Saturday, March 28, 2020

Pedophile & Watermelon Love Code 54

The word "pedophile" is one of many words that has a gematria value of 54. The pedophile theme is pervasive in the many watermelon love examples we've been exploring. In this video we present a wide range of examples. This selection includes some that we've featured in previous videos but you'll find that we've added many more symbolic levels in this expansive presentation. Are you seeing what you're looking at? Are you gaining freedom from the spells that are being expertly cast - and most importantly, finding yourself drawn ever more near to The One who makes men truly free, the Lord Jesus Christ?

Pedophile & Watermelon Love Code 54

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  1. You should connect to Gematria Effect News on YouTube with Zackary K. Hubbard he is an expert on gematria. He also has a show on Truth Frequency Radio every Wednesday. I think you could complement each other on your work!