Thursday, June 28, 2018

Part 22 - About the Schedule of the Pending Reset of Time

We just published a third video about signs witnessed in connection with our receiving this insight into the schedule. This one features signs witnessed on June 20-21, but not yet all of them. There were a lot, coming in like a flood, and they continue!

This presentation begins with a two part sign, with a clip from the finale of an Occult signaling series called, The Strain. Aaron watched this episode for the first time, which had been broadcast over 7 months earlier, and he was compelled to send me a clip. This resonated with both of us because it was so timely and relevant. This was already a sign, all by itself, but there was another part yet to come! The next morning, the 21st of June, I scanned the Drudge Report and a link caught my attention. (Fixing a massive NYC plumbing leak, 55 stories underground) The article had been published the day before, and this news report was so obviously connected to the finale of The Strain as a sign.

June 21 is the Summer Solstice, and this means Pagans were gathering around the megalithic stone circles like Stonehenge to drum and dance and sing and pray to their gods.

And- my laptop's login screen became a stone circle! Like you see above, a picture from Morocco featuring a circular portal in a block wall, with water and stones, and a walled city that looks perhaps like Jericho might have looked!

There's more to share, awaiting another video, Lord willing!

Part 3 - Reset of Time - Signs Attending





    Major whitewashing in this "news" reporting: