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Global Judgment and Death Ritual - A Tale of SpaceX (space-sex) and Rockets

The SpaceX mission is finally underway. The Falcon 9 and Dragon successfully launched yesterday morning. I wouldn't be interested in following up on what I already wrote about the Space-Sex symbolism (Falcon 9, ISS and the SpaceSex Dragon) but for the fact that some other symbols have been brought forth about judgment, presenting even a death ritual.

I recently wrote in this post Sponsorship Request and Signs of Judgment about several signs supporting the National 911 Judgment of my current residence, emphasizing the meaning and extending it to the global level. Judgment is the testimony of the connected 9 and 11 features, including the 11/11 features. My buddy Aaron has become particularly attentive to these as the Lord brings them before us. As watchmen, this is our report.

Notice in the picture of the launch how an 11-11 is formed by the towers on the pad, and how they frame the Falcon 9.

Falcon 9 / Dragon's launch time numbers:
May 22 at 3:44 am.
Date: 5/22 ~5+2+2 = 9
Time: 3:44 am ~ 3+4+4 = 11

When the Falcon 9 / Dragon launched signals 9-11.

The Falcon 9 with its 9 Merlin engines carried a special cargo, with some very special signification.

The ashes were stored in a canister in the second stage of the Falcon 9 rocket, which separated from the Dragon capsule nine minutes into the flight. The second stage is expected orbit the earth for about a year before it falls back into the atmosphere and burns up.

SpaceX Falcon rocket carried the dead when it launched

When this falls and burns in the atmosphere, the remains will appear like a falling star / angel. The number 9 is the Beast transformation number, emphasized as the Falcon or falcon god Horus 9!

Here's another timed 9-11 signaling. At the 9 minute mark the ashes of 308 people are released, deployed to orbit. 308 ~ 3+0+8 = 11 Right. No kidding!

This is a death ritual. HUMAN REMAINS are being used to signal 9-11. Recall the 9/11/01 death ritual, when ashes of the victims fell to earth. Last week Donna Summer died, 'Queen of Disco' Donna Summer 'thought she became ill after inhaling 9/11 particles'

After the death ritual, the Dragon, who literally feeds on such, began to soar when, 11 minutes after launching, the solar arrays deployed on the Dragon spacecraft. Right. No kidding. The 9-11 is the linking between the death ritual and the dragon spouting wings and soaring, the link between the 9 minute and 11 minute actions, the only two in-flight events being noted.

If these facts were isolated instances I might not find them very compelling, however, in the context, I have to declare it as yet another evident sign of judgment.

Following the launch and news of the subsequent deployment of the Dragon's solar array panels, SpaceX's founder, Elon Musk, messaged his Twitter account.

"Falcon flew perfectly! Dragon in orbit, comm locked and solar arrays active!!"
"Feels like a giant weight just came off my back."

There's powerful NLP in this little tweety bird's fiery arrows.

giant ~ Nephilim.
Falcon flew ~ Horus
Solar arrays active ~ Horus-eye activation
Dragon in orbit - This is coded magickal language. The infamous warlock Aliester Crowley wrote in LIBER LEGIS - THE BOOK OF THE LAW: “There are no "standards of Right". Ethics is balderdash. Each Star must go on its own orbit. To hell with "moral principle"; there is no such thing.

Elon's Dragon in orbit, as well as the ashes of 308 people now in orbit, are now as magickal stars, doing what they will - ascended into the heavens as angels.

In the following, note how mindless unbridled perverse sexual lust is part of this equation, and how this orbit links one to an angel, a daimon, to demons and fallen angels.

The Thelemite is a mystic. According to Lon Milo Duquette, a Thelemite is anyone who bases their actions on striving to discover and accomplish their true will, when a person does their True Will, it is like an orbit, their niche in the universal order, and the universe assists them. In order for the individual to be able to follow their True Will, the everyday self's socially-instilled inhibitions may have to be overcome via deconditioning. Crowley believed that in order to discover the True Will, one had to free the desires of the subconscious mind from the control of the conscious mind, especially the restrictions placed on sexual expression, which he associated with the power of divine creation. He identified the True Will of each individual with the Holy Guardian Angel, a daimon unique to each individual. The spiritual quest to find what you are meant to do and do it is also known in Thelema as the Great Work.

Thelema - Aleister Crowley - True Will - Wikipedia

In Liber II: The Message of the Master Therion, the Law of Thelema is summarized succinctly as "Do what thou wilt—then do nothing else." Crowley describes the pursuit of Will as not only with detachment from possible results, but with tireless energy. It is Nirvana but in a dynamic rather than static form. The True Will is described as the individual's orbit, and if they seek to do anything else, they will encounter obstacles, as doing anything other than the will is a hindrance to it.

Thelema - Aleister Crowley - Ethics - Wikipedia

Therion is the word for Beast used in Revelation.

Rocket science and black magick are inseparable. From Nazi science (with documented testimony that they had help from another dimension) to Jack Parsons, NASA has picked up and upheld the tradition. Elon Musk seems to have the golden touch, like Steve Jobs, like Bill Clinton. There's a reason why the signals I'm noting are abounding in the activity around SpaceX. It's the Dragon's work. It's Plan 9 from Outer Space, freshened up with a new spin.

The sovereign Lord has ordained that this should unfold in our day. Are you ready? Are you seeing and hearing the testimony of the signs?

[update - 5/25
It was like watching mechanical porn on the live stream from MSNBC this morning when I saw, in a ISS mating ritual, the robotic arm from the space station grab hold of the Dragon.

When did this happen? In my time zone, the one from which the launch numbers were generated, at 9:56 am.
9 hours and 56 minutes
5+6 = 11

Another 9-11!]

This post's title alludes to the book, Sex and Rockets: The Occult World of Jack Parsons, the story of the infamous rocket scientist and practicer of black magick behind JPL. If you're not familiar with him and his role, search my blog and explore other resources as the Lord leads. The Babalon Working that was done done with his Scarlet Woman in 1946 (and L. Ron Hubbard) was a big deal. It seems the label the chosen ones (Black Awakening) use to identify themselves is related, “BWB” - Babalon Working Babies. (Babalon Working Babies, Cult programming, Multiple Personalities & Total Mind Controlled Slaves - long page - use ctrl-f key to FIND in browser "Babalon Working Babies" ) You may not realize it yet, but that's a really BIG DEAL!

In the JPL Caltech logo, you can see the occult influence in the Hermetic Maxim, as the bisecting horizontal implies the expression of As Above So Below. See the rocket piercing through the hole in the letter P? That's a phallus penetrating the "p" hole, the vagina, delivering a payload. JPL tech is still being leveraged in the post-govt-shuttle era, with the force supplied by the Merlin (Dr. John Dee) engines of Falcon 9 helping deliver the Dragon's payload.

If you need some further accompaniment to that age-old song and dance routine, the music videos of Katy Perry (ET) and Lady Gaga (Born This Way) and Pixie Lott (Kiss The Stars) will work some real modern magick in the SpaceSex realm.

You just can't make this stuff up!

Thank you Lord for preparing us as we watch according to your commands and faithful provision.

Of further interest: Secrets of The Shining (Or, How Faking the Moon Landings Nearly Cost Stanley Kubrick his Marriage and his Life)

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