Tuesday, March 14, 2017

WAR, Supply Lines and the calm before the storm

We get many kinds of signs, and WAR is trending hard. Obviously, there's the saber rattling between nations that continues to make the news, but the WAR theme trending goes beyond that. We appear to be in something of a calm before the storm. We don't have anything to add to that, with regard to what's coming but, Lord willing, we'll report any updates.

One strategy in war is to cut off the enemy's supply lines. With no supplies the ability to fight drops off. I can tell you that our own supply lines have been nearly completely cut off. This is surely a sign of war, alongside the others. The last check we received in the mail was over seven weeks ago. We received an online donation today of about $95, after PayPal's cut, but that's the first online donation since February 9, which was just over a hundred dollars. This is my only, repeat, only source of income. Toward the end of last year, donations declined dramatically. That's the report from the "front lines." The strategy of cutting the supply line is an effective strategy. So far, we've been able to stay in the fight but we're just about in crisis, financially. Again. Pray for us and please keep those who support us financially in prayer.

Our intense focus on producing video in the PizzaGate video series was interrupted by the Lord's direction to return to a subject that deals very specifically with war on the ultimate front line. This has received almost our full attention. You may recall our addressing the role of the Great Pyramid during the video series on Time Travel and Sodomite Programming. We introduced this as a time weapon while decoding The Lake House, and the Lord directed us to pick up where we left off and move in this direction. This touches directly on our roles in the time wars, and we don't know how many others might be involved. We realize that, to most, this sounds absurd - and we're okay with that. We are eager to share what we can, as soon as we can. Pray for us, as the Lord may lead. The endeavor is quite overwhelming. We feel so under-equipped in so many ways, and we are calling upon the Lord for His ready help. We are very aware that we have never been adequate for the job at hand, yet, the Lord's mercy and grace are more than sufficient - and we rejoice in confidence that His victory is assured.

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