds of sense.

Parents have famously explained sexual reproduction to young children as "the birds and the bees." Another classic is the "brought by a stork" explanation for where babies come from. The Bible story about Adam and Eve being tricked by a snake into eating an apple from a tree compares to those classics. For the mature, these versions are inadequate. It's time for the grown-up version, the truth.

You can get it here: Who is Cain's Father? [Kindle Edition]

If you don't have a Kindle you can read it in your browser or on your smartphone. Just download a free Kindle reader app.

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