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My Neighborhood - Decoding the SATAN Home

It's been a while since we dedicated a post to decoding Occult symbolism in branding, and this one is due as a timely exercise in discernment.

Here in Greensburg, PA, we've got a "nursing home" who is advertising their "holy week" services. It's called the St. Anne Home. If you were a god known as SATAN, and your habit was to conceal yourself in clever ways, masquerading as an angel of light, this would be a favorable name, would it not? It would be a place where St. Anne-ic worship could be practiced by St. Anne-ists without raising any suspicion at all. "St. Anne" would be filled with glee at his little turn of a phrase as St. Anne-ic ritual would be practiced with every innocent seeming reference to the institution's name. It's a clever bit.

Where is the evidence of such evil in what has the obvious appearance of good, the care of others who are in need? Many Occult groups require charitable work of their membership, which makes the best cover - and the vulnerable are the easiest to exploit, as history proves over and over again. I have no evidence of any kind about the operations or management of this particular care home, to be clear, but the tale told by the imagery they chose to identify themselves with is so very familiar.

Perhaps most obviously, there's the obvious affiliation of the sponsoring order with the Papal Romish church. Nothing pure comes from a primary religious institution of Mystery Babylon the Great, the Mother of Harlots, banksters and sponsor of idolatry and corrupting spiritual influence. The church has shuffled the second commandment into their deck, where it won't be awkwardly brought to light in the course of their usual game play. Research that for yourself and see if it isn't so.

Who are the sponsoring Felician Sisters of North America? According to their website they are nuns of a Franciscan order that is named after a Marian apparition called, Our Lady of Hope, which should be identified more honestly as a fraud and impersonator and demonic manifestation. From their website: "The Blessed Virgin Mary appeared to two young boys in the small town of Pontmain, France in the late nineteenth century—a time when France was enveloped in tremendous strife, upheaval, and instability brought about by the Franco-Prussian War." The goddess made a lot of appearances in France where many famous shrines remain and even continue to grow in popularity. Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal, or fill in the blank - Rue du Bac (Paris), La Salette, Lourdes, Pontmain... or Our Lady of Graces in Cotignac... You might call her, Isis or Ishtar (EASTER) or perhaps Lucy, short for Lucifer.

The logo for Satan's Home, eh, "St. Anne's Home," is obviously related to the one for the sponsoring institution. We'll start with the simpler derivation and work our way to that of the sponsoring institution (in another post, Lord willing).

The elegant looking logo is very much about the goddess in her guise as the queen of heaven. No surprise with that link, right? The circle is the most obvious element, which is a symbol of the feminine, and divine feminine.

The heart-in-circle is a form that has been known from ancient times to be traced out in the heavens by the planet Venus. The goddess is identified and exalted in this form because the planet Venus is named after the celestial goddess.

If you understand about the union of the X and O you will see several instances that are accepted in Occult groups like the O.T.O. as establishing the celestial throne of the goddess. The union of the X and O is formed by crossing circles, as two arcs intersect in the form of the stylized heart. The heart-arc on our right intersects with the outer circle for a second instance. That crossing joins with another instance because the letter t in St. is a cross. This double intersection occurs on the edge of the circle, which is a very potent location in the way of the power of symbols. The font used for the lettering gives the t a rounded tail, so that letter stands alone as a potent circle cross emblem.

On a white background, the design of the stylized heart lends the outer blue circle the look of a 3D sphere. In alternate versions (like in the holy week schedule at top of page) the circle-sphere is white. See this as the moon, given that the moon is a symbol of the goddess (and of THE real Bride of Christ, biblically). (cultural connection with the color - "once in a BLUE moon") Those who call the ancient goddess Mary, or Our Lady of whatever, are accustomed to seeing a crescent moon associated with her image. The pretext involves Revelation 12:1, but the moon symbol of the goddess predates Mary. The connection of the celestial and feminine has to do with the lunar-menstrual periods.

One can see the ancient name of Inanna suggested in the design, as a rebus or pictogram. The S appearing as inside the circle to supply "IN," which is followed by Ann(e). One can also see the name, Anne, in this context as transforming into Awe, like AWA, in a modeling of the bent elbow goddess Inanna flanked by her Owl escorts. How so? The double n reflects to double u, right? W

The moon is sometimes used as a celestial stargate symbol, the one known as the Silver Gate. This logo is leveraging it that way, as a dimensional portal, which we know because there is redundancy. The heart in circle form that Venus traces out in the heavens is centered around the sun, and Occultists identify this as a portal through which energy (spirit) flows. The source is not the sun itself but another dimension behind the sun. Lending support to this meaning of the logo as a portal we recognize how space-time is being signaled in the letters S and T. The t (for Time) is on the edge of a circle and a circle is a symbol of time, plus the period after the t is another circle that adds somewhat to the effect. The S in "Sponsored" is positioned directly under the t in "St." which multiplies the power of that symbol. You should be able to identify another geometrical shape in the design of the logo's encircled heart. It's a Torus, the shape of a donut with a hole in the middle. The torus is commonly played as a homophone kind of symbol that represents the constellation, Taurus. (Taurus - the Bull ~ Hathor) The Silver Gate's location in the heavens is between the constellations Taurus and Gemini. Gemini - the Twins, like the matching halves of the stylized heart. See that toroidal shape also as the Ouroboros, a tail eating serpent. St ~ S-erpen-T and this is yet another time symbol. And, in context it is a Satan symbol - a serpentine "St. Anne" symbol.

The dimensional portal of the Silver Gate is matched by the imagery of the sodomite gateway, the means of Luciferian illumination and access between people and the false gods. The stylized heart and the moon are butt symbols, as one is mooned with the exposure of the bare bottom. We know this anatomical symbolism is in play because of the use of the registered trademark. This (Code 33 ~ R+O ~ 18+15) symbol represents the dim or moon eye of Horus that matches to a bright seeing sun eye in the familiar signaling of Harmerty, Horus who rules with two eyes. Where is the bright sun eye implied by the use of the registered trademark? The big circle that plays as the moon on one level does double duty as the sun. To identify this heart-in-circle as the Horus Eye supports the sodomite sex magic because the Horus Eye is a metaphor for the anus. Here's a key anagram: "A SUN" ~ ANUS

The motif of the crossing circles is the sex magic union of the divine male and female, which is ultimately interpreted as producing Horus. Alias Apollo, alias Antichrist, alias the Beast and the Jesus of the Papal system whose mother is the ancient goddess of a thousand names.

As for the layering of this logo's sex magic imagery, the production of Horus may be seen as the bringing forth of Cain because a key element of the Garden of Eden is in view. See the big circle as the fertile womb of Eve, and even as an ovum. This is a picture of conception as the S-erpen-T seed is entering the ovum and implanting in the womb. Cain would subsequently be brought forth as the fruit of her union with the Nachash. One might see the heart as the bite out of an apple.

Am I imagining things, making them up as I go along? If you've become familiar with our large body of work decoding Occult imagery, you know the consistency bears witness to the veracity of the interpretations offered.

There's actually more to this St. Anne Home logo because of what it inherits from the sponsoring institution. That's the subject for another post, Lord willing.

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