Thursday, May 26, 2016

Isaiah 11:6 and the Mandela Effect & Signs, Observations and Impressions

Those of you who have been watching with open eyes are seeing plenty in this season.

While we've been giving lots of attention to the critical themes being addressed in the videos that are being produced there's a lot more going on that's worth noting. We've noticed that we're in another transitional season. I can't offer much perspective on this yet but certainly, transitions are evident.

You may have noted the deaths of many celebrities in recent months. We noted the apparent passing of YouTuber Chris Constantine, alias Gorilla199 (PlanetXTube). Joseph Herrin has been sidelined following a recent stroke. I visited my family in Upstate NY a few weeks ago and, in the hour of arriving at my Dad's place, my stepfather passed away in a Rochester hospital. There's nothing really new about people dying but there is something transitional in this season that the Lord is highlighting.

One item of huge import is how the Bible has become involved in the "Mandela Effect" controversy. If this is news, search out something that first crossed my desk a week or so ago. Isaiah 11:6. Wolf or Lion? When it comes to the spelling of Berenstein or Berenstain, or whether or not Mr. Rogers sang about a beautiful day in THE neighborhood, the kind of changes really aren't that significant. What is significant about those kinds of things is in the fact that our reality has somehow been changed. In contrast, when it comes to changing the words of the Bible you're touching something that could not be more important. Are things really being changed, and even the words in the Bible? Some deny it and some are confused, but yes. If this isn't disturbing to you on a very deep level, I have to say you're not engaging as one who is obedient to the Lord's command to watch. What about every jot and tittle, which Jesus said was going to be fulfilled? If Lion becomes Wolf, how long before the name of Jesus/Y'shua becomes something else, or the blood of Jesus becomes something else? Is the Author not watching over and protecting His own word? What can be trusted? If our memory of the past is unreliable then our present reality becomes whatever it seems to be. What's at stake is our faith and our hope, and yes, even what cannot be separated from that, in truth, love.

Has a challenge been made to the sovereignty of the Most High God that is going unanswered? Well, yes and no. He's not responding to the challenge in ways that are apparent to most, however, you should know that this is all part of the outworking of what has been His plan from the beginning.

We are not shaken. If anything, we're ever more convicted of the Lord's abiding presence, with our faith, hope and love intact and secure in Him because He IS HELPING! We are thrilled to know many of you are like as we are in this strange season. Signs continue to be manifest, some that are very personal and others that bear witness on a large scale. When I repeat in these many posts and videos how the Lord has appointed a fix for what we're witnessing in the resetting of time itself, this is no joke. This is THE BIG DEAL! Let me share with you some perspective that is very much a NOW thing and some that goes back a little further.

I don't travel much. I haven't been visiting family more than a couple times in a year even though I'm only living about 6 hours away. When I do visit there are always attending signs. I never know what to expect but as they unfold what becomes evident is the Lord's handiwork. The past few years I've been led to visit with my Dad in the Spring or Summer. He and my stepmother winter in Florida and live for the balance of the year on a small bay off Lake Ontario. With Spring comes the clean up and maintenance of the property left vacant over the winter. While my Dad is still pretty spry for his age, my help is appreciated.

Like I mentioned earlier, in the hour of my arrival, my stepfather passed away. I attended his burial service and spent a little time with family and friends before returning home to Greensburg, PA. The Lord made a point of His care for me and of His oversight. My first clue that there was something special about this trip came in the planning. The level of interest I had in my Dad's return to NY was notably increased. When he arrived, he was eager to have me come visit and help them get settled in, which was rather new. I made my typical plan, giving myself several days to tie off my own projects, parking them so I could more easily pick up where I left off. My customary plan involves not being in a rush, doing laundry, getting a hair cut, etc, and for food, eating up the perishables instead of tossing them out. I told my Dad, I'll be up on Monday. I had to call him back. I can't say I knew why but I just knew I needed to leave the next morning, early on Saturday. When I arrived at my Dad's place, I had just received a text from my sister. I checked it after greeting my Dad and stepmother. The text was a notice of my stepfather's passing. I knew why I had to go when I did.

A few years earlier, I visited my Dad in Florida for the first time. My stepmother was in the hospital having cancer treatments. She was very sick. I was at work one day and the Lord directed me to book a flight to Florida. I did, and when I called my Dad to tell him that I had just booked a flight he was stunned because he had just been surprised with the news that his wife had just passed away. The Lord wanted me to know that He was overseeing things. So it was then and so it was again a few weeks ago.

I could go on at length about the family matters, but suffice it to say that I did grieve during the season but not so much for Luke's passing. It was for the condition of those left behind. After spending several hours with them before, during and after the burial service, It was sad indeed to see that there was still no turning of their rebellious hearts toward my God. It was the Lord's kind provision for me to meet with two dear brothers in the Lord on that following day as He ministered to me in this grieving.

