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X-Files schools us in "Blown Cover-as-Cover" to signal manipulation of time dimensions

We just produced a video and published it to YouTube. Before I present it here, there is some commentary that should be useful for context. After we link the video we'll be expanding a little on where we took our commentary in the video.

The X-Files show has always been one that targets a "conspiracy theorist" audience. They artfully cross back and forth over the threshold of belief and disbelief. FBI Agent Mulder wants to believe, in whatever the supernatural or otherworldly agencies might be in the strange events he investigates. His partner, Scully, typically plays the foil (until after the end of season 7, with some exceptions). She's a medical doctor who wants to be the conservative skeptic, grounded in the supposed bedrock of material science. Really, that premise is bogus, but this is the paradigm that we've had programmed into us by much propaganda in government schools and mass media over many years, with Darwinian evolution as one example.

The episodes of X-Files follow a formulaic pattern. They show the audience one thing, and it is unmistakable that there is some kind of supernaturalism or otherworldly reality that extends outside the domain of familiar material science. Later, they show us another version where certain key elements are changed in such a way that contradicts and invalidates what they showed earlier. Each episode ends with a twist that leaves lingering doubt as to what really happened, encouraging the views of those who want to believe. The show has endured for 11 seasons, and with 2 theatrical films also in the franchise, their formula is working, for the audience and the producers.

The X-Files formula has this in common with the thriller genre, that it causes confusion, or, more technically, encourages cognitive dissonance, a kind of mental state where you hold conflicting views at the same time. It annoys me when I'm watching something and I see two versions, where something is presented that obviously conflicts with what they already showed in some way, and I'm asked to simply accept it. I don't find being jerked around in this way entertaining, and unless there's some compelling reason to continue allowing myself to be subjected to this kind of manipulation I usually exercise my favorite option - and turn it off. This kind of manipulation isn't just for entertaining us, it's for manipulating our minds and emotions. It's a mind control technique. We are presented with contrasting things and on some level required to integrate them according to the framework of choices and directions offered.

The X-Files has always toyed with our faith, which is no light matter because even our very salvation depends upon it, and righteousness and all of the issues of this life. WHAT we believe matters, and WHO we trust. As it is written:

5 For Moses writes that the man who practices the righteousness which is based on law shall live by that righteousness. 6 But the righteousness based on faith speaks as follows: “Do not say in your heart, ‘Who will ascend into heaven?’ (that is, to bring Christ down), 7 or ‘Who will descend into the abyss?’ (that is, to bring Christ up from the dead).” 8 But what does it say? “The word is near you, in your mouth and in your heart”—that is, the word of faith which we are preaching, 9 that if you confess with your mouth Jesus as Lord, and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead, you will be saved; 10 for with the heart a person believes, resulting in righteousness, and with the mouth he confesses, resulting in salvation. 11 For the Scripture says, “Whoever believes in Him will not be disappointed.” 12 For there is no distinction between Jew and Greek; for the same Lord is Lord of all, abounding in riches for all who call on Him; 13 for “Whoever will call on the name of the Lord will be saved.” ~ Romans 10:5-13

So, about this particular X-Files episode 4 of the 11th season, it's special, and some have called it the best ever. It plays like a send up, a wind-up, a parody of itself with one comedic sketch after another. This is the kind of packaging that provides a special opportunity for programming, for the presentation of some very special content. If you can watch the episode on some FOX media channel, I recommend doing so because it will help you get hold of the big takeaway.

Epic Psy-Op! X-Files schools us in Blown Cover-as-Cover

Like we wrote in the YT video description, this episode of X-Files is an exceptional example of putting one of the most important truths right out in the open. What is being covered up by this blown cover is a truth that is worthy of such treatment, and please, let the importance of this blown cover speak to you of the importance of what it is covering.

The enigmatic Doctor They has gone to the trouble of meeting with Mulder in person. The message he was compelled to tell Mulder was succinct and it was offered in a most serious tone. "You're dead." Then, this is immediately retracted, with Doctor They telling Mulder with a laugh and light apology that it came out wrong. Then he offers another version. "I meant your time, Agent Mulder, your time is past." What? Not so fast. What about that, "you're dead" bit? With all the importance of his message, we're just supposed to forget about that, dismissing it like it meant nothing? How about, we don't do that, and instead, call it a clue. There's something Doctor They is not telling us.

