Wednesday, July 10, 2013

A Little Tour of My Neighborhood

I don't get out much these days, literally, but when I do, the things I see in my neighborhood are a continual reminder that I am a stranger in a very strange land. This is not the perspective of a transplant to Pittsburgh nearly so much as one who has a heightening awareness of how this world is not my home.

I wanted to share some of the sights that are familiar to me. There's no ranking of Occult architectures or anything else but just a small collection of items that have caught my interest. If I documented the Masonic lodge signs I saw on street signs, lodges and vehicles, this would become a lengthy series.

Nothing says Satanic Ritual Abuse quite like, well, SRA.

St Rosalia's Academy. Right. It's associated to the adjoining Roman Catholic Church, which features sun crosses, pyramid architectures, anal arch portal entryways and a huge mandala window to let out the dark, I mean, let in the light. Eh, whatever.

Speaking of SRA, Joseph Mengele would have loved this tribute store, cricKet Wireless. If you don't know why, you're not familiar with what I wrote here, Pinocchio and Jiminy Cricket, Disney's Monarch “Conscience” Programmer. The cricket is Mengele, the whistling master programmer with the clicker, as he was represented to many slaves. His color name alias was Dr. Green. The cricket brand's wordmark pictures Dr Green in action, who used ritual sodomy as one of the primary means of programming the slaves. I found one of their commercials on YT. Yeah. There's whistling, but you have to really listen for it because it's downplayed. Here's a tip. If you happen to go into the store and drop something on the floor, do not bend over to pick it up, and do not get on your knees for anything. Even if it was your last Krispy Kreme donut. If you hear clicking, run.

The laundromat is a special place. Laundromaxx: Exxon style double X. Washer ~ squared circle Horus Eye. The star is the capstone of the truncated pyramid A, right? The star seems to be labeled “able,” and it looks like to me like shooting star Cain dominating Able. It is A Family Laundry Center, after all. Maybe the laundering is for cleaning up the spilled blood crying out from the ground, or removing the stain of the mark set upon him.

While we're on the subject of Cain, his identity is big in Pan's Woods, aka PA. I travel through Kane now and then. “Kane is connected by U.S. Routes, 6 East and West, 66 South, 321 North and South, and 219 North and South, which resemble a star formation, and led to the nickname “A Star in the Forest”.” (source) Kane ~ Cain. Star of the Forest ~ of the family tree of the fallen star-angels. Note the first two listed roads that have their junction there: 6 and 66. Right. I took this picture where I sometimes stop to refuel. The YMCA Occult symbol has been featured at that intersection for a long time. Don't overlook the obvious, it's on a brick building, MASONRY. In Occult gematria, YMCA is 6*6+6 ( 42=25+13+3+1). In RAS, YMCA is 66 (2+14+24+26). Yeah. It's almost like they planned it that way. OK. Yes, it was planned. The Kane Area School District is on Hemlock Ave. “Of all the plants traditionally associated with European witchcraft, the one you are most likely to come across in Britain is hemlock.” (source)

As one drives by the local campus of Carnegie Mellon University, this landmark sculpture titled Walking to the Sky is easily visible. It's one of three such installations, with the original having been installed at Rockefeller Center before being relocated to Dallas.

I've just named three of the commonly identified 13 Illuminati family lines, if you're keeping count.

The seven-ton work depicts a little girl, a businesswoman, a young man, and several others scaling a soaring 100-foot-tall stainless steel pole. Three people are looking upward from the base of the pole, which points to the east at a 75-degree angle. The piece was inspired by a story that Borofsky's father used to tell him when he was a child about a friendly giant who lived in the sky. In each tale, father and son would travel up to the sky to talk to the giant about what needed to be done for everyone back on earth. The artist says the sculpture is "a celebration of the human potential for discovering who we are and where we need to go." ...The campus newspaper described it as "an eyesore" and "a huge phallus"...” (Wikipedia)

If you consider this as a right triangle, with the implied vertical connecting the tip to the ground, the people are ascending the hypotenuse, Horus. With their Horus Eye opened, they “travel up to the sky to talk to the giant about what (is) needed to be done for everyone back on earth.” Now, where have we seen this modeled before? What kind of education is CMU offering? Nothing unusual, I expect.

Pittsburgh is the home of an interesting phenomenon called the Protractor Mystery. Long-standing mystery surrounding Pittsburgh protractors grows again: “A long-standing Pittsburgh mystery is growing again! Observant Pittsburghers have surely noticed all of the colored protractors glued to things in public places across Pittsburgh’s neighborhoods. They’re glued to concrete barriers, trashcans, mailboxes, signs, bridges, steps, benches and lamp posts.” Here's the blog of a guy who logs and maps them: Eric Lidji - Pittsburgh Protractor Map. There are now more than 400 of them. Most folks do seem to be puzzled. Why is no one pointing in the direction of the Masons? Blinded by the “light”?

It seems like a pretty obvious Masonic calling card, perhaps placed as part of a ritual or as a prank to be recognized by others in the fraternity (or sorority, as the case may be) with a wink and a nod. The protractor is used for measuring angles in basic geometry. It presents a squared circle that is close kin to a square and compass. It pictures a sun rising on the horizon and the form of the exposed lens of an eye as seen from the side, the Horus Eye.

Below is a batch of images. If you want food here, you're pretty much going to be shopping Ameru brands, representing that feathered serpent that is typically symbolized as large birds of prey and the phoenix. There's a Giant Eagle nearly everywhere. Their Market District store suggests a salvation benefit, the ARKE. Wait a minute. Ark. Giant. Where have we heard this story before? The capstone of the pyramid A is the GI (tract), which finds some support as we read down: AS... or, you can include the G if you like.

Whole Foods postures itself as the Plumed Serpent, an Ouroboros edition. Their brand suggests coprophagy. Their store brand, the 365 brand, is magickal, literally. WF: W is a rotated 3. F=6. Whole Foods ~ 666.

The Well. This is what Alice fell down into Wonderland, after being led down the rabbit hole. That's a symbol of ritual sodomy for mind-control programming. See the Masonry ledge? Meet. Learn Grow. It reads like a lodge invitation. It looks like a Horus Eye. Kids + is a couple doors down in the same strip mall, with both their logos adorning the windows that wrap around the corner. Rainbow. Plus sign. Vulnerable traumatized children. The SRA of St Rosalia's Academy and Catholic Church (CC) is a few short blocks away. Is somebody playing doctor, or priest or, programmer?

At lower left is the sun tiled arch entry for the Magee Field recreation area. More masonry and sodomite sun symbolism. This is the front entry, not the rear entry. I think. It's a little confusing.

I was a little confused, too, about the naming of Eat'nPark. Don't you have to park if you want to go in any store? What's the deal with this dining establishment? When I learned about the signalling color orange and how “park” spelled backwards is “krap,” the mystery was over. It makes perfect sense. You can opt for the standard GI tract processing version, the one that suggests their food is unpalatable at best, or accept that coprophagy is their thing. I don't go there.

If this has all got you a little down, visit Johnston the Florist - "The Best in the Bloomin' Business" and Pittsburgh's Premier Florist since 1898. It's a gay place with happy little raining hearts, and such. The J makes the sunny flower into an umbrella, under the raining hearts. J=10. IO spells Helios. It's a rough equivalent to the Roman numeral X, the mark of the sun god. “We Deliver Love.” I don't want that, knowing full well what it means in their language.

There's a slice of my town. I hope you enjoyed the tour.

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  1. Joseph Mengele is alive and well today. He still goes by dr Green. Greenberg.