Monday, February 10, 2020

Decoding MindGamers (2017) - a "Must See" all the way to the end!

We feel like this one is pretty special!

  • Decoding MindGamers (2017) (on Netflix) - Time-binding rituals on the Mark of the Beast with a time-dimensional reset

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Curious about the pending reset of time? See The Pending Reset of Time - The Essential Guide

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  1. stella, i think means Star, which may imply Ishtar. Also Athena (Greek) is related to Ishtar (Sumerian). and Athena, i think, was born out of Zues' head which seems to be the case for the image of MindGames. also in the back with "the mark of the beast" you can see a "terminator" or SS death head. the movie was released in 1984 add 66 to it and you have 2050. is it a reference to the year 2050 AD?? in the scene with Stella walking away it states "this is not the end," it reminds me of The Mummy where in the end they say "death is only the beginning." and this show reminds me of Altered Carbon (A. C.= 13). which also has "Sleeves," people whose consciousness can be transferred to another body. also Carbon is the 6th element with 6 protons, 6 electrons and 6 neutrons. i think you may know that already but the show has many good insights. in one episode you can see a placard in the placard stating "In honor of the fallen..." in the show they are referencing police officers but i think they are alluding to the fallen angels. is the 13th day of the 1st month April 21st? thank you