Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Matthew 24: An interactive Greek language version

Here's an interactive version of Matthew 24, featuring the most up-to-date and most suitable version of the Greek text, the UBS5. I know most of you don't read Greek, but you may have wondered how of if the symmetry is expressed in the same way. The structure is inherent, so, yes. In Greek, and when representing the Hebrew text. (I may soon be offering a sample of Hebrew also.)

When you explore the interactive version, you'll notice that the places where commentary has been embedded (click events) is being called out for attention with yellow highlighting. I'm updating the display in an effort to strike a balance between too distracting and too subtle in the highlights.

This work of expanding on the kind of content beyond the popular English versions is bearing fruit. There's value in looking at the very best representation of the Word in key passages. We have a firm conviction that the Lord has given us everything we need, with nothing lacking of all we need when we truly need it. He has given us tools and abilities and they are not to be neglected. We're very focused on the same two tracks, character and knowing the time. Patience and discipline have been the bywords as we continue to press in for all the Lord has for us. Aaron has been studying Greek as I've been attentive to the structures.

I've been working on large scale projects, stringing multiple chapters together. I expect to be publishing some of the fruit of that very shortly. Because of the importance assigned to those projects, and how demanding the work continues to be, publishing to the blog has been infrequent. I have a few in the queue and hope to publish more shortly. Thanks for your continued encouragement! While the world appears to be falling apart all around, the Lord Himself is a sure anchoring.


  1. Interesting how people who watch for signs are instantly ridiculed. Sometimes so called Christians lead the assault. Our Lord mentions that we should watch for signs over and over. Signs/symbols, heads up.