So Mulder responds with a great question, repeating the key. "Okay, so what is or what was my time?" Doctor They tells Mulder, "It's a time when people of power thought that they could keep their secrets secret and were willing to do anything to keep it that way. Those days are past, gone. We're now living in a post-cover-up, post-conspiracy age."

Well, that's true. Except where it's not. Mulder is being trolled, and so are we. While Aaron and I have been observing that very change and commenting about how more secrets are being revealed now in more public and more open ways, it cannot honestly be said that the time of keeping secrets has passed, that people of power are no longer willing to do anything to keep their secrets. Did Doctor They explain how the age of keeping secrets secret was meant by his telling Mulder that it was his time, or optionally, was Mulder's time, or offer him any clue to how this might relate to Mulder's being dead? No, he's doing the limited hangout routine, offering some bits that seem valuable enough to tease us and distract us from what is being withheld, which is obviously of far, far greater value and which must still be protected. If the time of keeping secrets is passed, why is Doctor They still keeping the precious secrets in the same familiar ways? Mulder (we) are being told THEY are no longer keeping secrets. Liar. The way it works is that he's dancing all around the big secret, which is right there in the midst. It's about time itself, which we know from our experience decoding many, many other of these secret concealing and revealing vehicles.

This matter of the time being past is only hinted at in this particular dialog, but most of the show revolves around it. It has to do with the Mandela Effect (Mengele Effect) that received so much attention. It has to do with the agent from an alternate dimension who isn't from an alternate dimension, Reggie Something, and the apparently-alt-verse FBI agents who were operatives working for Doctor They. We see several flashbacks, replays of earlier episodes, and while this film-making technique is certainly not unique to the show, in the context of this secret of the time being past and alternate versions of the present, the flashbacks to where things play out differently should well be noted! Before Mulder meets with Doctor They, he's not convinced that he really even exists, but right on cue he gets a phone call. Mulder picks up the phone. His side of the conversation goes like this. "When? Where?" Then he hangs up. When, in time. Where, in space. Time and space. Get it? When they meet, Mulder uses the word, end, in a sentence to mean purpose or goal. Doctor They replies, spinning it with a use of the word, end, as a time word. To what end? "To the bitter end." Very clever. Time. Exploiting time itself is the means to achieve their goal.

One of this episode's segments provides more support. Agent Dana Scully has a life crisis with a concern about her time being past, and that she is dead. How so? She is concerned about her ability to have another child because of the possible onset of infertility with menopause. She is told by a person who has powerful psi powers that she is dried up, with reference to her womb. At the same time, Scully is seeing signs of her impending death. (sighting her spirit twin assassin, which this episode's FBI case has shown to precede their death.) What does this add to the plot? Nothing, unless you see the pair of connected elements and the parallel with what Doctor They told Mulder. "You're dead." "Your time is past." There is more of a connection here because it was Mulder that Scully told about her concern that her time was passing and about being dead, in a reproductive sense. After this conversation, which they had in bed, they slept together, in a sexual way. Do the producers of the show make any special effort to connect these things for us, so we recognize the parallel and see their emphasis on this two part secret? No, they sure don't. Like Doctor They. Limited hangout. Misdirection. Smoke and mirrors. Their deep secrets are being concealed and revealed as they dance all around and do the soft shoe shuffle. So, who is dead, and whose progeny has now been cut off? Who has passed the point where they have a future? Us. Mulder and Scully and the audience, us, you and I and everyone who is not THEM, as with Doctor They. Or, so THEY think. Keep reading.

The show flirts with the matter of the ability to manipulate our memories, and while that's not entirely a ruse, it largely is because they are using that to steer us away from the fact that time itself is actually being manipulated to get what they want to achieve. We are being trolled in the show, managed professionally by the masters of mind control.

We've been paying attention for a while now to how the Great Pyramid is being presented as having a key role when it comes to the manipulation of time in the Devil's end game.

In Mulder's office, the mess of clippings, drawings, yarn and a map that he uses to help him solve cases, two versions of the pyramid appear. One is the part of the dollar bill that features the pyramid with the floating capstone eye. The other is a picture of the pyramid next to a clipping with a headline that reads, decoded. Another appears in a scene with this dialog.

Dr. They has not been heard of for many years, but rumors swirled that he was at the last presidential inauguration, where, amongst the hundreds of millions who attended, he was seen occupying the last remaining seat available. And as to his motivations for being there, and what exactly he is up to now, we have no way of knowing. Or perhaps we once did, but have since been made to forget.

The film clip shows a version of the world where the Washington Monument has a different look. This gigantic obelisk is apparently what they mean by the last remaining seat. This is a sodomite joke because an obelisk is a phallus. It's far from the only sodomite gag in the show, with one of note being where Dr. They taps one of the statures on his way out of the park with his cane. Cane-as phallus. The next scene shows two statues bent over, and a giant one is bent over Mulder, who stands there passively with his tie-as-phallus hanging there. These figures in the park (krap) are mocking and there is subtle laughter in the soundtrack. Mulder, the twit (twat) was just butt raped. But, back to the scene of the world's biggest obelisk, we see Doctor They like we sometimes see Doctor Who in that character's long-running show, with the time lord perched high up as a master of time and space domains. An obelisk has a square base and shaft, and these are always capped with a pyramid, a capstone. This is where we find him, wearing a cap, with the capstone. In certain shots, including the final image that lingers, the tip is out of frame so we see the image of a truncated pyramid. Time Lord. Doctor Who/They, Them. With the mastery of space and time!

This is a symbolic identification with the Illuminati because most people readily make that connection with the pyramid as on the dollar bill. The connection with Washington and the authority of the office of the President is obvious.

What fewer people will recognize is how Doctor They, who is wearing the cap while the pyramid is seen in a truncated form, places him symbolically as the head of the pyramid, as the head over the body that is the antichrist beast model. Earlier, while in the park, Doctor They had made a remark about the President. "You know our current president said something truly profound. 'Nobody knows for sure'." While he was saying the quote he was making a hand sign, the okay sign, the sign of 666. The mark of the beast, which will cement the bricks (recipients of the mark) together into the corporate body or base of the pyramid. Make the connection from the scene of the quoting of the current president to the one on the pyramid where he wears the cap that bears his campaign slogan.

Do the math. Put it all together. If the themes and symbols didn't compare on so many points to what else we've been seeing over and over again, spun up in all kinds of ways, it might seem like we're just reaching to find things that aren't really there. But this is really common and becoming ever more so!

Some see the Trump and FBI relationship and Birthers and similar references as the show's producers merely taking cheap shots at Trump.


It's like a sideshow act that engages those who still can't really see beyond the theater of geopolitical machinations. Is that what's really important?

Watch the show and pay attention, a few dozen times, if that's what it takes. What part about them (Doctor They and company) playing us as fools who deserve to be lied to and victimized with their mind control tactics and exploited toward their personal agendas don't we understand? The Luciferian Illumined really are openly telling us secrets they formerly kept in the dark, because they have already achieved their key objectives. Yet, they hold back, practicing limited hangout still, taunting us while they flaunt their authority and ability to deceive and exploit. And this works with spectacular success! Until it doesn't. A time reset is pending. And, things will not be as they are, or seem to be. The true Lord of Time has set limits. He is patient, waiting, waiting, until the right time comes to make His play.



  2. Reading with huge interest. What was their key objective??

    1. The same routine with higher stakes - bigger cover, bigger secret, what is fit for the risk/reward of the special present day.



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    1. According to express this is a "Satanist site." You are indeed their adversary so maybe it's not 100% wrong. I guess you're on someone's radar if they took the time to mention you.

    2. I think it was more of a failure of the writer to investigate fully enough. I used the form on to point out the error in that article. The page online has now been edited to remove "The Open Scroll" as an attribution. The paper did not extend any apology to me, or give any notice of any kind, with no email from them to me about it, and nothing appearing on their page dedicated to such matters.

      Over many years, this kind of thing is pretty typical of my experience with major media.

  6. I believe X reptesents jupiter/chronos. God of time. As in the pharmacy symbol RX(invocation to jupiter for healing). X is 25th letter. 25 represents Pythagorean theorem. 25%=1/4. 25 is of cardinal importance in Ezekials vision of a new Temple. File as in the tool for breaking out of jail. File= the majority voting in thier hearts for all this bogus BS. So the evil one knows he cant break out. He just has to convince us that he can.




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