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Part 21 - The Sodomite Gateway - It's 3 AM and Nestlé Health Science is on the Job

Following further down the path of the previous posts in series we find that Nestlé (of the Butterfinger brand) has a lot to hide (and expose, in typical occult symbol fashion), and where this goes lends further insight into the evil perversity of the Devil's snares. This witnesses to who “they” are and what “they” do, the illuminist global elite. You'll find the Nestlé name on the list of Bilderberg participants.

Even though we're well along in the series, since this post may be the introductory point of entry for some I'll once again offer the caveat: Where we go from here might be triggering if you're struggling with issues of SRA-DID. If you have followed this series up until now, you should be fine. If you haven't been following the series, I recommend you do so before continuing.

This is about ritual sodomy, and I'll get to that soon enough, but first I want to draw attention to the ritual side of it to clearly identify this context.

If you visit the Nestlé site before they update it and the images go away, you'll find a subtle image of an analog clock on the wall showing 3 o'clock. You may read it as the Devil's hour. This hour, featured by Rush in their Clockwork Angels imagery and by Eminem's song of that title, is one that, when you recognize this signal element in the corporate global identity of Nestlé Health Science it should well give you pause. They are not just about candy bars and cookies. They are big pharma-food. Three am is prime time for satanic ritual. If you're thinking, “This can't be good,” you're right!

By the way, if you're not familiar with what I wrote about the NCR corporate site and the role medical professionals will play in the mark of the Beast, I highly recommend this series, Series Links:

Another 3 am is signaled in the poster promoting the movie titled Looper, planned for release in September 28, 2012. The hour is indicated in the first letter O of the title. The tagline: “Hunted by your future. Haunted by your past.” Hey, if you don't yet get that the ancient demon gods are returning, take a hint. This message is to be taken personally and literally, concealing and revealing objectives of the rituals performed at 3 am. If you check the movie's plot, you'll see time travel (clockwork angels) lots of violence and blood (Eminem) and corporate sponsorship of the enforcing agents (chosen ones - super-soldiers). It seems to me like the Gat men are as MK-ULTRA programmers and handlers. If you watch the [video] movie trailer you'll see a checkerboard floor in one scene - a popular Masonic signal. Connect the dots.

You might be thinking, “Hey Bob, the time on Nestlé's analog clock might just be 3 pm.” I think not. The corporation has far less interest in projecting an image of ethnic diversity to the public than they do in signaling their agendas with powerful supernaturalism. It's not a race thing. What is suggested by their choice of models is that it is dark out, night, 3 am and not 3 pm. See how they match up the lightest and darkest graphic elements? The contrast draws your eye. It's like night and day.

To emphasize that point about the level of interest they have in signaling their agendas, here's another sample of their current home page.

OK. Brick wall signaling Masonry. Truncated Pyramid. Girl "assuming the position" for sodomy, like the “diver” at their followthefinger site. Boy flying the Barmageddon and followthefinger colors, with his butt featured - next to a paddle. Seen Bimbo's Initiation yet? That boy is flashing a sign, apparently the one found in followthefinger's photo slide show for Magic Kingdom. He's superimposed over another boy, not unlike DaVinci's Vitruvian Man. Australian children? Isn't that the land “down under”? Wink, wink. Three things then a 4th is signaled appropriately by three sticks crossed with the wooden paddle. These folks know their signals. Those behind this are illuminists who work their conspiratorial deeds, wretched abuses and dark magick through the network of secret societies, and trauma-based mind-control programming of children is their thing. Sodomy and pedophilia is horribly wicked, but that's how they accomplish their objectives, worshiping the ancient gods as they build their super-soldier army and ultimately prepare for “Barmageddon.”