The signs of this visit were interesting and they highlight the signs of the previous year's visit. Last summer, two little projects my Dad wanted help with involved springs. I've written about this and how the springs on the vintage outboard motor and the lawnmower chute guard very closely resembled the flourishes pictured on a Lulu ad that had previously gotten my attention. “This is your year” - between the springs. Last spring was epic in significance, being appointed for the Bride Theft, the sealing of the 144k sons of Israel, the revealing of the lawless one, the great hoax, etc. The scheduled appointments were not kept. And, this Spring passed, or is passing, and so went our year between the springs. I did mention transition, right? So, here we are now, in a different season. This year my Dad's main projects had to do with plumbing, with three separate issues, and with his phone service.

When he was still in Florida, he switched their cell provider from Verizon to Sprint, with the promise of saving lots of money. Coverage was fine until they got home in NY. No service. No phone, no data. Several trips to the nearest Sprint store an hour away in Auburn, several lengthy calls to Sprint using my TracFone (that works on on the Verizon network) - no satisfaction. Since my phone worked fine, he eventually got Sprint to agree to buy him out of his contract. He went to Walmart, about a 45 minute drive and got a Tracfone. Home again, and still no service. We went to Webster (another hour drive) to the Verizon store so my stepmother could get a phone that worked, and with some effort over the next day or so we got her all set up. I left for home in Greensburg, PA, at that point and my Dad still had no phone service at the house. That was our first and last chore, and it wasn't even resolved when I left! We figured my Dad had a bad phone, because my cheap Tracfone worked fine. He returned it to Walmart and exchanged it for another of a different kind, and that didn't get a signal unless he walked up the hill. Two "bad" phones in a row? So, back he went on yet another trip to Walmart. This time, he got a different phone and service - and it worked. Apparently, Tracfone uses phones that are on Verizon and other phones that are on AT&T. If someone would have informed us properly right up front, choosing the right Tracfone on the Verizon network would have been the easy solution, but the situation is not being disclosed openly - and this seems intended to serve one corporate agenda or another.

My Dad kept me in the loop as to what progress he was making. When he finally called me using his own phone from his own home I had to laugh. He ended up going with Straight Talk Wireless. When he called I was writing a post decoding their brand imagery! The Pop Quiz portion had already been published, which I had prepared and placed at the top of the queue for publishing before I planned to go to NY, well before I learned of my Dad's cell phone situation. The Lord's timing and provision - He is quite capable of directing His affairs!

Before leaving for NY, I commented to Aaron about how interesting it was that I was going to a lake house because I was engrossed in the effort of producing videos on The Lake House. My Dad's is on a small bay off Lake Ontario, and you can see the lake from his place. When we take his boat out we usually go through the channel out on the lake. I was actually following the pattern of Keanu Reeves' character, Alex Wyler, but I didn't realize it until later. I made a point in the latest video that is the 5th installment in a series that there is an esoteric layer where Kate and Alex, through the course of the film, gain mastery over time. Early on, they are novices with no comprehension or ability. Demonstrated by how the movie is structured with a signaling of the time numbers 12 and 13, we see the plot is about how they both gain mastery of time. The way Alex is presented as a novice with no skills is allegorical. His inability to control the flow of water in plumbing fixtures is a metaphor for his inability to control the flow of time. Alex was at the house His Dad built on the lake, fixing old plumbing. Now, there I was at my Dad's house at the lake, fixing old plumbing. Alex's Dad was played by Christopher Plummer, the Christ figure, the anointed "Plumber" and master of time, Father Time, the architect of the year. My own Dad is a pretty fair plumber, and he also has several vintage cuckoo clocks that he services himself, taking them apart and fixing them on occasion. Our first plumbing project was to remove a water softener system, since the community water is no longer well water but is piped in from town. One of the pipes related to it had split over the winter. We removed the canisters and rerouted the water pipes. I was just providing support for my Dad as a helper while he ran the operation of unsoldering and cutting and resoldering. He was the experienced master at work. The next plumbing project I was even less helpful with. No hot water was flowing through the shower. It seemed to me that the problem area was behind the exposed plumbing and inside the outside wall, but my clever Dad fixed it without opening up the outside wall. He addressed the corrosion in the flow control section that was accessible in the handle, lubricating, cleaning, working the controls through the range of movement - that did the trick! I had a bigger role in our last plumbing project but it still took the two of us working together. There I was, working in the cabinet under the sink, like Alex at the lake house. There was a leaking problem but it wasn't the drain. Water was leaking down down under the sink and my Dad had already tried to fix it. Our first attempt was to clean and reseal the base with silicone, letting it cure for the recommended day. As it turns out, the fixture was badly corroded inside and the leaking was internal. Replacement was called for. We took a long drive to Lowes and picked out one that was very similar to the one he already had, one lever with a pull out spray head. Getting the old fixture out was a chore. My eyes are not so good, but fortunately my Dad was able to see the very corroded nut underneath holding the clamp in place. Installing the new one was a breeze. Except for one little problem. No hot water. Actually there was, but we didn't know because we didn't run enough water through to reveal that the hot and cold were reversed. I had hooked up the hot water to the cold water supply. I assumed hot was on the left, but that's not how it was. Surprise. So, I flipped them and hot was now hot and cold was cold. No leaks. Success. Control over the flow of water was achieved after paying the price, patient trial and error - and team work.

