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Google Doodle - Back to the Moon - Georges Méliès Tribute

On May 2, Google honored Georges Méliès, the director of the classic silent sci-fi film from 1902, Voyage dans la Lune. A Trip to the Moon. The high tech presentations give tribute to him as an innovator. George was a magician and illusionist, and Google's tribute follows that tradition in their customary Occult fashion. What is most notable about this production is their clever signaling of the time war and the Great Pyramid, which are related and quite relevant. This is wrapped in the usual sodomite, goddess exalting and fallen angel themes. It was released just after the Satanic Ritual Abuse (Pagan / Witch) calendar's Grand Climax and Walpurgisnacht / Roodmas Day (April 30) and Beltane / Walpurgis Day / May Day (May 1).

360 Google Doodles/Spotlight Stories: Back to the Moon

Here's their special tribute page with links to the VR presentation. Back to the Moon - Celebrating Georges Méliès

A Trip to the Moon, was the French director's most famous and influential film. We addressed some of its symbolic meaning in one of our pizzagate videos. (Pizza Esoterica Part 5 - When the Moon Hits Your Eye Like a Big Pizza Pie) Smashing Pumpkins did a take on it, as you may recall.

The video presents a classic love story and adventure. The man gives his beloved his heart and a pearl. He fights for her when an evil antagonist sidelines him and steals her away. When the lovers are victorious they go on a honeymoon. Esoteric imagery abounds, and events are synchronized with the counter.

The video is 2:10 long. That's how much TIME it plays for. The 2:10 presents an amplified time number 21. In seconds 2:10 is 60+60+10 or 130 seconds, which is an amplified 13 that signals the mastery of time. This is both the length of time of the video and a major theme.

There is some Easter-Egg-ish referencing of the Illuminati mind-control programming standard, Alice in Wonderland, because the card woman is the Queen of Hearts and the watch is a big pocket watch, like the white rabbit used. The carousel began as a device used to train warriors. It still does, as used during Illuminati mind-control programming.

@1.16, the dancing king bumps a book with his backside and it nearly falls on him. The devil head of Satan appears as the scene goes dark. A demon dressed in green is released from the book. Green is the devil's color. This book seems to suggest the Bible and the scene, a fulfillment of prophecy about the Bridegroom and the Bride. The green demon takes the prospective bride by one hand and immediately steals the hands off the clock. He ascends with her on a throne-like tower and is then challenged by the king.

Stealing the hands off the clock can be interpreted in several ways. Obviously, it makes telling time impossible. When the little sprite/spirit uses it as a sword, the demon/devil uses the clock to his advantage, using time as a weapon, in a figure. He breaks time! He fights the king, who is, in this allegory, a type of the King of Kings and the Bridegroom (sun) who loves his (moon) Bride-type. The clock hands are also a magic wand, so it's a magical time weapon.

When you consider how the hands are removed from the clock at 1:21 on the counter there are some notable interpretations.

The counter time of 1:21 might be seen as a 1:2+1 or 1:3 or 13, making an exhibit of the mastery of time.

This 1:21 might otherwise be seen as a condensed version of 12:21, or an overlapping of the time numbers 12 and 21. This is marking when the little devil steals the hands off the clock, immediately after which the counter ticks over to 1:22. Going from a 21 to a 22 signals both a new beginning and a going beyond time to a timeless state, which is just what's pictured by the now handless clock! This kind of synchronization doesn't just happen by chance. This allegorically pictures the time war Satan is waging, which is intended, in no small part, to keep the Bridegroom from His Bride. When the Bridegroom and Bride come together, that's a very, very big deal!

There are other instances where the action is synced with the meaning of the numbers on the counter. At 1.12-1.13 the King and Queen dance over across the clock, demonstrating 12-Time and 13-the Mastery of Time.

You'll notice how 3 hours are illuminated on the face of the clock, and 3 hours is 60 + 60 + 60 minutes, signaling 666 and evoking the antichrist beast and his mark (Revelation 13:18). When the devil hits the king with the clock hands-magic wand (@1:33-1:34), the man who assumed the identity of a king is re-costumed as what looks like a dragon. Who is The Dragon but Satan so, in allegory, this is how the Devil magically demonizes God in the eyes of the world. This is not unlike what 2 Thessalonians 2 prophesies about the lawless one. When the now-dragon strikes the sprite with his own magic wand the devil is transformed into a prancing cross-dresser, or trans-gendered.

