Thursday, June 08, 2017

Thanks! An Update and a Token - Billboards

Hi Everybody. Thanks for the show of support. The love of this blessed extended family of ours is so evident!

Special request. Is there anybody involved with patents who might help us with a project?

About the sign I mentioned in the previous post to this blog, when I received the 1/5 sign and recognized it for what it was, I knew that the Lord did that to send that message. He set it up that way so I would know for certain, and even if you wanted to, you were not going to be donating then because that would have negated the sign. The next day after the target and limit I was led to set, I received another check in the mail, and also some PayPal donations, and then more the day after that. It is apparent that the reason this is happening this way is so the Lord could bear witness of His work to all of us, to be witnesses together of His mighty hand in our midst, intervening. He is manifesting His love and presence! We really do need to have confidence in knowing that this situation where I'm making a transition from full time ministry, which is certainly not what I would choose for myself, is more than just a loss and a reason for the Enemy to gloat over us in victory. It's part of the Sovereign Lord's winning strategy, and this peculiar season's management of our resources and giving and receiving is a token of that ultimate victory. Really, you have to see that as an awesome thing!

Some of you shared how you were also experiencing financial struggles, and some of you even donated anyway. The Lord sees the sacrificial act and assures that we are compensated accordingly. Luke 6:38. I know some of us are pretty tough and resilient, but many of us have only survived some of the extreme trials by actually breaking and then being recovered miraculously, as the Lord mends and remakes us. The experience certainly can build character, the good kind and also the bad. These experiences can also generate bitterness and anger, and depression. Let's pray for each other, for the Lord's mind and heart to be made known to bring each of us though the struggle to Him, to find true refreshment and rest securely in Him. This is not a light thing, perhaps especially in this season.

We're not caught up, financially, but we have enough funds at the moment to be able to work on a strategy for generating income without being pressed by an immediate emergency. I had a toothache for a while that was a huge distraction, but that has mostly subsided. My eyesight has continued to fade, but I'm still able to be fairly productive, so no major issue there or extra medical bill. Next week, estimated quarterly tax payments are due for self-employment, and with Aaron's help, we'll cover them. If you can keep us in mind and make regular donations, this will sure go a long way.

I wanted to include an effort in token of our intent to carry on here as we're able. Here's a billboard I saw on my walk through the neighborhood a few days ago. It's all about Code 33.

G+R+8 = 7+18+8 = 33
33 | 33 - 2 of them side by side

The phone number - side by side and overlapping
(8+8+8) + (2+6+1) = 33
(2+6+1) + (8+1+7+8) = 33

Overlapping, but another form of 33 | 33

Because of the repeating 33, those 2 instances may be considered Code 66. There's also a mirroring, with the reflection signaling, As Above, So Below.

The way they positioned the words, Newhaven Court, groups the highlighted C under the E and W. Each of those letters can be accounted as a 3, presenting 3 pairs of 33.

IntegraCare is the business entity, and IC is Code 93, the Thelema (Aleister Crowley) shorthand salutation of, "The Law." Is this really an Illuminati organization? Here's their logo. IC. Eye See. This is a pretty obvious form of the "i" of Horus, the all C-ing "i" or all-seeing eye. Illuminated Freemasonry? Without looking into the "Senior Living Community" company's history (which I have no interest in whatsoever), this is the message that's being sent in the symbol language.

The language is familiar, so familiar, and so is the message. Code 33. Code 66. As Above, So Below. IC - Code 93 - Eye of Horus ... Crossing Circles (goddess and mark of the beast) ... OOO~ 15-15-15 ~ 666 ~ MOB

Pennsylvania is filled with Freemasons. When I visit Aaron, shortly after I leave my house I see a billboard featuring John 3:3. On my way back home, shortly after leaving Aaron's house I see another billboard for John 3:3.

Jesus answered and said to him, “Truly, truly, I say to you, unless one is born again he cannot see the kingdom of God.” ~ John 3:3

When I was more naive I was content to simply enjoy it for the Bible verse it is, with great truth, and see it as a bold evangelical proclamation. Now, while I can still appreciate that, I know the Code 33, and how it has to do with antichrist and the sodomite initiation into the Luciferian illumination, which the Illumined identify as their "born again" experience. Ignorance isn't bliss, it's just ignorance, and that typically makes us a hapless pawn in the Adversary's schemes whereby we're hijacked, deceived into actual service to him. We believe that it's better to be informed and aware of what's going on around us, and to serve the Most High with the fullness of our lives to gain the ultimate freedom and reward.

Blessings in Y'shua!

Bob (and Aaron)



  2. Shabbot Shalome all. Head guy from cern attended Builderburg 2017 june 1-4, meeting. Builderburg is royal families and bankers. Royalty is into the occult. Money is magik, currency is magik sigils. So bankers are into the occult as well. At cern they worship lord shiva/destroyer with a statue/sigil ripe with ceremony and even a mock human sacrafice in 2016. At cern the object is to reverse engineer Creation. So they can hack it. In doing so they contemplate Consciousness. It seems secrect gov agencies study Conciousness as well. They call it psi phenomenon. I say they practice magik. Funamentals of magik center around channeling. Communicating with the other side. Funny, just had some anniversary of sgt peppers album with alistar crowely on cover. Anyway this meeting is looking like a sick O 3 way, with this 3 headed serpent.
    In the news/magik circle reports, leaking is the rage. Water/time is dipping in or out. Kind of like the door or window was left open.
    Fr. Craig Wolfe

  3. May 24, 2017 - Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson has shocked fans by appearing in a Saturday Night Live skit alongside a "child-molesting robot". ... During his recent highly-anticipated Saturday Night Live appearance, The Rock appeared in a ... - Hi Bob, I came across this, thought to share. Maybe you have seen already. Blessings