Sunday, March 15, 2015

The Aviv Report! The Barley is mature!

The Karaite-Korner report: Aviv Barley Found - Hebrew year to begin with new moon on March 21, 2015

I wouldn't declare the very day, until the time of the official sighting arrives, but the next new moon will begin the 1st month! Bride candidates - this is awesome news! The timing of this report's arrival is amazing. What an amazing season this is!


  1. Hey Guys, Praise the Living God. Thanks again for all your dedication. Weird sign in bbc, Malaysian airlines is now " fly mojo". Mojo/charm bag for voodoo magik. This after 3 disasters. One shot down, one ocean crash, one mystery disappearance. No survivors. Interesting choice of markings on plane in the picture.

  2. Here's a google project loon. Balloon wifi for the world. Www for cern data.