At precisely 0:47 seconds, Code 47 is signaled because the scene is flooded as being drawn into the fish bowl. The play here has to do with the legend of the fish that ate the phallus of Osiris. Isis made a magical substitute and used it to impregnate herself in order to bring forth Horus. The heart that the queen held turned into a fish and swam away. The king had given this to her. The stylized heart is a symbol or romantic love and it's also anatomical. The queen shows it off as if it were a garment meant to emphasize her breasts and femininity, but it's usually a butt symbol.

At precisely 0:33 seconds, Code 33 is signaled. The band members seem to be spelling something out for us. What's a 3 letter word for Donkey? And, on that (sour) note, the playing card now has a-hole, a man hole. He emerges, enlightened, and steps onto a 6 of hearts. Watch your 6. Your heart-as-butt. There are several shades of meaning here, and a transformation into royalty is modeled as the man leaps through a playing card and assumes a new identity, as a king. The card bears 2 clubs on it and 2 signals division. Clubbed, abused and traumatized, a split personality with an alter identity, dissociated, and now illumined - SRA DID - a chosen one, elite. Magic. Ritual magic! See the Magic Pentacle on the guitar?

This speaks to us of 2 Thessalonians 2 and the dimensional breech that happens as the lawless one is revealed.

There's more time modeling in this sequence. There are 52 cards in a deck according to the number of weeks in the solar year. These are divided into suits to produce 4 x 13 or 4 quarters of the year and 13 weeks per quarter. That number 13 is a special one that signals the mastery of time, of course.

There are more spots showing during the breech because there are 2 adjacent cards in play. 6+2=8 so this signals a new beginning and the mastery of time.

As the man sets up his approach to break through the card/week he draws back by the clock. Because, yes, it's about time and breaking through the dimensional barrier.

There is an abundance of goddess exalting imagery. Any tribute to Voyage dans la Lune inherently gives tribute to the goddess because the celestial and moon goddess is openly featured in that classic. Google's version gives special tribute in the way of the Occult. When she goes to the moon as if on her honeymoon she is the moon goddess and the "honey" goddess, the bee goddess Melissa, Inanna-Ishtar. The stylized heart is the same figure that is continually being drawn in the sky by Venus. The Queen of Heaven. The Goddess of Love. The ancient Queen of Hearts. When the scene floods, she is transformed into a mermaid, as Stella Maris, star of the sea. When she is on the tower, the golden design resembles the bull, Hathor - the dairy queen. The king lifted the stylized heart off the 6 of hearts card. If each card in the deck is a week, the 6th day is Friday, the day named for Freya, the goddess. The dress worn by the queen of hearts has decorative panels that bear 6 hearts per panel, repeating that number resonating her day. In total she has 2x6 or 12 hearts, as a time goddess and also evoking Revelation 12:1 and the sign of the woman clothed with the sun, with the moon beneath her feet and a crown of 12 stars on her head.

There is an abundance of fallen angel imagery because shooting stars and falling stars are falling angels, because stars are angels in metaphor.

There's plenty of sodomy or ritual sodomy symbolism. Watch for the crescent moon resting on a trunk. Moon as a mooning butt. Trunk-as-butt, like the trunk of your car. Featured heart-as-butt. The title, Back to the Moon - Back-as-butt and Moon-as-butt. The title is arranged to present BM - Bowel Movement. Coprophagia - partner with ritual sodomy and trauma inducement. When the head of Satan appears, look for the familiar one-eye symbolism. The devil's anus. When the rocket is stuck into the moon's eye it is a phallus stuck into the one eye-Horus eye sodomite gag.

When they show us the lamp for the spotlight image it is truncated and modeling the great pyramid and the glowing eye above the pyramid like on the Great Seal of the USA. It reminds me of this logo for the Instituto de Estudos Orientais. (Eh - maybe don't sit down or bend over there.) It's the lamp light of the illuminating Horus Eye activated through ritual sodomy.

We see in this beaming light imagery the falling stars as angels descending from heaven on Mount Hermon, as per Enoch. Some ancient texts use the same words for, pyramid, and, mountain.

To see this spotlight imagery as modeling the great pyramid in the context of the devil wielding time as a weapon, with all the other esoteric signaling of the mastery of time and the breaching of dimensions and the use of magic and the attempt to keep the Bridegroom from the Bride - this speaks to us as very relevant indeed! Google knows what's going on and they are spilling the beans. But, it should be understood that it's what they don't know, in their arrogance, that's going to bring the rebels to their defeat. The true Lord of Time has a plan, and He is patiently working it out. Y'shua can't be beat!

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