Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Katy Perry's (Never Worn White) Watermelon Love Bump

Katy Perry's music video for "Never Worn White" launched on March 4th, the same day we published Watermelon Love & Code 54 Explained, where Katy Perry is presented as a Watermelon Love promoter in her music video, "This is How We Do."

We decode some of her latest video and make some interesting and very pertinent comparisons.

We also feature a scene from the influential film, Dirty Dancing, where Baby says, "I carried a watermelon." The comparison should be obvious.

Watermelon Love & Code 54 - it's a thing!

Katy Perry's (Never Worn White) Watermelon Love Bump

A content limited "YouTube-ified" version

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  1. I must say - it's amazing how cleverly the moral and spiritual rottenness of this world is hidden in the plain sight. Mastery of perversion indeed. God bless You, brothers, for openning our eyes.