Sunday, July 19, 2015

News and MOB Posts

While we've been working on a study about the wilderness wandering, we've published a few posts to The Mark of the Beast: Code 666 Blog.
  • IN-N-OUT (B)URGE(R) and the XO MOB T-shirt and Poster
  • Decoding WESTBOW PRESS
  • Decoding Panera Bread

Here's a small sample of interesting news that's recently come our way in a timely manner.

'Artificial Intelligence is as dangerous as NUCLEAR WEAPONS': AI pioneer warns smart computers could doom mankind

New Letters Added to the Genetic Alphabet
Scientists hope that new genetic letters, created in the lab, will endow DNA with new powers.

Ancient humans 'rampantly interbred' with Neanderthals and a mystery species in Lord Of The Rings-style world of different creatures (11/20/13)

Since March, I've had in my “films to watch” queue the Keanu Reeves version of, The Day the Earth Stood Still. That's the version that was beamed in the direction of Alpha Centauri in December of 2008, broadcast into space in conjunction with the film's opening in theaters. (One Alien to Another: A Broadcast to the Stars) I watched it a few nights ago. Here's some dialogue. One of the characters has a flash of insight about the curious alien spheres. “An ark. It's an ark. They're saving as many species as they can,” she declares. Someone responds, “If the sphere is an ark, what's next is...” “The flood,” she adds. The space-time ark theme is still trending.


  1. Hey Guys, the beast is getting faster. From bbc, , we can see where this is going. Synthetic silicon/magik mirror/window. Electron spin/E,El

  2. Ive been reading Genesis kjv auth1611 one chapter a day outloud. Very interesting insight regarding the ark was given.

    After being set on dry ground after the flood had dried up, Noah burnt sacrifices to G-d and it pleased G-d, he rewarded humanity for one man's sacrifice with the bow he set in the sky.

    Today we still see the bow our G-d set in the sky as a reward for us believing and sacrificing to him, our sacrifice is different in today's context due to the new covenant, but just as sweet smelling to our Father.

  3. Good video here. A 1985 movie about time travel clearly predicting 911 with predictive programming pointing to October 2015.

  4. Windows 10/Q , androgenous #, is out. It's going to change how humans interact (Google) with their computers and what ever the net is connected to. , window to where?

  5. News most will ignor. Just like the co that uses abortions to artificially flavor processed food.

    1. Like Fukushima radiation...

  6. Here's the cells they (senomyx, founded 1999) use in their magik flavors , this is what planned parenthood is up too. Human meat market. Most will ignore the videos of the doc nazis haggling over the flesh. Making jokes as they count their silver.

  7. Bbc shows queens new portrait. Taken with mirrors/reflected,manipulated light. Magik mirrors? Photographer had a book come out last February about secret gardens/gateways.