Monday, February 13, 2017

Pop Quiz - Decode the ReviveR® VIEW AED Logo

The ReviveR® VIEW AED. This emergency medical device is for shocking the heart with high voltage charge, so the widely recognized heart symbol is fitting. The branding of this Automatic External Defibrillator certainly fits the Valentine's Day season too.

While the brand imagery might seem completely innocent to some, it is a magickal Occult design that is really more about sucking the life out of a victim than keeping them alive, and everyone in the vacinity is being silently victimized wherever it's on display.

Can you Decode the Occult logo?


  1. ReeRVIEW is rear view, speaker is smiley mouth also butt with crack showing, with the lightning bolt in the head position, 1+8=9, double ss in there too so 33, the double "girl lovers" heart logo,the female's shoulder and arms form a heart, squares in squares,triangle within triangle, the 5 buttoned black cube button, female curves in the device shape, on/power button is pallus going in anus, the male with the illuminated orange i above his head. device orangy/yellow too. right over to the experts.

  2. Greetings to both in the name of Christ Jesus.

    I see lots of potential encrypted imagery here. How much of which is intended I know our Sovereign God has witnessed.
    OK, here goes:
    The heart symbol is a sodomite victim's butt, with the letter "i" centrally aligned with the anal tract, which could imply multiple references - "The sodomite anal eye"; Illumination intended to be derived from sodomy act; "The i / eye of Horus".
    "ReviveR" is a palindrome, and having the last letter "R" deliberately capitalized, the word is grammatically symmetrical with a forward reading "Re" at the front, and a backward reading "Re" at the end. The heart's encapsulation of the "viv", leaves the two "Re" references separated and as such, highlighted, producing two references of allegiance to the sun god "Ra" via the alternative spelling "Re", pronounced as "Ray". Note also that the main colour of the product is SUN yellow, that is to say - sun god Re.

    Likewise, "viv" is also palindromic, although this time it is both visually and grammatically symmetrical. If you consider the letters as Roman numerals, you may perceive VI forwards as well as rearwards, hence, two sixes are produced. If you notice another "VI" further along contained within the word "VIew", a third six may be combined with the others to produce "666". A direct "mark of the Beast" association, and six being the number of man under sin, with the father of sin being "The Adversary", thus more nods of allegiance.

    "VIEW" as to "see" perhaps alludes to "all seeing - illumination". Of course, the use of the word is legitimized in that it relates to the viewing screen of the product's design.

    The image displayed on the VIEW screen portrays a victim, presumably a heart attack victim, receiving CPR from a woman. I note the shape of the woman's shoulders and arms is reminiscent of another heart shape. If the heart shape is considered as being a sodomite victim's butt with a "power" button / symbol above, it could allude to the perceived power derived from the occult practice, or it could represent the penetrating power action of sodomy applied at the geographical location. Notice also how there is an "info" icon placed close to the patient's forehead. Information can be regarded as "illumined enlightenment", received via the "third eye", and/or "i" being the "third eye".

    "Give 18 Compressions" - 18 is notably 3 x 6 - three sixes.
    "re" features in the middle; "io" toward the end, and three stigma "S" equate to 666.

    A triangular "SHOCK" button featuring a lightening symbol. Perhaps multi purposed again or singularly intended as one or more of the following:-
    "The anal triangle"
    "Luciferian" enlightenment derived from the act of sodomy of a victim.
    Lucifer's name in the symbol form of a lightening bolt associated with him being cast out of Heaven.
    An alternative "illuminated pyramid capstone" symbol.

    The "Registered Trade Mark" icon is included to the right of the product name - "ReviveR". "No one shall either buy or sell without first receiving the mark of the beast". A mark of trading - A TRADE MARK! R = 666.

    Finally, at the top of the product a red heart symbol and the text - "defibtech" is perhaps spelling it out in plain view of unseeing eyes. If you break it down as follows:-
    "de" = of in the French language.
    "fib" = LIE = deception.

    Heart of the deception or Deception of the heart.

    As I said at the start, our Lord is Sovereign. He knows the hearts of all and only He will dispense Sovereign justice. Amen!


    Tim D