Aaron and I have been led to expect becoming involved with certain special missions. We expect to be involved with the time reset, based on a long series of revelation insights and signs. Is this latest identification with Alex another sign of moving toward a kind of mastery over time? We don't like to read into things and neither do we like to have to be beat over the head to catch a clue. We continue watching and logging observations and impressions. Aaron now finds himself in a situation that is more than a little similar! There is the redundancy we have become so familiar with in the ways of the Lord's dealing with us!

All this has been received as an encouragement and a comfort, which is continually necessary because the evidence that this reality, this timeline, has gone off the rails, confronts us on every hand. The Lord has Aaron and I fixed on this so that the pressing need for a reset is never far from our minds, and we hold fast to the promises we have received and the miracles we have witnessed.

So all that is very much a NOW thing, but here's some perspective that goes back further in a wider view, speaking to the apparent failures of prophecy since 2012. Some of you will find this testimony familiar. We had a high level of confidence about how things would unfold on the prophesied biblical schedule. Years were spent challenging assumptions, etc. refining understanding as the Lord directed my watching. As the fall of 2012 came and we entered into the prime Shemitah we were continually disappointed in our expectations. All the events we had learned to watch for failed to manifest, one after the other. It wasn't that we didn't see anything, but instead of the prophesied events it was more shadows, but not really following the trend of previous cycles, where the shadows became more and more distinct. It was so weird because the Lord kept leading and encouraging in the watching, prospering us in all kinds of ways. When April of 2015 rolled around things came to a head. What happened to the revelation insight I had received about Daniel 8 and the breaking of America's power? What about the template of Psalm 90:4 laying out the schedule of events for this Shemitah, with what was foreshadowed in the great flood of Noah's day manifesting in the second year, etc? What about the revealing of the lawless one, the Bride Theft? What about the promises made to Aaron and I individually and together that were personal? We did need some help understanding what the Lord had done and where He was leading. We received a simple promise that He would help, one that was understood to be very broad in scope, and He has been faithful. What more could we ask for than to have His ready help? How awesome He is, beloved! Answers have been arriving.

We've been wondering when insight would come about the timing of the reset, whether prior to it, during or following. We continue seeking the Lord about it, because it matters. Here's an insight I discussed with Aaron when we visited together a couple days ago. So far as the survival of man goes, things are already looking pretty dire. How bad are things going to get before the fix comes?

For the coming of the Son of Man will be just like the days of Noah. ~ Matthew 24:37

The main point of comparison in that verse has to do with foreknowledge of the timing (Noah knew and so should you), yet there are other points of comparison that bear consideration. In Noah's day, the biggest deal seems to have been the salvation or persistence of the pure Adamic heritage. Noah was the last one remaining who was perfect in his generations, DNA. His wife wasn't genetically pure, and neither were his sons or their wives. The point is that the sovereign God let it get down to a single man and aged man of 600 years. His family survived the flood, of course, but when Noah died, that was the end of the line. (Until the Most High God's only begotten son was brought forth in union with Mary, of course.) Things were different after the flood. To let the world fall into such a degree of corruption where it all depended on a single man seems pretty risky, doesn't it? In our day, as we look ahead in hope of a pending reset of time itself, how bad will it get? The sparing of man from utter destruction, quite honestly, already seems like a real long shot. At what point will the sovereign God intervene and do what must be done? The Adversary sees there is no intervention, and still no intervention, and still... But the Sovereign God will intervene, like with the Flood, and completely turn the tables. Probably, at the last moment possible. Until I have more insight, that's all I can offer at present, except to say, take hope and take courage. Y'shua is Lord of Lords.


  1. Great article, I pondered sending you the vid on Bible changes, I decided instead of worrying or becoming anxious I would just rest in the peace of knowing he has it all under control despite the evidence that points to the contrary. I remember talking to my dad recently about the wine-skins (not bottles) and also belongings (not stuff). "Time, time and half a time" which I always remember as being "time, times and time and a half" has been been a trending in the Spirit and when he provides revelation, that revelation will shed light on our current situation.

    1. Our faith and hope and love is most precious. The Lord Y'shua is the only anchor that holds, the only rock to build our house upoon.

      Like Jennifer Goines of 12 Monkeys (SyFy) is often heard saying in promo spots, "Times they are a changin'." Classic Bob Dylan reference of course. But as it is meant, it is literally time itself that is changing, in the main plot line of 12 Monkeys, AND IN OUR REALITY through the kinds of manipulation being illustrated in the ongoing series of videos.


  3. Also I remember men having an additional rib and this being unexplained by science, now apparently men and women both have always had 24 ribs. I remember very clearly that anatomically men and women differed, with women having an additional rib. I remember this detail very clearly from my college anatomy course.

  4. gesundelehre sent a link with an "OVERVIEW over so far known CHANGES IN THE BIBLE by the MANDELA-EFFECT."