Sunday, December 04, 2016

Decoding: The Jubilee Year of Mercy Logo - The Vatican's Dark Secrets

It's been longer than usual between the posting of our decoding effort and when we first presented this logo as a Pop Quiz. Thanks for your patience. And thank you Erin and Paul for sharing your excellent observations and insights in the comments!

Pope Francis officially closed the Jubilee Year of Mercy on the 20th of November, 2016. You may have noticed the creepy logo associated with that event. There's several layers of Occult imagery in this branding, and it conceals some of the Vatican's dark secrets. We decode it to discover what that ritual working was about. This exposes their belief in and exploitation of the ancient Pyramid Texts. The Eye of Horus is the key. You'll see layers of symbolism that expose a secret about Exodus 33 as a foundation of their spiritual authority and the incredible immunity they enjoy.

Decoding this logo and its associated mass ritual required a video, and here it is!

Caveat - NSFW - Not Safe For Work

Decoding the Jubilee Year of Mercy Logo - The Vatican's Dark Secrets

The third eye with the halo illumination is pretty obvious. The goddess imagery is expected, really - given the source. The celestial stargate known as the Silver Gate is embedded - evil genius! stacking What may be shocking is how they expertly feature the Eye of Horus. The ritual sodomizing of the Most High God is at the heart of this offensive graphic, it may be said, and this is overlaid with the illustration of a key section in the ancient Pyramid Texts. The evidence of the ritual binding of the sun god is also present. The all-seeing eye of the Illuminati pyramid is modeled in a clever way. Some notable anagrams are identified, like LUCIFER. This evil logo and motto are rich and potent!

Aaron connected the official explanation of the shared eye with the Garden of Eden. "Christ sees with the eyes of Adam, and Adam with the eyes of Christ." The Garden of Eden was where Eve conceived Cain with the Serpent and where she and Adam became like gods, knowing good and evil, illuminated by being engaged by the sodomizing Serpent. Relative to that scenario, Aaron recognized the halo as the obfuscated serpent, with the head that looks like fake Jesus' twin being that of the serpent!


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    Refreshing news.


    1. Abigail, Thanks. We've been remarking about the Lord's timing on these things. So much on these themes are stacked up high! It's good to be alert and watching!