Friday, December 16, 2016

Pizza Esoterica - Pizzagate or The Pizza Gate? Pizza Code in Media

We've just launched another video series. We published the first one and it's our expectation that at least one more will follow, Lord willing.

Pizza Esoterica (P1 of 8) - Pizzagate or The Pizza Gate? Pizza Code in Media

The #Pizzagate controversy has captured the attention of many folks, many of whom are just now becoming aware of the reality of how the elite communicate in secret code language. We're weighing in on this topic as the Lord leads and provides, with something significant to add - insight into the meaning of the symbols - yes, but primarily, wisdom; a higher perspective! We've been tracking and reporting on the coded language of the elite for several years, but this video represents the first significant exposure of the pizza code. In an upcoming installment we expect to present a couple scenes where pizza is linked to ping pong, films that probably inspired the naming of Comet Ping Pong Pizza.

In this first installment of the planned series you'll see a range of clips that illustrate the pizza code (and hot dogs) from Inside Out, Stranger Things, Men in Black 2, Coraline, X-Men Apocalypse, Frequency, and even Katy Perry's live performances! Awaiting future installments are pizza scenes from Spielberg's E.T., Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Home Alone, The Librarians, Deadpool, Longmire, The Smurfs, The Magicians, and more!

In clips from the Netflix hit series, Stranger Things, we expose the secret of the Eggo waffles and how that's related to the pizza scene. Another surprising insight exposes how the Men in Black are secretly identified with the Nazi SS. In a surprising revelation, another clip from, Men in Black 2, bears witness to the kind of thing that has become known as, Spirit Cooking, and suggests Thelema and the OTO in their sacred communion, with mini pizza "Cakes of Light."

The term, witch hunt, comes to mind when I see how some are handling the situation, with the characteristic emotionalism and ignorance that is popularly associated with the term.

What these clips all demonstrate is that the pizza and hot dog code is the Occult language of Hollywood, as it is in Washington DC - and every other power center. It's the language of mind control programmers and slaves, who are embedded deeply among us.

About this ongoing controversy, we're glad to see people who care, seeing the evidence of such evil and wanting it to stop. We also see the enemy adeptly controlling the situation by leading the opposition.

Ask yourself, what does winning look like? What is the ultimate victory, and what constitutes a victory toward that goal. If taking direct action until a few of the people seen as responsible are behind bars will satisfy you, you're missing perspective. See the scope of this pervasive evil beyond Comet Ping Pong Pizza. You don't destroy icebergs by chiseling off the tops that stick out of the water. Even that small effort is a losing proposition. Bryan Singer is still doing what he ever did. Bill and Hillary Clinton are still free and exalted. Jimmy Savile is dead and gone, but the BBC and the Monarchy and Parliament and all their support systems are still in place. The world's religious authorities and the UN and all the courts, policing agencies and mass media put on a show of concern but are part of the system that feeds on the abuse of children and adults. The god of this world age, Satan, or Lucifer, if you will, demands worship in the way of the pizza tribute, with pedophile sex, child abuse and sacrifice, copraphagy and cannibalism. Until he's gone, his followers will worship him in the way he demands and receive from him what seems worth their very lives, and yours.

This is not to say - do nothing. If you see what's going on, pray about it, to know what the Lord Jesus Christ might ask of you. Becoming aware of the pizza code and other codes like it does have a very practical application.

If you have children, please don't trust them to the care of institutions, even where your neighbors, friends and family might be directly involved. If you're involved in the care of children or in some institution or agency that has authority - consider what you are being asked to do and asking others to do - and seek the Lord about what your greater responsibilities might be. When Cain was asked about Abel, his brother, he asked in response, Am I my brother's keeper? The Lord Jesus Christ makes it plain. Yes. Yes, we are. Don't protect the guilty. Protect the innocent.

We are really grateful to have a role in exposing these things. We are privileged to share these things with you. This is our way of alerting those who are navigating the iceberg infested waters about the dangers and how to identify the threats and respond in appropriate ways.

We encourage you to pray for those who are struggling to understand what they see. Many folks are rattled by what's being exposed, shaken to the core. The Lord Y'shua haMashiach continues to draw men, women and children to Himself in this strange season, for comfort and protection and for blessing in this age and in those to come!