Wednesday, April 05, 2017

Northern Ohio Supermarket Flies the Banner of PizzaGate/Ice-CreamGate Solidarity

While most folks see such a display as the one pictured below and make nothing of it, it's not without meaning.

An alert reader near Cleveland saw that in her local grocery store and sent us the picture. Rainbow pops, Junior cream pops, Spongebob push up pops, and fudge pops. It's a branch of the same Giant Eagle grocery chain we featured in this post, Western Pennsylvania Supermarket Flies the Banner of Pizzagate Solidarity.

While we can't speak to what the people who were responsible for those displays had in mind, we shouldn't be naive about the matter. Linking ping pong, pizza, and ice cream together is the expression of the code language brought to light by Pizzagate, which spawned what's called icecreamgate, hotdoggate and donutgate. When you find that these items are being linked together and especially with ping pong the intent should always be suspect. To the Occultists, the Illumined, this is code for activities that are criminal and immoral.

If you want to know what it means, we recommend a series of videos where we explore how it's presented in media. We think Katy Perry's music video and song, "This is How We Do," presents the most vivid illustration of the pizza, ping pong and ice cream code.

Pizza Esoterica - Pizzagate or The Pizza Gate? Pizza Code in Media (Playlist)

We've paused the production of this series because another subject demands our attention but we do anticipate the production of more pizzagate installments. Lord willing.

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  1. Very good, pepsi pulls jenner comercial over uproar! Because "Black"lives matter. Cruel twist of symbols. These are the black lives that matter.
    Necropolois/west bank of nile/west side story/westerns(spaghetti westerns). City of the dead. Pepsi uses murdered babies. Changed thier wave too. All energy travels by waves. Fr. Craig Wolfe
    Ps thats funny you didnt answer the wierd question. Lol