Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Crossing My Desk: Trending Bridges - Nelson Mandela - Head/Body Transplants

Update - 7/4/13: Nelson Mandela Life Support Shut Down as Respected Humanitarian Dies Age 94?

Smart ID, new bridge for Mandela Day

“Mandela remains critically ill in the Pretoria Hospital he was rushed to last month. He is suffering from a recurring lung infection.” Some suspect the former President of South Africa has already passed on, but that it has not been reported because of the expectation many have of ethnic violence, and the fulfilling of widely known words of prophets about an ethnic purge. He appears to be kind of a Methuselah, whose death was a sign of the impending flood of Noah's day. As such he may be considered as having a bridging function.

Nelson Mandela is considered as an anti-apartheid revolutionary. That is a bridging role, between white and black people.

Cabinet also announced the handing over of a bridge in the Eastern Cape village of Mvezo, where Mandela was born in 1918. 'Cabinet welcomes the completion and handover of the Nkosi Dalibhunga Mandela Legacy Bridge to the Mvezo community.'

There is already a bridge named after him in Johannesburg. “A bridge linking Braamfontein to the Johannesburg city centre was first mooted by Steve Thorne and Gordon Gibson, urban designers, in 1993 in their urban design study of the Inner City of Johannesburg. In their study they named the bridge the Nelson Mandela bridge in recognition of the role Nelson Mandela was having in uniting South African society, and the symbolism of linkage and unity provided by the bridge.” (Wikipedia)

The introduction of the Smart ID is another bridge in connection with this man, one that spans the past and future.

“This launch is a significant break with our past and the end of the passbook era in South Africa. The smart ID is a contactless [sic] card with a capability to accommodate information from various stakeholders now and in future.”

It's a microchip ID, a bridge that leads ultimately to the coming mark of the beast.

I note with interest how his initials, N.M. identify a kind of bridge as the keystone of the arch formed by the 26 letter alphabet.

Could an Italian Scientist Pave the Way for Human Head Transplants? “Though the procedure's name suggests otherwise, the recipient would be receiving a new body, not a new head. Both the body-recipient and the body-donor's heads are severed before the recipient's is attached to a new body.

Canavero told U.S. News that should he receive the necessary funding - about $30 million - the surgery would be possible within two years. Canavero says that there is still much work to be done - the spinal cord fusion needs to be tested, and he says he has not addressed the ethical aspects of the procedure. Though the surgery is primarily intended for people with severe medical conditions, Canavero says it could open the door to a moral dilemma.”

Ethical aspects. Moral dilemma? Ya think? $30 million - Three is the resurrection number. The spinal column bridge is the keystone. BTY, that structure features 33 bones.

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  1. "that structure features 33 bones."

    That mention just gave me a slightly more complete perspective on "Skull and Bones".

    Bones as an X sign to C/3 is reverse = up spine = route/rail of kundalini.

    In the Creators order in our body he gave us the brain to send it messages of control/counteraction to the various parts of our body.