Saturday, May 23, 2015

CERN and the SYMMETRY trailer 2

CERN's “ministry of propaganda” has released a second trailer for their opera/dance film.

SYMMETRY - CERN opera, trailer v.2

At 52-54 seconds into the trailer we see the main character's analog watch running backward! Time is moving in reverse. While there is an artistic interpretation offered as a cover story, it's the control over time itself - even the turning back of time - that is a goal of CERN's LHC project.

A video I made about the first Symmetry film trailer explains it pretty well. Urgent - Insight into CERN's Time Machine

It's not the sending of people through space-time that is their goal, but the full exploitation of time-space to achieve every objective of the Enemy of the sovereign Creator. Through the combination of ancient and modern technologies and magickal ritual, worshipers of the ancient gods, who are inspired and directed by them, will soon achieve success. It will be distinctly limited, because otherwise, no flesh would be saved, according to the faithful word of Matthew 24:22.

One of the entities credited for the film is TRUTH.IO “The Media Arts Label.” IO means input-output to many folks, which is a computer term. It is also the spelling of the Greek Helio, which references Helios, the sun god, aka Apollo, Horus, Ra/Re, Sol... You can read more about this symbolism in a blog series about Signs of Horus Worship like in this post: Part 8 - Signs of Horus Worship - Studio ~ Stud IO

Tomorrow is Shavuot. It is appointed for the fulfillment of the wheat harvest, a bringing of what began in Acts 2 full circle to a substantial closure. However, it will not be fulfilled on schedule - at least not yet on this time line. Wow. It is just so strange to make such a bizarre declaration, but there it is. It's going to be fulfilled on the Shavuot 2015 schedule, but after a reboot, “Take 2.” How long until the disruption that necessitates a reset, and how far back in time will the continuity begin anew? Stay alert and keep watch with us. The Lord continues to work with Aaron and I with promise of further insight, and although you haven't heard much from us about it, He has not been slack.


  1. Bob,
    You seem to be developing a reverse-time hypothesis very similar to this gentleman:

    He has three of these audios, all very long, but I must say, entertaining.

    Keep up the good work!

  2. The resemblance of the black character to Barrack Obama in the CERN video is uncanny. It reminds me of how they showed the devil as his resemblance in the mini-series The Bible.