Thursday, March 30, 2017

The Great Pyramid - Part 2 - Resonant Systems in Science, Magick and Religion

The second video in the series has just been published. The full title of the series is, The Great Pyramid - A Weapon of Note in Extradimensional Warfare, and it is subtitled, The Science+Magic Technologies of Angel Wars in the Heavenlies.

The Great Pyramid - Part 2 - Resonant Systems in Science, Magick and Religion

Below is the link for the "YouTube-ified" version. This version is somewhat *decontented* compared to the version linked above.

The Great Pyramid - Part 2 - Resonant Systems in Science, Magick and Religion

We explore the physics of the Great Pyramid's probable operation in the natural realm and also in the supernatural realm - as a weapon and as a collector of subtle energies. We introduce examples of the operational principles from the book of Romans. It may be seen that the secrets of heaven are expertly exploited by the enemies of the One who gave that revelation to the Apostle Paul.

The Hermetic Maxim, is stated very simply in the expression, As Above, So Below. The reality we can see in this natural realm is like a mirrored reflection of the reality we cannot see. So it is with the Great Pyramid, which mirrors what we cannot see with each dimensional analog. If you've been following the Open Scroll Blog for a while, you are aware that we're very keen on decoding symbols, exposing them and the schemes of those responsible for them. Symbols have meaning, and they have power. In hundreds of detailed posts and videos, we've demonstrated how they are very diverse, appearing in more and less tangible ways. Symbols may involve expressions of color, geometrical shapes or numbers, sounds, words, gestures or even a series of related actions. The Great Pyramid must be considered as a symbol. It's a symbolic representation of every thing identified by a dimensional analog, which is to say, where some ratio or measure expresses knowledge about the systems pertaining to the monument's environment. The principles that apply to symbols apply to the very universal symbol that is the Great Pyramid. There is a sense in which we are decoding the Great Pyramid like a symbol. Its design, its location, and even its alignment bears silent testimony about its meaning and context, its function, role, and purpose.

For if we have become united with Him in the likeness of His death, certainly we shall also be in the likeness of His resurrection. ~ Romans 6:5


  1. Very good, cant watch video until i get to town. Looks like you found out why Washington monument haunts me. Especially Lincoln's veiw from his throne looking out his temple. Google has a 360 deg. Dot on the steps of his memorial to show his view before sunrise. Reflecting pool makes 2 magic johnsons, with ecliptic rotating over the top( like a clock, calendar).
    Heres another article about transhumanism( sounds gay) and elon musk fr. RT.

    1. Thanks Craig. Good observations - and the news link is so relevant to the subject.

  2. Hi Bob,
    Richard Hoagland and Michael Bara have come up with a system they call 'Hyperdimensional Physics". They use their theories to explain things like why monuments are placed where they are placed and why such things exhibit strange behaviours etc. Theirs is not a spiritual consideration but a purely scientific one, however the discerning mind knows exactly what they are talking about! Spiritual energy is funnelled into this realm both legally and illegally and helps explain a great many of the so-called mysteries. As above, so below indeed! The Great Pyramid may be considered one of mans ultimate achievements, but we all know where the knowledge originated! An explanation of Hyperdimensional Physics can be found on their website.

  3. Bob, I should add that although Richard Hoagland and Michael Bara do not entertain spiritual matters in their work, they do so unwittingly. According to them, energy arrives in this realm from an unknown source, but when it does arrive it seems to conform to very specific geometric patterns. These patterns became the building blocks of all mans endeavours, including the pyramids and the ancient sites. Just wanted to clarify a little!

  4. Heres a signal fr. Bbc thats been bugging me. SpaceX, elon musk, succeeds in reusing falcon rocket booster. They refer to as a segment. Also its California's co. .cali the destroyers wife. Hmm she must be a real sweatheart. Pretty obvious, falcon=horas, spacex=X in the O. But a symbol none the less. The real X in the O may be going on at the collider. The chaos in the detectors on the ring of fire, on the shores of thr lake of peace, shaped like a crescent moon/ lake geneva.
    Wonder how many electric cars did he sell to finance those rockets and hypertubes and mars party buses? Must have a magik bean counter huh. Fr. Craig Wolfe

  5. Heres one for the weird file, fr. The land of the rising sun and love bots.
    Fr. Craig Wolfe

  6. Very good guys, confucius( worlds smartest chinese dude) says " symbols rule the world. Not language or laws. Because ones who worship the lawless one rule. Egyptian tools of magik? They're everywhere. That stupid eye of horas for example. Kids and adults are tatooing it all over. In music and movies like westside story. Lots of obolisks in our grave yards. RX =heal me Jupiter! Architecture, civil and government.
    Drudge reports companies are chipping employees. Rev 13. In the picture the guy is holding the chip/mark between thumb and index finger. Making a ok sign/666 the # of the beast. Proverbs 6:13 . Funny thats where they implant it. Another cyborg /cybernetic + organism, is created. Gen 6. Cybernetics is a transdisciplinary approach to the great work/ highway to hell.
    Bbc says we are cutting off UN funding for abortions in china. Abortions in china are not voluntary allways. This is so horrific its hard to discuss. The math is gruesome. Even now with 2 child policy. All women of child bearing age is on birth controll or ? That means huge percentage has thier hormones hacked= health is compromised. Do we want to know what they fo with the dead Babies/Innocent. We know what coke and pepsi do. They flavor thier "E"nergy drinks like "monster"vvv/666 and "red" bull/desecrates the Temple of the Living God! Crazy place east of Eden. I certainly didnt like it over there. Whole place gave me the creeps ( korea, japan, hong kong, etc. Even australia freaked me out). India by far is the creepiest, and we only got close to there. Diego Garcia even back in 81 they were stockpilling tools/ammo for mid east wars.
    Ill get to town soon and check those videos out. Funny this "off grid" lifestyle is like "Green Acres show"/circus. Theres so many wierdos in the woods out here.
    Fr. Craig Wolfe, ( you dont think im too wierd i hope!)

    Sorry i spaced.