Here's their pyramid scheme. Notice in their recent Butterfinger ad how the lightning bolt joins letters I and N together and sits above the letter A. IN. Lightning in. The A forms the truncated pyramid, the Beast kingdom composed of those who will take the mark and share his dark nature. They will have the supernatural power of Zeus IN them. See it? The letter A is also for Apollo, the Beast, so their clever imagery signals both the baptism-anointing of the Antichrist Beast and the mark of the Beast transformation. See how the letter R is above the space between IS and COMING, spanning the words? The letter R is a really common signal for the eye of Horus and for Horus himself. Horus is coming. Indeed, he is. I'm also reminded that R is the 18th letter of the alphabet, signaling 6+6+6 and 1+8=9 ~ Mark of the Beast transformation. It's a safe bet this ad has been the subject of ritual magick. If you want to see the fruit of such as this, just look around you. The rise of evil is manifesting almost everywhere!

While we're on the subject of Horus, Nestlé had a Project Horus that resulted in their factory in Germany that produces hypoallergenic baby food. I can no longer find a valid link identifying it as Horus, so that appears to have been “cleansed” from the online record. On Nestlé's media page for the facility's dedication they offer some very intriguing figures. It's a 23,000 square-metre factory that features a 23 metre-high ‘spray tower’. The chromosome and reproductive number. They also have a Phoenix Project, signaling the Osiris / Isis / Horus and mark of the Beast scheme of the date palm.

The corporate logo of the birds in the nest can be decoded in this context. Birds of the air are demons, in symbol. Like the stadium built for the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, this nest is for raising up a family of dirty birds. Good Food, Good Life. Think John 6 where food has reproductive and messianic meaning. See the three leaf symbol? Seen that before? Maybe pertaining to

There's plenty more going on at the followthefinger site that I didn't get to in the last post. I only watched a single video there and it was abounding with symbolism. If you doubt any of the links I made so far and think I've been reaching, watch the video titled Manny G. Anyone tracking with this blog for a while should recognize a layering of esoteric Masonic sodomite trauma-based mind-control programming cues. Here's a screen shot from that video.

Manny is in the chair wearing the purple hat (phallic), the sodomy pimp known as the worshipful master. The room has a checkerboard floor, representing the temple or lodge. Dr. Bling has the light on his forehead, signaling the illuminated third eye. The Bling is the coveted bright light of illumination, and I suspect the Bling may also be code for BL-ing, or BoyLove-ing, with BoyLove a term associated with pederasts. Dr. Bling's color, as with the models in the corporate Health Science panel, isn't for ethnic diversity. Think, UPS - What can brown do for you? Manny G, for gnosis and squaring the circle with the g-eye tract.

Have you heard about this item in the news? Miami Police Shoot, Kill Naked Man Eating Another Naked Man’s Face What does that have to do with anything? Did you note where the Manny G video was set? South Beach, Fl. That's maybe 2 minutes from where the raging cannibal was found literally eating the face off a guy who was and is still alive. That's interesting, given the nature of the crime. Police are officially pointing to bad drugs as the probable cause of that violent assault. I have no evidence one way or the other, but cannibalism and murder is normal Satanic Ritual Abuse activity. The man growling like a beast was shot while acting according to the manner of the worshipers of Bacchus, or Dionysus. If that man was a multiple who had been triggered or activated, it wouldn't surprise me one bit. If he was, since multiples are well placed in law enforcement agencies, it's not likely that it would ever be reported as a SRA crime, so I won't expecting much in the way of confirming news. The Canaanites, which included the populations of Sodom and Gomorrah were cannibals. These foul behaviors go together as lusts of the flesh in the nature of the beast.

In another screen shot from the Manny G video we see all the nurses (Dental hygienists? No way.) have third eye illumination symbols. They have all been illuminated through ritual sodomy.

I include a few other red cross instances for comparison, which should pull this dark conspiracy a little further out of the shadows and into the light.

More to follow, Lord willing!

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  1. Thanks Boulter's Canary, who suggests looking further into the game of cricket (popular in Australia) - Lots of 'paddles', 'satanic sticks' and fielders 'assuming the position' there.