Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Revelation 10 - WOW!

Another in a series of very noteworthy chapters has been analyzed and published as an Interactive presentation of thematic symmetry. Revelation 10 - WOW!

Updated June 19 to present this chapter in the larger context:
Thematic Symmetry of Revelation Chapters 4 through 11 - Interactive

A couple days ago, when I first set my sights on this one, the Lord gave me a heads up that it was about the time reset. As the symmetrical structure became evident, the Lord made it apparent that this was very personal for Aaron and I, and confirming what we've been attesting to about the strange nature of this season. There's lots more to be said about this amazing revelation, but briefly, consider verse 11.

And they said to me, “You must prophesy again concerning many peoples and nations and tongues and kings.” ~ Revelation 10:11

Why, again? The prophecies will be heard for the first time by nearly all the hearers, but those prophesying will have already done it once before. In the first season, the food (Word of life-bread broken and served at the proper time) has seemed sweet like honey, but yet it's like food that has only yet come so far as being in the mouth. In the second season, the word prophesied will be as food in the stomach, and bitter.

About the last phrase of verse 6, many versions of the Bible are similar to the NASB, but many differ.

Aramaic Bible in Plain English: “Time shall be no more.”
King James Bible: “that there should be time no longer”
Webster's Bible Translation: “that there should be time no longer:”
Jubilee Bible 2000: “that there should be time no longer”
English Revised Version: “that there shall be time no longer”
Douay-Rheims Bible: “That time shall be no longer.”
Holman Christian Standard Bible: “There will no longer be an interval of time”
Young's Literal Translation: “that time shall not be yet”

The Hebrew word for, time, here is chronos. If you understand the water-as-time metaphor, you should grasp how this entire chapter is on that theme. Consider how the hand raised to heaven is the one above the foot that stands on the sea. In the odd little triplet of verse 6, we see the heaven and sea connected and connecting, and linked to what is being said - and the modeling stance. The mystery of God is what the seven thunders spoke about. There was no need for John to record what they said because, in the season we're about to repeat, it's going to be manifest. The mystery has been well kept, but the season has come where the Lord is opening up these long hidden treasures to His servants.


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    1. LIGO upgrade signals the hunt for elusive gravitational waves

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    1. Big Ben and the Thames/Isis. Water-as-time. Operation Hydrant, used to supply water. To put out a fire - another time symbol.

      And, once more, they put on the show of doing something about it. Meanwhile, everyone in real power is an abuser.

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